Rich Restaurant Owner Tries to Steal His Girlfriend!!! (Gold Digger Investigation)

Rich Restaurant Owner Tries to Steal His Girlfriend!!! (Gold Digger Investigation)

This is Maya she is getting her photo taken for a photoshoot see there is a photographer and there she is modeling Anyways, Maya has a boyfriend and he’s actually also at the photoshoot just like he’s hiding in this car over here His name is Cole And the reason he’s hiding is because today he asked us to help him find out if his girlfriend Maya would end up leaving him For another guy who has more money so we decided to help him by having one of our friends pretend to be rich and then hit on her and this guy is Actually also at the photo shoot. His name is Anthony, but before you guys can watch Anthony hit on Maya and piss Cole off I have to tell you guys about how we got here And yeah, you guys might want to grab your takis because this shit’s gonna be really really good Okay, let’s take it back about one week from the photoshoot My friend Madeline texted me saying that she knew someone who wants to find out if his girlfriend is a gold digger I asked for His details I texted him and then I met up with him when we met up I asked him exactly why he wanted to test his girlfriend and he told me fuck it. Why not? So what if she fails All right Oh, yeah, of course. Well, I mean, I don’t think she will. I’m very confident her This is pretty odd because Cole just wants to test his girlfriends and just to test her. So that’s it. That’s it. That’s it Yeah, no real like underlying reasons. Really. All right, look before you judge Cole. You have to know where he’s coming from He’s a model and he’s a musician and he works with plenty of other females His girlfriend’s on the other hand is really into fitness But she also has her fair share of working with other males the point I’m trying to make though is that they both really really? Trust each other. So again, why would Cole place Maya to the test if he knows that she’s faithful Well, that’s because Cole is also a goof and he likes to have fun So even though yeah He doesn’t have a crazy reason to test his girlfriend and he’s super confident that she’ll pass This test is more about him having fun rather than him not trusting her If you guys are done I say let’s do it. So Let’s do it baby is that messed up that he just like wants to test his girlfriend just think of it I mean, I guess it’s a little messed up but we already agree at the end of the day. It’s his relationship. Not mine He wants to do it. We’re not forcing him to and it just makes more entertainment for you guys I think it would just be a fun test. I think it’d be entertaining and I think she’ll handle it Well, so Cole has no idea. What is coming. This test is the best world for the first time ever We’re using a restaurant. We got a nice car We have a lot of money and we have the best decoy in the world or at least I think he’s the best decoy in The world this is Anthony He’s playing the decoy in this test Which just means that he’ll be the one hitting on MyID and if he looks familiar You’ve seen him before because he’s been in other episodes Yo yo, yo, I got the plan for the test you want to hear it So it’s gonna be split into three phases. The first phase ant is just gonna introduce himself to your girlfriends The second phase is gonna be flashing all this money to her and in the third phase he’s finally gonna ask her out Okay the first phase I actually wanted to happen tomorrow and it’s actually gonna be happening at a Restaurant because you supposedly sir have a job interview at this restaurant. You’re gonna walk in there And the first thing you’re gonna see is this waiter. He’s not really a waiter. He’s my friends. His name is Jay They’re gonna walk up to him though, and you’re gonna be like yo I got this job in Erie here and stuff and he’s then gonna walk you over to where you have to sit down and where You’re gonna sit down is gonna be a perfect line of all of our cameras Okay, and our cameras are gonna be hiding by fake customers that are gonna be at that restaurant But don’t pay any attention to those customers just act nervous, you know Cuz again you’re at a job interview when the time is right Jay is gonna come back for you and is gonna be like yo the managers ready for you and he’s gonna walk you back there I’m technically I guess you can say the manager. So you’re gonna come back to me and we’re it’s not really an interview though you’re gonna be hiding with me in the car and we’re gonna be able to listen in to everything that ants about to tell your Girlfriend’s okay. The important thing is going to be that your girlfriend is now going to be alone right where we want her That’s when ant is going to be making his entrance. He’s actually gonna play the owner of the restaurant So he’s the Big Shot of it and whatnot. But yeah, what do you think? Actually like a brief summary of everything that I just said then so I end up texting Cola summary of my plan for phase one The next day comes and everything goes as planned thanks to this restaurant letting us film during their slow hours We were able to pull off an incredibly believable restaurant