ROLEX – GMT Master II Root Beer Everose – New 2018 Smoking HOT!

ROLEX – GMT Master II Root Beer Everose – New 2018 Smoking HOT!

This is Watch Your Style. Today I’m gonna review the most anticipated
watch release of 2018, the Rolex GMT Master in Everose. So praise the Lord. I finally have one of these GMTs in my hand
and let me tell you that once I see it in person, I like it even better! Some people have been giving me mixed reviews
about how they feel about the multi-colored bezel with the black and the chocolate. I personally like it. I think it was played off very nice. This is year of the bi-colored bezels by Rolex
with the whole Pepsi fiasco with the stainless steel and the overpriced Jubilee band now,
but this for me is the winner. The rose gold combination changes the watch
completely. I’m a fan of the GMT in yellow gold. One of my favorite ones is the anniversary
green dial, but I would say that this one now reigns supreme for the GMT in my heart. Let me tell you something about rose gold
that maybe you hadn’t noticed, but rose gold for me is a little bit more classier and more
refined. For example, this Yachty 2 that I’m wearing
in yellow. Yellow always tends to be more flashy, a little
more �in-your-face�, whereas rose gold kind of settles it down a bit. Since it’s brand new, it’s got that super,
super rose color. As you wear it a little bit, it will oxidize
a bit and kind of change tone a little bit, even those Rolex’s everose tends to be the
one that holds the rose color the longest. But overall I give it a 10. I love it! I love it! Everything about the watch I like. Nothing has really changed. It’s still the same watch. All they kind of did was just give it a paint
job pretty much, you know? Same car, different color, but DAMN, did that
color make a difference! So now, you can already see the lines at the
ADs for this watch. I mean, it’s crazy! I had people call me the first day that it
was released where literally the pictures were on social media and asking me, �Hey
Eric, can you get me that watch?� I’m like, �Dude, I haven’t even seen it yet!� But they’re out there. They’re starting to creep out little by little. This is one of the first ones in this area
of the world. But, with a retail price of about $37,000,
something like this is going in the market for about $45,000. Do I wanna pay $45,000 for it? I don’t know yet. Kind of goes back to how bad do you really
want it. I’m also not a fan of being on a list and
being joked around for about a year and a half while I’m waiting for this watch to come
out. So if you wanna have it, you gotta pay up! So as far as the Watch Game, obviously any
thing that’s hot and hasn’t even barely been released yet is a banger. Now, for all my reference number buffs, the
Rolex 126715CHNR is a heavy hitter! Just because it’s about exclusivity. Nobody can get it. You’re not gonna be able to see them around
for a little while, so it’s gonna be a little bit before they’re out there. I mean, in the Watch Game, this is something
crazy. It’s called exclusivity. No one has it. I for one want one for myself, so it’s gonna
be a little while and I am a man of patience. And I can already see maybe in about three
years they’re gonna maybe be out there, a little bit cheaper. I’m gonna be patient, but in the future, I’m
gonna have one. Yo soy tu papa! [Spanish] I’m gonna have one of these soon. It’s gonna be one of them that I’m gonna keep
and wear and beat the [beep]. I want one and I want it now! So leave any comments below of how you feel
about the new Rolex GMT Master in everose. And if you liked this video, please like and
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  1. I’ve been watching this channel for a while now and it seems to that Eric never talks about the functionality, craftsmanship, or any new details about any watch. Please be a little more insightful with the reviews instead of telling us how expensive the piece is, or how hard it is to get. We already know this. How about a actual review of a watch. Just a thought. This is a sweet watch though. Color combo is perfect.

  2. The most anticipated watch release of 2018 was sure as hell not the RG GMT. The Stainless Pepsi has caused such a big stir compared to this. Regardless, still a beautiful watch.

  3. I nave the Pepsi GMT II. It keeps good time and seems pretty robust. I still am very fond of my Breitling 1884 Navitimer II in all black with the thick Breitling rubber wrist band. The band was a little hard to live with as it did not mold well and was prone clasp failures. I’ve changed out the band to one that is easier to live with. As for ruggedness the Breitling beats the Rolex, IMHO. They are both fine time pieces.

  4. Not a fan of Rolex or Gold and worse the two combined. But that is hot. But $45k I'd rather put to a Lange. Rolex to me is a tool watch I can't get my head around paying such premium for mass produced movements with no big game changing innovation. Speaking of which… A rose gold/root beer Zenith Defy Lab 15hz would be 🔥🔥🔥

  5. This reference has a brand new movement, calibre 3285. It’s not just a new “paint job”!

  6. Does the speaker suffer from an eye disease ?? Or why is he wearing the sunglasses all the time? I do not trust anyone, which I can not look into the eyes

  7. They changed the case (can't tell) and changed the movement. Far from just a paint job. I like the TT better. If I was to go full PM it would be the Smurf or the green dial GMT.

