RIP GT-4586 : Ferrari-Powered Toyota drifts a Portland Touge

vroom vroom BWWWAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAA *POP* screeeech psss screeech pop *clicking* *electronic beeps* *ding* *engine roaring* *gravel*
*screeeech* *screeeeeech* That sound of instant regret ENGINE ROARING (why did he just not brake LMAO n00b) crash boom *bleep* (YOU JUNKED IT M8) *bleep* (wow, nobody would’ve guessed) *rock guitar riff* bleep *more sexy guitar* *bleep* *sick jams*
*indistinct chatter* Wrong Right (okay, Yoda) *boom boomb badoom tss* Well, first shot…. *SWEET ROCK JAMZ!!* (SEDUCTIVE HAND GESTURES!!!!1111!!!) ….they dragged me off to the side of the road. Fingers crossed we don’t have any more issues like that. *I hope you like pithy rock jams, because it keeps going.** *If you are deaf and reading this part, you are missing nothing.* *engine starts* Ha ha ha *mild tire screeching* *Engine noises* *No more rock music* *Just sweet sweet exhaust notes* ERMAGHEERD THAT FERRARI SOUND DOOOORRRRIIIFFFFTTOOOOOOOOOO (inb4 somebody puts eurobeat on this) *BWAAAWWWW* No hood #thuglyf *It sounds SO ANGRY* *squeek* *tire squeal* *poppity pop pop* *squeal* *WWAAAAAAAAAAAA* It’s so majestic… THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF V8 *Screeech* vroom vroom *Petrol head orgasm noises* Petrol head “O” face (“Did I leave the oven on?”) Vroom vroom bwaaah vroom baahhhhh *gear mesh noises* *pop* vroom vrooooom (woooaaaahhhh that entry thooooooooo) vroom vroom *shift* vroom *shift* *hand brake action* Weeeeeee! Slow motion weeeeee! vroom vroom (insert Jeremy Clarkson going MANIAC meme here) Much Vroom. Such smoke. Continued vroom vroom vroom vroom until the end.

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