scenario We got drinks food and a friendly owner now We just have to wait for the moment that Anthony decides to introduce himself to Maya. Whoa. Are you nervous? Not really? No Okay Anthony Maya nice to meet you guys me can I get you anything to drink water lemonade? Yeah, what about anything to eat our empanadas are fired These guys have got some mer we also got we were really hoping that my I would order something that way aunt could cover the bill, but she continues to refuse – best in town Are you sure so then? Why would you come into restaurant? If you’re not hungry here? You’re not thirsty Boyfriend what position did you tell her that you were like a playing for bartender nice? Yeah done it before so she’s like oh Right Kyle Kenny Cale cold cold. That’s your boyfriend better than what Diggin stabs right now. Why does he want to work for me like The manager seriously do I look like a manager actually in the owner at his place something on this place for blood like last 30? Years. Yeah, 30 years. Oh Well tell me more about this cold eye because uh, I don’t know if he might be a good fit for us And ultimately I have the highest say-so whether he gets to work here or not, you know, so How about this, can I take a seat with you and just ask you a few questions maybe that’s cool Are you sure? I don’t want to harass you alright Okay, so this whole sitting down talking am I about coals just into the poor guys What we really want to accomplish here is for Maya to see and believe that Anthony really is the boss J. So in order to accomplish this we first have him order J around he tells him to go clean the table and then he Actually gets Maya to order a drink from him Then he reaches first clipboard and pulls out Cole’s resume that he walked in with so I was looking at Cole’s resume It looks like he’s had prior restaurant experience Tell me some things about Now that we feel that solidify this position it’s time to get him out of there and send Cole back But ant can’t leave without getting Maya’s number first But how can we do this without coming off weird and also guaranteeing that Maya will say yes. Oh Excuse me, Jesus isn’t Authority. Well, here’s the plan We came up with Anthony has had a walkie talkie on his hip this entire time. Guess who has the other one? Hey ant and ant there’s an emergency Can you please come over here please? Okay. I know what you’re thinking Why are we trying to get ant away from Maya when everything is going so well? Well, just listen up and watch how this plays out On the house free drinks whiskey tequila all the way to our chicken wings, would you avoid it so much Yes, she’s probably gonna take him up on it She should and she will because who would be dumb enough to turn down free food and drinks, so She’s gonna do it and guess what he needs. No notification the number So aunt now pulls out his phone and hands it to Maya who then puts her number in it because she’s smart and she wants that free food And now has my his number and he can now make his exit but before he does so he dropped some money on the table In front of her so he’s handing her a 100 real not money Maya does not feel comfortable taking than $100 because all the ordered was watered but aunt won’t take no for an answer You can use it for something put it towards Go get your hair done Well, yeah, it was nice meeting you by the way All right, Maya. You have a good one and make sure you get in contact with me. Okay? So now aunt officially makes his exit which also means that Cole’s interview is over. You’re gonna go back to hiding stuff. Okay so, um Yeah, when you go back just yeah Just just play cool aunt did a really great job playing his character and succeeding in getting my his number. That was good That was really really really good Now it is time to focus on planning phase number two So we want to make sure that base number two goes just to smooth this phase number one So ants has been keeping in touch with Maya since the moment that he got our number earlier today and asked Maya if she would Like to do some modeling for an album cover two one of his songs That’s right. For those of you guys who didn’t know ant is an up-and-coming artist You guys should follow him here, but not now wait till the video is over to screenshot this for NASA how much did you sell that you were gonna pay your $3 for a 20 minute photo shoot $300 $300 is pretty steep. But you know what it is, right? This is a gold-digger test after all so the next day comes and we make our way to the location where we want this photo Shoot to happen and look who’s here to meet us. There he is yolks Yolks the plug is meeting us up this face. And thankfully he is not alone with him He has brought the all-new 2019 Jaguar f-type R Which runs at 550 horsepower has a 5.0 liter v8 engine and sells brand new for over a hundred Thousand dollars so special thanks to our friends at Welo lifestyle for letting Gilks borrow this car As you guys might have guessed that this would be the car that Anthony will be using in order to impress Maya some more and Speaking of Maya. Let’s give her a call and see where she’s at Yes, Maya. How are you? I’m good. I’m actually uh