Rodent Infestation Shuts Down Kettlepop Factory in Benicia

Rodent Infestation Shuts Down Kettlepop Factory in Benicia

ONE LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS IS ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR APPETITE. (pic – Mouse in sink) A MOUSE IN THE SINK. (pic – Dead rodent in machine) DEAD MICE FLOATING IN THIS CONTAINER. (pic – Mouse) AND THIS MOUSE ON THE FACTORY FLOOR. BITE MK–“do you have a mouse issue? Aaron Reimer, GM, KettlePOP–“we have had some mice in the facility. first time ever.” KETTLEPOP GENERAL MANAGER AARON REIMER TELLS US THE MICE FIRST SHOWED UP A FEW WEEKS AGO AT THE COMPANY’S FACTORY HERE IN BENICIA — WHERE THEY MAKE AND BAG ORGANIC POPCORN. AARON BELIEVES THE WINTER RAIN IS TO BLAME. (pic – rodent in equipment) FOR WEEKS, THE MICE HAVE BEEN SPOTTED IN THE EQUIPMENT. (pic – rodent in bag) EVEN ALONGSIDE THE POPCORN’S RAW MATERIALS. BITE MK–“what are some of the steps you’ve been taking to try and get rid of them? Aaron Reimer, GM, KettlePOP–“well, we’ve been shut down for 2 weeks. so we have not been producing anything. Anything that was produced in the facility was destroyed.” AARON SAYS KETTLEPOP HIRED PEST CONTROL. (pic – trapped rats) AND TRAPS HAVE CAUGHT SOME. STILL….THE MICE KEEP SHOWING UP — (pic – urine) LEAVING A CLEAR TRAIL ON THE KETTLEPOP FACTORY FLOOR. BITE Aaron Reimer, GM, KettlePOP–“safety’s always our first priority. and nothing will be leaving this facility that has any question whatsoever of food safety.” IN BENICIA, MK, KPIX 5. KETTLEPOP’S MANAGER TELLS US THE BUSINESS HAS SHUT DOWN FOR CLEANING. SEARCHERS PLAN TO HEAD BACK OUT THE BUSINESS HAS SHUT DOWN FOR CLEANING.

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