Rolex Cellini Time, Rose Gold UNBOXING & REVIEW – 39mm, Black Index, Leather, 50515

Rolex Cellini Time, Rose Gold UNBOXING & REVIEW – 39mm, Black Index, Leather, 50515

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Kevin from
and today I have for you one of Rolex’s pieces
that isn’t too well know, but I feel like it should be and that is the Cellini Date. This is from Rolex’s
dress watch collection. The model number for this is 50515, and man, I am very excited
to show you guy stuff about this watch today because
it’s a very simple, to the point watch. Not only that, it is a
gorgeous time piece that shines when just wearing it out
whether it be casual, or for an important meeting. This watch will definitely
be an eye catcher. So by the dial itself, it’s
very elegant as you can see here from the double bezel which
is fluted on the outside right here and the dome bezle
on the inner right here. And this is all set on
a 39 millimeter case. And it has a sleek casting
of 18 carat everose gold adorned on the case and hour markers, as you can tell there if
I shine it in a light. Look at that glisten. All right, it also has a
subsidiary dial which is right here on the right which displays the date. And you would think with this dial, it would be a little bit
busier, a little bit clustered, but actually Rolex made it very nice and kept it very compact and sleek. All right, so anther thing about the dial, the color as you can tell from the video, it’s a black dial with a
guilloche tyle patterning. If I turn the watch here and
I kind of shine it against the light, you can see
that pattern right there. Perfect. And not only is this in black,
but it also comes in white as well. The movement is mechanical,
self winding movement which I personally prefer
because after shopping this watch on, there’s
a certain satisfaction to giving this watch a
good wind before starting the rest of your day. Kind of like having a cup
of coffee in the morning. Not to say that you need to
wind this watch everyday, as it does have an approximately
48 hour power reserve. With this said, watch is COSC certified. Also, please don’t take
this watch with you swimming as it’s only waterproof to
the depth of about 50 meters, or 165 feet. Moving onto the strap is a
simple embroidered stitched alligator letter strap, and
yes, that is genuine alligator as it is embroidered there. And you also have the
Rolex name right here. Here’s the case as well. As you can see, it’s fluted
around the outside there. And this is just the dome casing. And it is a black leather strap, black leather alligator strap. Okay, the buckle itself right
here is also adorned in that 18 carat everose gold. All right, let me go ahead
and show you this watch on my wrist. So give me one second
here while I do that. All right. Couple tries, there we are. Look at that watch. I absolutely love this watch. It’s so very simple, yet it is actually a very refined watch. And if you do want to check
out more of this watch, take a look at the link below
or check out our website at And you can search the model number. Once again, that was 50515. And we guarantee the lowest
prices with free shipping, and a one year warranty. If you liked the video,
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be putting out more videos, and thank you guys very much for watching. I hope to see you guys soon.


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