Rolex Day-Date 40 Rose Gold, Sundust Diamond REVIEW – 40mm, Fluted Bezel, President, 228235

Rolex Day-Date 40 Rose Gold, Sundust Diamond REVIEW – 40mm, Fluted Bezel, President, 228235

Hey, guys,
this is Kevin at, and today I have for you the Oyster
Professional Day-Date 40, and that’s in a Sundust Diamond Dial. The model number for this watch is 228235, and that’s SDTDP. A little bit about this watch, it’s available only in
the 18-carat Rose Gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. And the Day-Dates were actually one of the first wrist watches to display as the name suggests. The day right here, and the date itself right there, and the day name is fully spelled out. You can see that Sunday right there. And the bracelet is also
another unique thing about this watch, it’s called a President bracelet, which was originally created
especially for the Day-Date. Okay, so a little bit about
the case and the movement. It’s on a Oyster 40-millimeter case and an 18-carat Rose Gold with a screw-down case back and a winding crown right
here on the right side. It’s a fluted bezel as
you can see as I tilt it. It reflects the light in all directions. And it’s not a smooth bezel. The winding crown uses a twin
lock double waterproofing system to insure that this
watch retains water resistance up to 100 meters, so about 330 feet. The Day-Date 40 uses a
3255 calibre mechanical self-winding movement, which allows for
bidirectional self winding, unrestricted rapid setting, and about a 70-hour power reserve. A little mouthful, but what that means is that you
can actually wind this watch and it’ll keep going but
if you would just swap out, let’s just say you wanted
to use a different Rolex for that day, the watch itself will keep
going for another 70 hours. It’s pretty good. So a little bit about the bracelet, it’s a President Bracelet. Once again, it has a
semi-circular three-piece link and a brush-polished
outer links right here on the right side and
the left side right here, and then the middle of that has a
mirror-polished center links. It’s all in 18-carat Rose Gold, and it has one of my favorite clasps, which is a Concealed Folding Crownclasp. What that means is, as you can see, almost looks like one continuous bracelet. Which is very nice, but right here is a little crown. You go ahead and actually
pop it open from there, and it opens the clasp itself. It has a Rolex named engraved
onto the clasp itself. And I’ll go ahead and put that back. And hear that little snap, bam. That looks like one beautiful bracelet. Alright, so a little bit
more about this dial. A little bit more about this dial. As you can see here the hour markers, and the minute markers, also the seconds, it’s all in 18-carat gold
to prevent tarnishing. This is on all that with
the day and such is covered under a scratch-resistant
sapphire crystal. It has a Cyclops lens
on the right side here to show easier magnification
for the date itself. I’m gonna go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now so you get a good idea of how this watch
actually looks on a wrist. Okay. Alright, so once again, this is the watch. As you can see, you see that beautiful Sundust
Dial, diamond dial there. And you can look at the bracelet. It almost looks like
one continuous bracelet. That is beautiful. Alright, so if you want
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soon after that, okay?


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