Rolex Daytona ▶ HOW to Open & Adjust Folding Clasp, Oyster Bracelet Clasp

Rolex Daytona ▶ HOW to Open & Adjust Folding Clasp, Oyster Bracelet Clasp

Hey guys, this is
Kevin here at helping you out with
another instructional video. This time for the Rolex Daytona bracelet specifically the clasp. So locate the folding oyster clasp at the bottom of the bracelet. Open it up as so, so safety
off first and then the folding. For the adjustment of the
bracelet, you’ll need a tool to be able to adjust the Daytona. So in the back here you’ll see the little edges
of a pin that you’ll have to press in in order to move
the bracelet five millimeters forward or five millimeters inward. So that’s how you would
adjust the Daytona bracelet. Okay? If you guys need anymore help,
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  1. Comment below – I use that easy link change almost daily when in hotter temps. Beautiful piece and was curious about further adjustments that can be made to move the easy link attachment point.

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