Rolex Daytona Review – Ref 116508 Yellow Gold with Emerald Green Dial

Rolex Daytona Review – Ref 116508 Yellow Gold with Emerald Green Dial

This review is gonna be on the hottest Rolex
at the moment. Now, that is the Daytona in yellow gold, reference
number 116508 with the emerald green dial. [opening music] So it’s crazy the way that this whole watch
market is right now. I mean, this is a watch that maybe two years
ago the retailers could not even get rid of. They would just in there at the ADs and nobody
was buying them. But like I’ve said and I’ve said it before,
green is the new blue! And all the green dial watches are the ones
that are getting the most premium out of all the colors. Who would have know? Daytonas sales have been slow overall in my
opinion for quite some time, but how about that green dial? Just completely changes the whole look of
the watch. It kind of has this whole rrrrr think about
it. I mean, prices are crazy. It has a retail of $34,650, but right now
Rolex has stopped taking orders on this watch. You can’t even allocate one if you wanted. So if you don’t have one by now, get ready
to pay over retail. How much over retail? A lot over retail! Right now, they’re going for easily $55,000
unworn and it’s gonna be a special watch. I mean, I guarantee it. Right now the Watch Game is a little bit crazy. Some of the prices are all over the place. For example, the 5980s are so overly inflated
that I myself cannot even justify the prices. But I do see this a bit justifiable at $55,000. It’s a special watch and I would guarantee
that it’s gonna be one of the greatest Rolexes of this time. So they could have slapped a blue dial on
it, but instead they chose to do that with the white gold version. The white gold version has the blue dial. Green being the hottest, it’s killing it right
now. I mean, how about that Day-Date 40 rose with
the olive green dial? Also bad ass. Could you image a Sky-Dweller like this one
with a green dial? So I keep saying it over and over, green is
the new blue. Something about this green dial on the wrist
that for me I think it just looks right because it’s got that color that pops. Daytonas have been slow already for quite
some time. Don’t ask me why. However, the rainbows been killing it and
the stainless steel with the ceramic bezel has always been a hitter. I mean, pretty much all stainless steel Daytonas
have always been a hitter, but something about that green dial that just did a whole different
twist. I personally like it. Don’t get me wrong. Right out the gate when it came out, I wasn’t
really sure about it. Just like the rose gold Day-Date 40 with the
olive green, I wasn’t sure until I saw it in person. But once I saw it in person, it was a winner
for me. So what’s happening with this watches is crazy. Pretty much Rolex releases them right off
the back and if you kind of don’t have that vision and you don’t buy it early on, by the
time it picks up and it becomes the hottest watch, it’s too late. A year and a half ago, nobody wanted this
watch. Although several clients of mine did pick
them up just pick them up just because the green dial was stunning. Now, $50k plus. I mean, I wouldn’t doubt it if this watch
doubles retail in the next 3 to 4 years because that’s kind of the play that they’re doing. They’re releasing it and then they’re just
not making a lot of them. Right off the back they sit at the retailers,
they probably don’t want them because Daytonas have been slow. But I’m telling you, it’s gonna be the hottest
next watch from Rolex. It’s gonna be the one to collect. Daytona historically has always been a hot
watch and always been a collector piece, so for a while now I really haven’t wanted to
wear a Daytona yellow, but now with the whole thing that watches are scaling down a little
bit in size, they’ve gone down maybe a couple of millimeters of what is the norm of what
to wear. This green dial really pops. I mean, this is something that if I would
be able to get at a good price, even retail, I think I would want one for myself. But at the moment I think I missed the chance
of getting one at the retail price, so I probably won’t be having one myself for a while. I mean, my friend Amir is actually a visionary
because he got one early on and has the white gold with the blue dial. True visionary right there with the watches. As far as the Watch Game goes, this is definitely
a Heavy Piece! Challenge number one is try to find one. Challenge number two is get over it and pay
$55,000 for a yellow Daytona that retails for $36k. So it’s definitely a heavy hitter and it stands
out among the other ones. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about this yellow gold Daytona with the emerald green dial. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
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  1. Bro this yellow gold Daytona is amazing, but at $50k, it better do the dishes and take care of all my nocturnal needs as well!

  2. Hello bro nice vid again. I just bought myself a gold sub and this watchdealer had the daytona for sale at 45.000 euro. I can buy this watch and we split the profit?
    Greetings from Amsterdam


  4. After john Mayer said it -it went BOOM LMFAO! its not even ceramic overtime bezel will fade!!! If its ceramic like panda i will understand!!!! If john mayer will choose a datejst model i bet value will boom too! TALKING watches 2 its your fault! LMFAAAO

  5. I have always loved this watch.I was lucky enough to score a HULK .This is a little out my league at the moment.Love the video's

  6. In NYC, LA or Miami this is a woman's watch, you can see these gold Daytona's on the wrist of every woman with a little money smacked right next to her Cartier love bracelet 🤣🤣 that's why sales are slow. I own a gold Daytona i never wear because it's way too small, the perfect chronograph in my opinion is the AP Brick hence why i bought it, perfect size, presence, heavy in the watch game and everyone's eyes are glued to my wrist when i walk into a room 👍👍

  7. I think the gmt blro meteorite dial might be a next investment piece.
    The green daytona is a stunner on the wrist but i think it would look even better if Rolex made the case the same proportions as the white gold model.