here I’m just waiting to see how far you are cool. All right. Yeah. I’ll see you then All right, cool right, it’s awesome Maya is almost here, which means we only have a couple of minutes left to prep But that’s okay because there’s really only one last thing left to do guys. This is real hundred dollar bills This is no joke right here. Remember aunt told Maya that he was supposedly paying her $300 However, because this is the gold digger video you’re gonna give her a little more You gotta look. I’ll let you decide. You know, just remember she’s keeping the money so they’ll give it to look It’s probably the dumbest idea to let aunt decide exactly how much to pay Maya but there’s no time left to think we have to Back up the car to the alley across the street and hide because Maya will be getting here at any minute Our cameraman Denzel is staying behind with aunt because he is playing the photographer of Maya’s photo shoot I don’t know why but I’m nervous We all anxiously wait a couple more minutes and then finally Maya give Santa call that she has arrived in her uber. Hey, what’s up? Are you here? Alright cool. Cool. I’m actually So went heads to go meet up Maya where she was dropped off they greet each other off camera for about a minute or so And then finally aunt returns back into the scene with her to begin phase number two. He first introduces her to Denzel as planned So he’s that he’s the photographer. He’s the guy he’s gonna make you look fantastic And then he instructs her on what shots he’s looking for when he’s someone the outside of the car, maybe some other way sighs. Oh Yeah, you look you look fantastic Bon appetit Just like a snake. Alright One thing I should mention though is because this is just the flash phase We decided to not wear headphones and listen it I mean, we already know what’s gonna happen all that ants doing run out with just flashing money. That’s really it So that’s why we decided to not use any audio and stuff I mean, I would love to hear what they’re talking about, but you know Well in the video you’ll be able to hear exactly what? Oh Yeah And so the photo shoot begins and and mostly all of the shots Maya’s just laughing because of Anthony’s remarks and comments What a beautiful smile give her some serious face get angry Working girl that give it a litte Give me the little but what Maya ends up looking like in the pictures doesn’t matter guys because again, this isn’t a real photo shoot Damn you know what I wish I would have done I wish I would have put a camera inside the car. Damn. That would have been nice And what I also should have done was linked up to a phone call with aunt in order to listen in on to what was Being said because things are about to get really interesting. Oh, you gotta be Santa you can sit on my lap From our distance we could barely see what was going on But we were able to make out that Maya was sitting on aunt’s lap, which does not mean anything I mean at least not yet, but for the first time ever cool actually seemed nervous. I Mean I wish I could hear what’s going on right now same here, but the moment quickly fades in the photoshoot continues but as I’m editing this now and listening to the audio I got to be honest and say that it’s really hard to tell if Maya is flirty if that’s just a personality or if she Just did that because it was a paid gig Ah Finally though the shoot wraps up and now it is time to get to the good part of this face I think I think you did a good job. I honestly think you did a good job. Okay, he’s busting out the cash I know I said 300 but um, he’s Cowen my man. I see him diamond. Okay now regret not wearing headphones because I’m really curious I’m gonna hook it up for you today. I pay you one two three four five six Seven hundred dollars for I don’t exactly know how much extra an is gonna pay here, but I just told them pay her extra I don’t want to know but you definitely gave me more than what I’m using. Oh, yeah. No, I’m absolutely serious I’m gonna need to be reimbursed sir Mine is so choc piss. You can’t even let out a thank you, but aunt doesn’t need a thank you a simple hug is enough I’m just proud of my girl. I know you know, she’s working at least it wasn’t like this, you know Well, how are you how are you getting home? So Maya’s planning on taking an uber home, but aunt has other plans He insists on giving her a ride home, and she finally gives in we can’t hear a thing But it looks like we it’s not a bad thing that she accepted the ride, but it is a little awkward Only because for all Maya knows Denzel needs a ride home, too. There’s oh, I’m sorry. This is only a two-seater. So Hey, look, you know you’re my boy man. You lucky these Are you my boy, you know, you know my boy. I don’t you have to call over No, you get your ass in the car. I’m gonna take you home Hey look This is cool So Anthony makes his photographer walk home which is savage but pretty irrelevant to the test The good thing is that he said Successfully completed this space now ants will just drop off Maya and then later tonight. We will plan phase number three So how you feeling after yesterday are you feeling down because he sat on his lap and everything