Rolex Day-Date 40, Black diagonal Motif Dial, fluted yellow Gold Bezel, President – REVIEW 228238

Rolex Day-Date 40, Black diagonal Motif Dial, fluted yellow Gold Bezel, President – REVIEW 228238

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move onto the review now. Today we will be reviewing
the Rolex Day Date 40, the model number for this watch is two, two, eight, two, three, eight. We’ll be going over the
dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet clasp, and we’ll
talk about the movements towards the end of the video. Okay, so for any dial, the
dial style configuration I have is the black dial with a diagonal motif, and index hour markers. Diagonal motif is because,
as I zoom in closely here on the dial you can kind
of see that it has these sort of slanted cross
sections on the dial itself to make this sort of a little
small diamond looking squares on the dial itself. However if you’re not interested
in that look you’ll want a nice smooth black dial
instead, well good news, the Day Date also comes in
different configurations for that, so for the index
style markers we’re looking at champagne dial, black dial,
and the black diagonal motif, which is what I have,
and also a silver dial. Now interested in the index
hour markers, you can also get it in a Roman Numeral hour
markers in the champagne, silver, or white. And if you’re feeling that
you need to be a little more luxurious, on the hour
markers, then you can also get a baguette diamond, with
a champagne dial as well. But besides that, specifically
for the index hour markers, the index hour markers are
all fashioned in 18 karat yellow gold, to prevent any tarnishing. The index hour markers have
these tips of the hands, so the hour hand and the
minute hand are luminous filled with a highly ledgible
chroma light display. So they will glow in the dark
for easier viewing at night. We have the Rolex Crown logo
at the 12 o’clock position and the Rolex Oyster
Perpetual Day Date name right underneath that. So what makes the Day Date the Day Date? Well, of course, as the name
states, the day and the date, so the day and the date, so we have the day at the 12 o’clock position and the date at the three o’clock position. We have the cyclops lens on
top of that sapphire crystal, for magnification easy
viewing of that date. Okay, so let’s go ahead and
move on to the bezel now. So the bezel is just a fixed
bezel, it’s a fluted 18 karat yellow gold bezel, as you
can see, absolutely gorgeous. You can see it as I tilt
it around this light box, you can kind of see that
contrasting little black flashes of shadow contrasting. Because a fluted bezel is
machined in such a way that it captures light in
numerous different directions so if this watch was out in
the sunlight, you will expect this watch to shine
very, very beautifully, and front facing and that’s
to capture the attention of the viewers to the front of the watch. So absolutely gorgeous watch
and that’s actually nicely paired with the case as well. The case is nicely high polished
on the bottom of the lugs, the top of the lugs, to match
with that shine as well. This watch is a dress watch,
and of course if you’re being luxurious you obviously have
to go all the way, right? So that’s why have this
beautiful 18 karat yellow gold case as well to match. The 18 karat case itself is
a 40 millimeter case size, as stated by the name, Day Date
40, so from my index finger to my thumb here that’s a 40 millimeters in diameter case size. And from the side profile
you can see a very beautiful high polish on the side
of the case as well, matching with the high polished
on the bracelet as well, on the other side, same thing,
high polish on the side of the case, matching with
the bracelet again. One thing to mention, is that, one thing to mention is that
the profile isn’t too high on this watch, it will
fit under suit cuffs, dress cuffs, very nicely. Moving on to the crown
now, so the crown is just a simple screw down twin lock
double waterproofness system that holds the water
resistance of 100 meters to 330 feet for this watch. And that’s nice and secure to
keep that water resistance, opening it up, to the standard
position will allow you to wind your watch. About 15 to 20 clock wise
turns is all you need to get the watch started once
more from a dead stop. Pulling the crown out to the
next position will allow you to adjust the day and
the date independently. So going clockwise you’re
gonna see it adjust the date, and at the top, you can adjust the date by going counter clockwise. And I was actually introduced
back in the 1990’s, so pretty interesting fact
there ’cause before you used to have to adjust them, you
wouldn’t be able to adjust them independently, so you wouldn’t
be able just to go simply just instantaneously change the date, you would have to do
revolutions of the hour hand just to be able to change
the date, and also the day. Pulling the crown out to
the next position will stop that seconds hand, as you see
the seconds hand has stopped right above that nine o’clock position. And that allows for precise
time setting such as to an atomic clock online, you
can set it down to the exact seconds for precise time setting. And of course you can move