  8. At 1:44 he said it is basically the same watch and all they did is give it a paint job, but he missed a huge upgrade. It has a brand new movement as well…Calibre 3285 (the older movement is 3186). There are only three models of the GMT-Master II line that have this new movement and they are the three that were announced at Baselworld a couple of months ago. I own two of them (the TT Root Beer and the Pepsi jubilee). I also own 6 others…see my channel for my vid.

  9. I bought one because of this video Eric. I was told it was the only one in Mexico. It was promised to a high roller who was late on his wife transfer and I walked into the AD. I was not in the market for a new watch. Especially one that cost me 39,750 Mexican retail. But when I saw it in person, I couldn’t help myself. The thing is absolutely gorgeous. The Everose gold is a beautiful mix of pink and rose color hues and it changes color depending on the Sky. Thanks for all your awesome videos!!!

  10. i think this is the best watch Rolex has released in a long time. It's just drop dead gorgeous. I bought a Sea Dweller 50th (and i don;t regret it) but whenever this comes out (and at a reasonable price) i am definitely buying it. Hope you get your hands on it too Eric

  11. yeah I'd wait two to three years before I pick one up. However with that said, if in that time frame the prices rises further I'm going to cry. Because for that price I'd pick up a gold black face daytona

  12. I have one on order tax free, cant wait to get it. by the way Eric, you are wrong its not the same watch new paint job it has a new movement!!

  13. Eric, Rolex really hit the sweet spot with this one! It's just so beautiful! But it's such a solid and reliable watch that it will be years until I get to work on one. Maybe you could do a video on the benefits of swimming with it without screwing the crown down 🙂 That way I just might see a few sooner … 🙂

  14. I love your videos Eric, thanx for that.

    Trying to upgrade my watch game with your help.

    I’m gonna get mine tomorrow from my local Rolex AD (who is also a friend).

    Greetings from France!

  15. That would be a perfect one watch collection (if that makes any sense). You got your rolex, your gmt, your gold piece, nice water resistance, good dress watch, great for informal wear… Just a fantastic watch. IMO

  16. Hot. Better than Pepsi, Batman. Definitely has all the checkmarks… new movement, unique color scheme, first GMT Everose.

  17. Hey Eric, which do you like better, the everose root beer or the everose skydweller with dark rhodium? Looking for one of these beauties.

  18. Hey Eric, I am looking to make a purchase of the GMT Master gold with the green dial. Do you have one in stock?

    I will be in Miami early next month and was hoping to buy it then.

    Thanks Brother

  19. Hi my name is Filippo. Eric you are the coolest watch dealer on the planet so fat. I have so much fun watching your video presentations. I love watches since 1992 pretty much like you, and to let you understand how crazy I am about watches read this: at the age of 24 I sold my car to buy a Daytona Rolex steel and gold… Eheheheh keep it like this Eric you're doing great. Big hug from Italy

  20. Seriously ur reviews need to be removed. Firstly the metal doesn’t oxidise, if it did, then you’d have an uneven oxidation across the surface of the watch, which I don’t think anybody would buy for that amount of money. Oxidation only occurs in lower quality metals with high carbon content, namely iron or steel which, when left untreated, oxidise over time giving you a hello orange tinge. And it’s not the same watch with different colour. Different movement with higher power reserve. You’re terrible.

  21. I prefer the TT Root Beer rosé instead of whole Everose.. it's a bit subtler for daily use. But that's my preference. I have to say this is really SEXY mm.. mm.. oh yea…

  22. eric, my friend had that watch back in the 80's, 18k gmt rose gold, his dad paid $3500 for it…his dad was collecting watches in the 70's… pateks, rolex, his dad had bought I platinum presidential for $1200, way back then.

  23. Just purchased the Rolex GMT Root-Beer which is very sentimental, as it represents my engagement watch for our wedding to come "Just posted a small video, with an review coming soon." Its been a very humbling experience and We simply couldn't be happier with this timepiece, can't thank the AD enough. With that being said thanks for the great content and shared knowledge, keep up the great work!

  24. Eric here's the million dollar question. Which would you choose. This Rolex GMT2 Everose root beer or the AP double balance open in rose gold?

  25. "You soy tu papa :v" – I swear I comeback to this video very often just to listen to him and to laugh so hard.
    Eric is a Legend.

  26. I want one and I want it know, hahaha , this was the best review of any watch l feel you brother . I want the GMT master 2 in black and blue and want to buy from AD to feel the whole experience and l too will beat the hell out of it .

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