I honestly forgot about that until you just Yeah, I’m ready for it I kind of forget exactly like what were you after that but I mean I’m ready phase three is the final phase of this test now the ant has introduced himself as the owner of a restaurant Amaya made Her laugh last hour rich. He is flirt a little gave her money and showed off his $100,000 car. It’s finally time to see if Maya will dump Cole for Anthony Okay, so that was gonna happen at the restaurant again And it’s been keeping in touch with the girlfriend and he basically told her that tomorrow He’s throwing this dinner for like a bunch of his friends and stuff and he invited her to come and just did he Kaveri long Story short cuz I’m not trying to bore you or the viewers She agreed to come obviously though, there’s no get-together anything like that. He’s just gonna be asking her on a date and stopping Yeah, you gotta get there early and then we’ll be hiding in the car and stuff. I’m listening in Okay, let me ask you something. Do you think she’s gonna pass this test? So we have Cole over here ready to listen in and we have Madeline who just came from her internship joining us We have two camera angles already set up in the restaurants And right now I’m just currently waiting for Ann to shoot me a call That way we can listen in to everything but he’s not gonna call me until Maya gets here and stuff So and thankfully about 20 minutes later. We get the call Okay, sounds good. Um Keep keep the phone close to you. That way we can hear Foley Okay as ant steps out the front of the restaurant to greet Maya we reposition ourselves and get ready to listen in in Seconds ant walks back in through the front door with Maya by his side He hastily proceeds to sitting here exactly where we want him to sit her Remember Maya is expecting a packed restaurant. She’s stripping out right now because nobody’s there she expected that a lot of people there and she liked it and Tries to explain to Maya that he cancelled with everyone else to happy one on one with her and surprisingly she took it pretty well, but Let’s get to the good part Jake once again is playing the waiter and he comes over to greet them and bring them some water and Suggest some foods that ma should order in Jay returns a second time to take the official order and ends up going with chicken wings And Maya ends up ordering a salad and after a couple more minutes of small talk ant finally begins to make his move Every time I look at you. I gotta hide the fact that my lips Oh Savage at least it’s a conversation Which I actually want to have a serious conversation You remember today when? Because This is it Kenny also paper cold I mean sure I’m done good. All right. Yeah. Okay, though, but don’t think that I just sings to any woman I don’t just go around selling girls That’s just a stigma and I’m not that kind of guy I’m growing up and I kind of want to be a woman with one woman type of guy You know I’m saying I wanted to be exclusive and I want you to be that person I want you to be that girl We like the only girl that did, you know, you’ll never have to work again order all the things? I promise you like I want that to be exclusive between the two of us Well, basically, okay, let me stop fucking beat around the bush Hey, so basically my aah, would you be my girlfriend Yeah, so aunt has straight-up just popped the question and he has Maya shook She is completely speechless but what was she responded? She believes that aunt is rich they’ve connected on multiple levels and now she’s been offered to be taken care of The only thing that is standing in her way to a financially secure future is Cole. So will she drop him for aunt? He’s what the work for me anyway Why would you think I’m joking there’s nobody here I made everybody calm I set the right tone You came here you showed me all the money that you have so you just Don’t even start that shit nobody’s trying to buy you. Okay, but would be impulsive No, I’m not for sale no matter how much money you have you can’t buy me Basically saying that you want to date a guy who makes 1325 an hour Can’t do anything for you can’t pay your bills because he’s still taking care of herself, right? That’s what you want, right? That’s what you’re saying right still going at it man he’s doing that he’s not giving up my question Stop interrupting The damn good you’re fired Jesus J You’re killing the vibe and intensity of this give my her salad that she probably forgot about and get the hell out of there We could just be friends and do fun things together, I mean we can be friends But now that you put it this way, I’ve already hired him. So instead of paying 25 He’s not giving up she’s not giving in no guys Okay At last after multiple attempts aunt finally throws in the towel Maya has passed this test she is a little irritated though So she gets up excused herself and heads to the restroom I’m assuming that she’s either cooling off or trying to figure out an excuse to get the hell out of there Cole now has a very important decision to make will he go in there and Congratulate her or will he decided to just leave and hope she never finds out about this? We’ve washed up like this