Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Purchases (GAME)

Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Purchases (GAME)

Can you guess how much Beyoncé paid
for a pair of pants? Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Celebrities: you’ve seen ’em. – They’re in TVs and movies.
– They are in TVs. – (laughs)
– Every time I look at one. And they make a lot of money.
So much money, it turns out that they purchase ridiculous stuff
so that we can talk about it on this show. – Today I’m gonna test your knowledge —
– Oh. of the prices
of ridiculous celebrity purchases. – I know about this kinds of stuff.
– It’s a game we’re calling: – ♪ (70’s game show tune) ♪
– The Celebri-Spending Game! Alright, please welcome
our first contestant; Rhett McLaughlin, – come on down!
– (cheering soundtrack) – Hey, is this the right place?
– This is it right here. Alright, welcome
to the Celebri-Spending Game. – This is the Celebri-Spending Game?
– Yeah and of course you know our talented – It’s a little tight in here!
– “assistant” Stevie – is gonna be pullin’ the cards.
– Oh yeah I’ve seen her. – There she is —
– I’ve seen her on the show. – Not dressed like a roadie today.
– It’s an honor to meet you. – Oh thanks so much. You too.
– Alright. Oh, there’s a Stevie exchange. – Yeah.
– That was new. That was killer. – That’s what I’m bringing to the table.
– Okay, Rhett. I’m gonna present an item that was actually purchased by a celebrity
and then you’re gonna have to guess — – Yes.
– what the dollar amount is. Don’t look at these dollar amounts yet,
’cause that might not give you – an advantage. It wont.
– Hmm. Weird. If you get four out of seven
of these right, I’mma give you a dollar. – Oh wow! High stakes!
– And you can trade that dollar in — – High stakes!
– You can trade that dollar in – for what’s in a mystery box.
– Oh. And I don’t even know
what’s in the mystery box. – Oh, it could be anything.
– And this doesn’t even do anything. – Oh. But it makes you look cool, though.
– First question. It blends in with your shirt a little bit.
You should hold it out there — – Like here?
– in front of the jacket. – Hold it out here?
– Yeah, there you go. (laughs) Rhett, mere muggles sleep
on inferior spring mattresses, but Harry Potter star and former GMM guest
Daniel Radcliffe — – Oh! Yeah I remember him. (laughs)
– Big friend of ours. Such a big friend. – Yep. I text with him.
– He chooses to hit the hay – on a custom-made Savoir mattress,
– Hmm. stuffed with horsehair,
fleece and pine wood. Did he drop $9,500 on that mattress
or $17,000 on that mattress? Interesting that you now mention it,
because I did notice he smelled like – horses and pine trees when he was here.
– Yep. (sighs) And it was
because of the mattress. Stevie you could even point for emphasis.
I know you haven’t done that previously. – I’m very close to you right now.
– It’s fine. – Well I would say —
– Don’t get too excited. I’m just gonna say that that’s a $17,000
mattress because that just seems like an appropriate guess, because $9,500
is not that expensive for a mattress. – Alright Rhett, let’s see.
– (ding) You’re right! Good job!
You could buy a brand new Kia — – That’s horsehair, man.
– You could buy a Kia with that! – You could probably buy two Kias.
– (crew laughs) No. Well, I looked into it.
One brand new Kia. – Okay. Really? Alright.
– Not two of ’em. In his heyday, professional boxer
Mike Tyson was worth somewhere – around $300 million.
– Hmm. So in addition to buying
two white Bengal tigers — – Okay.
– he also picked up a 24-karat solid gold – bath tub to bathe them in.
– Oh, to bathe the tigers in? Made that part up, but he did buy
a solid gold bath tub for his wife – at the time. Did he pay —
– Robin Givens. – $890,000 —
– I remember her; I’ll tell you that much. – or did he pay $2.3 million?
– (laughs) For a bath tub, either one is nuts, right? Yeah they’re both —
When you see bath tub prices in this range you see what happened
to that $300 million. – Yeah. (laughs)
– You know what I mean? – It’s like, how can you spend that much!
– Alright. Well, you can buy an $890,000 bath tub!
That’s how! – (buzz)
– Oh no, you’re joking! No I’m not joking! There are no jokes
contained in this board. – This is not a joke?