the hands bi-directionally as well to set the time however you like. Pressing the crown back in will start the seconds hand once more. And always make sure to screw
the crown nice and tight in against the case, as
you wanna keep that water resistance that I mentioned,
the 100 meters and 330 feet, and of course just to
protect the crown as well. Alright moving on to the
bracelet now, and this is one of the things that makes
the Day Date, the Day Date. It is the president bracelet. I believe the president
bracelet was actually introduced with the first model of the
Day Date, which was back in 1956, so this unique style
bracelet was kept throughout til now, and what it entails
is this semi-circular links made up with three
piece links, so looking almost like a jubilee style bracelet,
where it has five piece links but instead we have
three thick semi-circular links instead, nicely high
polished down the center, satin finish on the outer of
the three piece links for the nice contrast to add more shine
to the center of the watch. Moving throughout we see that beautiful patterning throughout the whole bracelet. Even the tapering from the
lugs all the way down to the back of the bracelet so
it has a nice overall, nice looking composition
on your wrist, while also maintaining that beautiful pattern. The clasp is located at
the back of the bracelet, only broken off by the
Rolex kind of logo here, and that’s actually
called a concealed folding crown clasp, concealed because
it hides these beautiful high polished clasp blades also in the 18 karat yellow gold, this whole watch is 18 karat yellow gold. The Rolex name embossed on to
the clasp blades themselves, and I’ll show you how the
clasp looks from the back, that’s how it looks from
the back and then when it’s closed up, there it is, nice
and concealed, of course, of course curved along with
the bracelet as well to fit properly on the wrist as well. So that’s how it looks closed up. Alright so let’s go ahead and
move on to the movement now, so the movement is housed
in these simple oyster case backing with a nice high
polish around the edge, satin finish on the back. Specifically for the
movement, the movement is a perpetual, mechanical
self-winding movement to calibrate 3255 movement, which is actually an updated Day Date movement. The previous movement before
this was the 3155 movement, so just that simple change of numbers, the 3155 was the old
one, 3255 is the new one. The 3155 was introduced back
in the 1990’s and that’s actually what allowed the
crown functions that I’ve shown you to be able to
adjust the day and the date separately and
independently of each other, and also the time as well. So, very technical skill
put there, and it kept the precision of minus two,
plus two seconds a day, so the functions of the center
hour and minute and seconds hand and that’s showing you
with the crown functions, the instantaneously changing
of the date and also the day as well. So what does the 3255
do better than the 3155 for it to be called a newer caliber? Well, the thing is that they
added, what’s called the high performance Paraflex shock
absorbers, which is Rolex’s in house made shock absorbers. It absorbs 50% more shocks
than the industry standard, the KIF shock absorbers,
which is what Rolex claims. They also updated the escapement as well, the escapement is a Chronergy escapement, so in house made escapement
by Rolex as well. And they’ve optimized it
by making it a skeletonized escapement wheel, that’s made
out of a nickel phosphorous. The skeletonization helps
with the reduction of inertia, so it helps keep that
precision of the minus two, plus two seconds a day. And also we have the nickel
phosphorous that makes that escapement resistance
against magnetism, that’s paired very nicely
with the oscillator which is a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom
hairspring, which also is a ceramic hairspring,
which, both of those together, help keep those Swiss specs
that allows Rolex to put that Superlative Chronometer
Officially Certified at that 6 o’clock position. That Swiss specs are the minus
two plus two seconds a day. Those two work very nicely
together, and the other offset that the escapement
does is that because it’s so efficient, the power reserve
of the watch is now a 70 hour power reserve, so you can
put this watch on a Friday evening, pick back up on a
Monday afternoon and it’ll be keeping time just fine. So let me actually go ahead
and show you this watch on my wrist now. We’re gonna go ahead and open
it up from the back there. Located by that crown, and
there is the watch on my wrist. So absolutely beautiful
watch, simple black dial contrasted by just overall
luxurious, very luxurious gold, the whole watch is gold,
so that the statement, if you really want to
show off, you really want people to look at your
watch, this is the watch. Gold everything, nice
high polish, you capture parts of the watch very nicely, the face of the watch just
covered in high polish from the bezel, from the lugs, even from the start of the bracelet. You want people to be
looking at this watch if you’re wearing this, right? So if you’re interested in
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