together before it’s entertaining. It’s funny. Yeah Yeah, I think like she’ll be understanding like somebody’s Aries and you want to go in there? Because again, you could just dip out right now and she never finds out about anything. I Don’t know I kind of want to be real with her and I kind of want to just like oh I want to get the full reaction too. So like let’s just let’s just do it one day. What do you big metal? Coal had his chance to walk away clean from this and there it wins and lucky for him Maya makes her way back from the restroom and despite the awkward tension. She sits back down and decides to enjoy her Saturday I’m sorry about everything else. Maybe I came off a little bit too strong I’m fine with being friends. Okay last chance to turn around and leave. Why was it called? Cold really wants to do this. So you guys already know what that means If you guys don’t already have them then it’s time to head to the store to grab some talkies because you guys already know this Shit’s don’t be good Sokol one that’ll find out if his girlfriend’s would end up trading him for another guy who had more money and since there was never Any strain on the relationship he was confident that she wouldn’t trade him Well after placing her through a very elaborate test it turned out that he was right So now he’s decided to come clean and reveal to her the test that she just went through despite me trying to convince him Otherwise, but considering that they have a very healthy relationship Cole is also convinced that after everything is said and done. Everything will be okay Just part of a bigger giant ass like we were actually like it was our idea to try to find out if you would end up leaving Cole for anthing and so that’s why we That’s why we actually had you guys me he planned the whole photo shoot he paid you extra It was basically like flashing his lens. He went stuff and then he ended up asking Wow And you said no to him and you said him over to your boyfriend? Which means you know, you passed the test and everything, so Which was good and so that’s why all the cameras actually for YouTube and stuff and yeah, but it’s Exactly. The first time I came here for the interview, right? Me and Serge were in the back We’re listening warning. And so you send me yeah No, it’s not a setup. This is basically a setup It’s like more like a task like I guess a question Me to see if I would leave you for him. You fuck me down on me. This is a fucking setup I didn’t doubt you. It’s not a setup my friend Madeline Actually, she did one of these before she showed it to me that was funny. It’s like a social experiment. I didn’t think you Know I trust you, I mean I Am I going crazy Wait What and with that my exits the restaurant things did not go as I’m sure Cole was expecting them to go I mean maybe Maya overreacted but at the same time she kinda has a right to be mad, ironically I think she’s the one who feels like she got betrayed But whatever the case though Cole wanted us to test his girlfriend we tested her she passed but unfortunately it still ended pretty dramatically Maya has proven that she is not a gold digger, and I honestly Just hope after a couple of minutes or hours or days these two can still work things out So before we start I’m just gonna say straight up we’re filming this whole thing we’re recording this This is going to go in the video that we plan on uploading and stuff Antioch Holt told me that you guys broke up for good and stuff and That’s why I have ant send you like a link to our channel So you could check out what we did and why we do it and so on and so on and so on and I wanted To reach out personally to you and tell you like yo, I’m sorry. Like I really really Cole like take the situation seriously and did it kind of like make it all like like a joke. I Just like why are you mad, you know, like you can test me – what what what what did you want to must say like You like he knew from the very GetGo that you were going to pass like he didn’t doubt you he didn’t like lose Hope in you like he knew He’d never apologize Yeah, well I mean from this moment on like you won’t hear from us again and stuff Like we’re gonna post this video though because we have Cole’s consent and Cole told us that it’s okay to still post it However, we’re gonna cover your face up and everything. She’s gonna be an emoji over it. No one’s ever gonna find out who you are Yeah, all that stuff, so You know, you don’t mind at all a lot of people are gonna see this video though like oh well potentially a lot of bills You’re down to show your face I meant to ask you also I checked out your Instagram is Maya your real name because I saw you I sound like your middle name is May and then your first thing is why Don’t if you want me to say your first name, yeah Cole decided to call me Maya. I guess he was dating some chick back then you know, whatever You go So he’d wanna call you Maya anymore my boy Lucy She did chance to tell me that you call him by as a nickname of a girl that used today you’re so bad She was a kindergarten crush. Oh, it was like your ex or something. Hey, how you doing?


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