– This board is joke-free. – (both) 2.3 million dollars.
– Yes. It was a Christmas present for her. – Oh.
– Miss Givens. He was trying to apologize.
That’s what was up with that. – (laughs)
– When he’s not investing – in $1.6 million comic book collection,
– Ah. Nicolas Cage outbid Leonardo DiCaprio
at an auction, snatching up a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull
for how much money: – $276,000? Let’s both point at this one.
– Okay. – $543,000.
– You’re kinda doing her job. – Don’t make her obsolete.
– Yeah. I’m sorry. – Come on, don’t make her obsolete.
– (laughs) – Okay? Please.
– Sorry Stevie. – Okay.
– She does other stuff around here. – You don’t have to gesture.
– Yeah yeah yeah. – You just do the mic.
– I gotta focus. Well I thought you were gonna say
is $67 million skull but that would have — – Nope.
– defeated the whole point of the game and it would have been way too expensive.
Nicolas Cage is already annoying, but think about how annoying he was
to Leo that day when he outbid him. – Mhmm.
– He’s like, “Oh gosh, – I already dislike him in his movies.”
– If it helps, it was – a Tarbosaurus bataar head.
– Oh, Tarbosaurus? $276,000. – (ding) (both laugh)
– You see what I did right then? – Yeah that’s good. That’s good.
– You see how that happened? Alright so you got two right.
Let’s move on. See if I’d have been wrong,
I would have looked like an idiot. For her performance at the 2007 BET Awards
the Queen Bey, Beyoncé — – Oh yeah.
– bought some real gold leggings – that set her back how much dollar?
– Beyoncé, huh? – Hundred thousand bucks or $350,000?
– I follow Beyoncé on Instagram, – and that was a good choice on my part.
– (laughs) – (sighs)
– This is just pants. Yeah, she’s usually got pants on
in those pictures. But they’re not gold. – Gold leggings? Tights?
– Gold leggings. Real gold. – Beyoncé…
– They melted down Mike Tyson’s bath tub – around her legs.
– (crew laughs) – Ow.
– She’s like “AHHH IT’S HOT!” – then she’s like, “I look good.”
– (laughs) – I’m gonna say this is $350,000.
– (buzz) – Oh dang!
– That’s what you get. – 100 grand is still a lot for some pants.
– Never underestimate – (both) Beyoncé.
– I think that’s a lesson I just learned. Or the Gaga. Lady Gaga keeps herself safe
from rogue ghouls and spirits while on tour by scanning
the venues and hotels she visits with an electromagnetic field meter
she paid roughly how much for? This is a ghost-detecting device.
Electromagnetic field meter. – $47,500, $25,500?
– You know, I didn’t think Lady Gaga – was weird until this moment.
– (laughs) – Hmm. You know her real name is…
– (both) Stefani. – Same name as Stevie.
– Don’t stall. – A ghost meter?
– I’m not gonna point, – but I’m gonna gesture at it.
– I don’t know. I mean, what other bells and whistles are you gonna get on a ghost
meter if you go up above $25,500? – Good point.
– So I’m gonna go with $25,500. – (buzz)
– No. $47,500. – That is one heck of a ghost meter.
– I mean, with what’s at stake, it makes sense. By the way, Lady Gaga
believes she is the reincarnation – of her deceased aunt, Joanne. Fact.
– Well ’cause she is. Fact. For Valentine’s Day in 2010,
Angelina Jolie gave her husband Brad Pitt a 200-year-old olive tree worth what
nondiminutive dollar amount? – Oh. Diminutive, huh?
– Nondiminutive. – That is “not small”.
– Right. $18,500 or $124,000? – This is a 200-year-old olive tree.
– Was she extending him an olive branch – for something? That’s a gesture of —
– I wasn’t there. That’s like a relational like,
“I’m going to extend an olive branch to you, because we’ve been fighting
so much lately, Brad.” – Yeah, you could read into it.
– That sounds like something she would do. I don’t follow her on Instagram.
Maybe I should start. (sighs) You wanna ask Stevie
for help on this one? – (laughs)
– No. I don’t think she knows. – Do you know?
– I mean I can see the answer, but — – Oh.
