Rolex Datejust Ladies Small, Black Diamond REVIEW – 26mm, Fluted White Gold, Stainless Steel Jubilee

Rolex Datejust Ladies Small, Black Diamond REVIEW – 26mm, Fluted White Gold, Stainless Steel Jubilee

What’s up, this
is Madison from Jaztime. I have a 26 millimeter Lady Datejust here. It is a 179174, black with diamond hour markers, factory diamond hour markers on jubilee and I’m gonna show you
what makes it so cool, why you might wanna get it and where you can get
it for the best price. So let’s jump right in, huh. Now this is a 26 millimeter. What does that mean? So 26, we’re talking about the diameter, the distance between my two thumbs here. It is a… 904L steel case. That is the same kind of steel that’s used in the (mumbles)
and chemical industry so it is very, very strong. It has a screw down case back
with a winding crown here. The fluted bezel that you
see shining right here all the way around, that is in 18 carat white gold. It’s really very beautiful. And the winding crown here on the side uses a twin lock double
waterproof (mumbles) that’s gonna keep this watch
water-resistant to 100 meters. That’s about 330 feet. The one thing you do
want to remember however is you have to make sure that this is nice and tightly screwed down. Otherwise, this watch
will not be waterproof so before you jump in the shower if you’ve changed your watch recently or if you’re jumping in the ocean, definitely just, you
know, check to make sure otherwise water will get in there and you will get some
damage to this watch. You’d certainly don’t want that to happen. This watch uses a 22-35
caliber perpetual mechanical self-winding (mumbles) it means that you do not
need a battery in this watch. It has a 48 hour power reserve so if you have to take it
off for a night, for a day, what have you, you won’t have
to go through the trouble of winding it again to reset the time. It should hold for you just fine. Now let’s take a look at the band. This is a jubilee bracelet, has these five piece links,
brush polish on the outer edges, high polish down the center. And for the deployment, see here this Rolex crown, this is what’s called a
concealed folding crown clasp. Not easy to say, but very easy to use. The crown folds back, it’s nice and tight, and it opens up just like that. When it gets closed again, you hear that click, nice and secure. The deployment really does just disappear and it’s more like jewelry. I really, really like that. We’ll take a look at
this beautiful dial here and it’s all underneath this scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It’s very hard wearing. We have factory diamond hour markers. Really, really beautiful and the settings that are holding them in place, those are 18 carat white gold. The center hands there
are also white gold, prevents them from tarnishing. You’ve got the date wheel at
the three o’clock position right there where my
thumb’s pointing obviously. Here it’s the 7th of the month, it’s what the watch is showing. And that is under a
cyclops eye magnification. It’s 2.5 times magnified,
allows for easier readability. Now if black diamond hour
markers isn’t exactly what you would choose, head over to,
they have so many options. Colors for the dial,
different hour markers, different types of bezels, different types of bracelet
styles, different sizes. And we’re just talking about
the Lady Datejust there. So if this isn’t exactly
what you’re looking for, head over there. If you see it on,
Jaztime can get it to you for the lowest possible price. Now I’m gonna show you
what this watch looks like on the wrist… And… If you want this one, or anything similar for the lowest possible price, head over to We offer free shipping,
a low price guarantee, and a one year warranty. If you like this video, definitely hit the subscribe button below or check out some of our other videos. I’m Madison from I’ll see you in another video.

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