  8. I love 💕 that watch! I think it’s awesome but 50k 🤦‍♂️! I’m not a fan of paying over retail! I guess I’m a Hustler! 😂

  9. Hi Eric … why Rolex have not released the ceramic bezel on the full gold bracelet Daytona ? So I feel the existing ones a little outdated

  10. Yo I’m moving out to Florida. Opening a cigar store out there in Fort Lauderdale! Maybe we can do an event together sometime in the future!

  11. Any time you have a gold watch, a green dial will always be the best colour to match it. This is true for all watches. If I was to buy a gold watch, it would be the only way to go for me. This can also apply for other thing like glasses. Imagine a gold frame Ran-Ban Aviator with green lenses.

    Similar story for diamonds : black is the best match for my taste.

  12. Both the yellow/green and white/blue are nice no doubt. I always thought so since they launched back in 2016. Jonah Hill has one he wore a lot but until John Mayer picked it up it sold just the rest of the gold Daytonas. This bubble is now totally out of control. I’m just chilling until things head south. Then I’ll scoop everything I want during the inevitable panic.

  13. This watch is hot, cause i'am still "youngish" i don't feel i wanna wear a daytona even if i think is awonderful watch, but frankly i think is for men, from 40 years old on, but this one… looks fresher to me, so i would wear it

  14. I was going to say oh great you got rid of the awful intro, but then it came on! Who created it and how do you let it go on! By executive order remove it!

  15. It’s nice. It sits smaller than 40mm. Sits more like 38mm. I had the chance to buy this exact same watch in 2016. Went with the champagne dial in yellow gold instead.

  16. Freakin beautiful. I love any Daytona with a dark dial. Black, Maserati blue or green in two tone or gold is a stunner.

  17. Beautiful Gold Rolex Daytona with Emerald Green Dial. I like gold bracelet watches. $36,000 was a good price for this Rolex. $50,000 is still a good price for a gold bracelet Rolex Daytona with a rare Emerald Green Dial when you compare it to a $50,000 Stainless Steel Audemars Piguet, a $100,000 stainless Steel Patek Philippe Nautilus and a $100,000 Carbon fiber or Ceramic Richard Mille . Eric I will recommend you to buy the $55,000 Gold Rolex Daytona with the Green Emerald Dial if you can find it.

  18. I was offered this 8 months ago and I said nay. What a dumbass. But then I got the 5726 and Aquanaut at retail from my other AD. So i think i did ok. Did I Eric?

  19. Nobody cared about this watch until John Mayer blah blah blah. Nobody cared about the Paul Newman either until it sold for 17.6 million. This watch is amazing. Green and gold is Kingsman.

  20. I love my grand seiko sbgf009 and i wouldnt change it for any watch of the world.Grand Seikos is the best watches.

  21. Hey what do you think about the “barrichello” and “la montoya” daytonas because i was checking them and i think they made something that you should not do with a Rolex… but this is just my opinion i would like to know yours

  22. @CRM Jewelers About a year ago you made a great video called "Supercar Rally – Watches and Exotic Cars!". Do Lamborghini Broward have the events and if yes, would you consider making another video of it? Thanks.

  23. Hi, can you give your opinion on Rolex yacht master 2 (steel)? do you anticipate it going up? its the only sport steel that is selling (used) for less than retail.

  24. $20k premium for a production dial…that does not add up. 116508 even with limited (nonsense) availability, its not a premium sale, pure market speculators pumping up the price

  25. Basically what you are saying is that if the watch can communicate its value from far away when on the wrist in public it is hot…

  26. I'm not a proper yellow gold guy, but I've gotta say: this one is a heavy hitter, I would like to have it. It's weird that here in Europe the white gold version with the blue dial sells under-retail!

  27. Confused….If they couldn't get rid of them for two years, then how could it be worth 50K? There's no justification. Folks don't get caught in the game. Buy it because you like and and will wear it. I buy my Patek's and Rolex because I love and will wear them. Not worried about reselling or paying what are clearly inflated prices. You will get burned. Only the desperate buy high. I choose to stay liquid than go over my head with debt.
    Like P.T. Barnum would say"there is a sucker born every minute".

  28. Do it the smart way. Develop a relationship with your AD. Wempe in NYC is mine. Purchase solid brands like A. Langhe, Patek and Rolex. Start with simple purchases. In the end, They want to sell you a watch. Be patient.
    I will never pay these crazy and super inflated prices. Have paid retail for all of the watches.

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