RIVER TREASURE 2017: iPhones, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Knives, Armani Watch

RIVER TREASURE 2017:  iPhones, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Knives, Armani Watch

You guys ready for an original AquaChigger River treasure adventure I sure do hope so because you know what? I just went on one and I did fantastic! Why don’t you jump in the water, watch the video, and meet me right back here, and I’ll show you what I found These are our- finds all together in one pile. That was an amazing day right there. We’ve got three phones Poor little iPhone here in this bag got flooded. That’s- It’s very unusual for these bags to flood of course these no doubt they’re flooded Have a cool watch don’t know if that’s gonna be a good one I don’t know anything about watches Says it is an Armani Exchange. I like the name Armani. I don’t know if that’s gonna be you know actually worth anything though One pocket knife, got some Ray-Bans, got one really good pair. I’ll be wearing those I guarantee it. A couple not so good But just tons of sunglasses- Oh the jewelry can’t forget the jewelry check this stuff out! This is the best one by far This is a appears to be gold and diamonds look at the sparkle on that bad boy Wife’s gonna love that That’s probably not worth much but it’s interesting. A couple of little ones. I thought I actually had another one, but maybe I lost it already And there it is! It was actually right there the whole time. That’s a cute little thing that’s a stone Obviously it’s real. It’s not a perfect stone And I like that one too But this is going to be the one that takes the cake. We will test those diamonds when we get home. So- Oh maybe the watch too. I almost forgot this gold ring too – I think this is one the first ones we found I’m guarantee that’s gold. I don’t know how many carat, but it’s really heavy That’s a beauty right there. Hope you enjoyed that little adventure, and I want you to join me again. I’ll try not to stare into the Sun next time. We’ll see ya, and don’t forget, though I’d never said it in the video: Hold your breath! She’ll shake the coins from your pocket. Take your gold chain and your locket for the earth has no sympathy She’ll take the ring from your hand and bury it in the sand and keep it for eternity


  1. Guess someof your fans Don't appreciate your Choice of Music, but they don't relaize, CopyWrite Laws.. Look it up Fans..And you must be Planting those Treasures down there or? Your Selective were your going is a Better Explanation..

  2. I get $2 for Reg SunG's and $5 for Designer..Last season? Turn in $166 Reg and 38 Designer and kept 2 pairs for my self and gave 6 pairs of Designer away to family and friends..

  3. Amazing day? Maybe $50 bucks worth..For a Hobby? Fine..to pay for itsself? Not so much.. But if it gives you 1-2 more Sponsors? Worth it..The $ is in getting the Followers and the Sponsors..

  4. Armani is in category whit Rolex dude that a lot of monay if still works but i think is watherproof.My eng is bad but u can understand i hope.

  5. 🔴*NÃO tinha uma música melhor NÃO, ?para colocar de fundo*?🔴


  6. Hire me please I want to HELP you guys find stuff please i will die to help ypu share this comment with people who do this

  7. a unica coisa chata em seu canal é que vc nao recolhe o lixo que encontra pois se nao for valioso pra vc, vc nao recolhe entao todo lixo que ve vc deixa onde esta e eu nao acho isso certo. essa é a minha opniao.

  8. From the heart of Romania, and the top of the Carpathian mountains where Dracula has its hiding place, we will send greetings, the Wild Wolfs team

  9. Tapi bahaya sih klo asal ambil.. takut bekas tindak kejahatan makanya di buang. Kaya itu ada pisau or handphone..

  10. Hey, which state are you located in? Are there any similar videos u know of that are from Canada, or at least farther up north?

  11. Is ANYONE here from Canada, or lives close to Canada? Because as far as I know these river treasure videos are mostly only filmed in the SE of the US

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