– that wouldn’t be fair. – Answer’s on my screen here.
– Yeah. I’ve been guessing low on a bunch of ’em
and getting it wrong, but I figure that it’s about time for that instinct
to pay off. $18,500. – (ding)
– That’s correct. And incidentally,
they don’t water the olive tree. – They feed it Billy Bob Thornton’s blood.
– (laughs) Billy Bob. – You went into the Billy Bob well.
– ‘Cause you know she kept it in a vial — – And you know what?
– around her neck. – She’s John Voight’s daugher.
– What’s that? A lot of people don’t know that
she’s John Voight’s daugher. Alright. So how many do you have right?
If you get this one right, you get the dollar
or what’s in the mystery box. – Oh really?
– If you get it wrong, I get what’s in the mystery box
’cause I don’t know what it is! Kim Basinger, TV and film star
back in the 89’s — – Oh I remember her.
– That one year. She was in Batman. You’re really going with the ladies a lot. She thought it would be
a solid investment to transform the town of Braselton, Georgia
into a tourist attraction. – (laughs)
– Oh wow. Somebody likes Georgia. Chase, did you sneeze or did you think
that my pronunciation of “Braselton” – was funny?
– (Chase) Trying to hold in a sneeze. – It didn’t work.
– You were trying to hold in a sneeze? – For how long? This whole game?
– It came out. (Chase) A solid good minute.
Like it was a good minute. – (laughs)
– For a second, I was lilke, “Oh, I said something funny.
He can’t control himself.” – And it’s like “No, he just sneezed.”
– (laughs) – I didn’t say anything funny.
– Ppppbt! She bought Braselton, Georgia
to turn it into a tourist attraction and movie studio location
for how much money? – $35 million or $20 million?
– Kim Basinger. – Batwoman.
– She went with Alec Baldwin for a while. “She went with him.”
This isn’t middle school. – (laughs)
– These are celebrities – we’re talking about.
– Man, the mystery box is on the line. I have no idea
how much a Georgia town costs. I was born in Macon, Georgia though.
I’m gonna say $35 million. – (buzz)
– I get the mystery box ’cause I already have the dollar.
Bring out the mystery box and let’s — – Oh dang it. What did I lose?
– Oh here it is right down here. – Kim?
– See what you lost, Rhett. You know what? I’ll give you the dollar
and I’ll get the mystery box. – It says “Mystery Box” on it.
– So I win anyway. – ♪ (victorious music) ♪
– (gasps) It’s good stuff, guys! – Sour candy!
– It says “flirty” on it though. – It’s a celebrity product.
– Who is it? – (Chase) Maria Sharapova.
– Oh the tennis player! Maria Sharapova. I’mma share-a
some pova with you later! – (laughs)
– Psych! I’m eating all this. Thanks for liking, commenting,
subscribing, and sharing this video! – You know what time it is!
– (underwater sounds) ♪ (theme music) ♪ Remember, today is the last day
to get 20% off of everything – in the RhettandLink.com/store.
– CYBER MONDAY! Also the last day to get the
“Oh My Flavors” T-shirt. All proceeds going
to Action Against Hunger! And click through to Good Mythical More,
y’all, because we are going to play some – more of the Celebri…Price Game.
– What are we gonna do? – What are we gonna do?
– And I’m gonna eat some of these – flirty sours.
– Cowboys selling car insurance. – (western accents) Well… (laughs)
– Hey. How many horsepower
do you need to protect? – Because we’ve got your number.
– That’s right. I call it every night. – I hang up when you answer.
– That’s us. We’re just interested – in you becoming our customer.
– In selling you… right. It’s not weird. Sometimes I call.
He usually calls first and then I call. – Right.
– And we’re like, “Hey.” – I know your car’s dinged up.
– Yeah we’ve seen it. – ‘Cause we’ve been in your yard as well.
– We didn’t do it. We weren’t the ones that dinged the car
but we can help fix it. – Okay we did ding the car.
– And I know you’ve seen our commercial, because when I was
standing in your bushes the other night, watching you watch television,
I saw our commercial come up, baby. – Yeah, that’s right.
– (laughs) [Captioned by Annalyn:
GMM Captioning Team]


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