Rolex GMT Review – GMT-Master II Ceramic Watch

Rolex GMT Review – GMT-Master II Ceramic Watch

This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance,
really just because I have been taken advantage of some of the inventory to bring to you guys
some really unique watches to do reviews on, but it’s one of the watches that I’ve had
in line that I’ve wanted to do. One of the more simple based watches and it’s
also one of my personal favorite watches. That watch being the Rolex GMT-Master II. The GMT is a watch that has a very special
place in my heart. The reason why is because the first high end
watch that I ever had was a Rolex GMT Master II Coke. The black and red was given to me by my father
on my 18th birthday. And I still have it today. Actually, my sister is using it and she better
be taking care of it because it’s all original. It’s never been polished. The bezel is in fantastic condition. The GMT for me is the model I’ve always liked. When they came out with the new GMT ceramic,
obviously it was a no brainer, there was a lot of changes. I’m going to do later on a video in the future
on the Batman and I’m also going to do a separate video on the Pepsi and the Coke. That way there’s a lot I have to talk about
the GMT, but today I’m going to keep it simple with the ceramic models. And some of the things they changed on the
new ceramic version are…it has the Maxi case, which has the wider lugs. It’s got the larger crown guards and the older
ones had a small crown, but the new ceramic version has a bigger crown, similar to the
the Submariner crown. Obviously, all the new watches across the
board have the new bracelets with the new clasps, which everybody likes. It’s fantastic. I take it it’s almost redundant to say a ceramic
bezel because we obviously know that. It’s a 40 millimeter case. Fantastic sports watch and for an all-gold
version like this one where the retail is like $33,000. Yes, $33,000 is a lot, but for a comparable
model with other brands, the retail is not that high. Other brands will offer you a watch in all
gold for $60,000, so it’s relatively not so expensive compared to other brands, for something
comparable. So there’s many different options you can
get with the GMT. The most traditional one is the standard black
with the green hands, and you’ll notice it displays GMT Master 2 in green. Love that touch. Something about the GMT that’s a little bit
different than the Submariner is the bezel is a little bit more busy. The reason for, which I’ll talk to you now
in a few, it’s because it’s about the 24 hours. And if you don’t know, that other green hand
with the arrow is for a second time zone. They offer it in stainless steel, two-tone,
which is very popular, and the yellow gold. Yellow gold has two options: you got the anniversary
green dial or the traditional black dial as well. If you’re looking to get a all-gold sports
watch, the GMT is a good option, because usually they’re priced a little bit less than the
Submariner, so that’s something that you might wanna consider if you’re trying to get an
all gold sports watch, Rolex exactly. One key feature of the GMT Master II is that
it features a dual time zone function. Now, it’s very simple. It’s like any other watch that’s dual time
zone. Pretty much you’re able to keep the time wherever
you’re at, for example, Miami, it’s 12 o’clock noon right now, and in London it’s 5:00 PM. The only difference is you’re going to have
on your regular clock hands, you’re going to have it set to 12:00 o’clock, but the green
hand is on a 24-hour scale. Now, the 24-hour scale you’re going to want
to set it half of the 12 hours is obviously for AM, the other 12 are for PM, so that way
you keep track of whatever other time zone you’re setting it to, whether it’s AM or PM. Now, that’s obviously going to take a little
bit of practice and you’re going to have to play with the watch a little bit, but it’s
not that complicated. Once you figure it out, it’s actually very
simple, very handy. So as far as the Watch Game goes, the GMT
is a solid watch. Depending on how advanced you are in the Watch
Game, obviously you’re going to be anywhere from stainless steel to the yellow gold. But the GMT is obviously a solid watch, man. You can’t go wrong. It’s the latest model, ceramic, very well
respected. I think if you don’t have one in your collection,
it’s something you might want to consider, specially if you’re a Rolex guy. It’s a must-have. My favorite one of the GMT is the yellow gold
like this one with the green dial. I just think it’s different. It will not be confused with the Submariner,
which could be the all-black Submariner or the blue Submariner. No confusion. When you have the black bezel with thee green
dial from a mile away, it’s a GMT. Something different. You don’t see too many of them. You’ll probably see five Submariners before
you see one green-dial GMT. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like
and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, Watch Your Style!


  1. Most of the people Will think its a submariner. But if you know the watch industry, you will know its a GMT II 🙂 keep making good videos.

  2. Rolex guy – must have watch, yes. Gold/green GMT or gold/blue Sub, i still dont know yet… Looking forward to see your 116710BLNR review. Right now my favorite everyday watch. As always, good job guys ! Thanks

  3. Enjoyable video once again. Only if they made it with a 42 mm case , I know it does not seem like much but on big guy it will get lost. I guess thats why your sister is wearing the watch.

  4. I think saw that your company is selling a two tone green gmt is that custom. Man i haven't been able to sleep i really waiting for the right time to pull that trigger

  5. Great Rolex Gmt review guys. Thank you for keeping these reviews practical and understandable for the likes of us without a PhD in horology!

  6. Yes!! This was my first luxury watch and one of my favorites. I think it would have been nice if you demonstrated the jumping hour hand to show how to travel with this watch to other time zones. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Great watch when is your first watch. But when you discovery and buy one audemars piguet concept gmt, greubel forsey gmt or de Bethune gmt world traveller. Rolex is the last one of all.

  8. Great review! The GMT master II is a great watch. Blue and black bezel are a nice color combo. The Explorer II is also a great dual time sports watch.

  9. Hey Eric. i Love your Clips ans i am a BIG Fan of your Show….. what Do you think about BREITLING.??????maybe u can mal a Special Breitling Clip fofr me ans all tue other Fans….greeezz form germany

  10. Hi Eric,  Fantastic video as always man!  I appreciate the work and effort towards the quality of your reviews.  I received the new Omega Seamaster 300m ceramic after graduating University.  I absolutely love the way it feels on the writs.  The average person never seems to notice it's a luxury watch like they might if it were a Rolex, but I think that special.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on my timepiece.  Thank you so much!  Cheers!

  11. Hey Eric great video. Please make a video on a new all gold submariner blue dial.Thinking about getting one so would love to see what you think about it. Thanks bro

  12. With your sister using your Rolex GMT, it is already rendered garbage.  You KNOW the bezel, crystal and band are gouged beyond repair.  Sorry.  Just stating the facts.  Women are not careful with jewelry.  PS.  Really enjoyed this video.  Thank you.

  13. Oh My God. Eric this is my favorite watch too because my first ever high end watch was the gmt master 2 in the coke colorway given by my dad for my 13th birthday!!! But on a sad note i lost it in a river a couple months ago 🙁

  14. Consider incorporating into your videos a close up view (rotating if possible) of the watch you are reviewing.  I like your face…but like the watches more.  I appreciate your reviews….one of the best on the web.

  15. Sometimes I look at the GMT2 and think that I've made a mistake with my submariner. I had them side by side and whilst I understand the complication of the GMT I thought the bezel was just too busy, I do however love the Polished centre links. I thought less is more with the sub. Both with the ceramic bezel, wider case and glide lock bracelet are modern classics in my opinion…. Well done rolex 🙂

  16. hey Eric how much are those crazy bracelets ya featuring on ya vids??? cant find any pricing on ya homepage !!! is it possible ta ship em to germany????

  17. I'm getting a gold watch this year. Should I get the green dial GMT or Daytona? I own a TT blue sub, TT 36 MM datejust and a SS white dial Daytona.

  18. Great video. I love the bracelet in the thumbnail and I saw it on your IG page as well. I have a TT Sub with blue dial. How would I go about purchasing the bracelet and what size do they come?
    Thank you.

  19. I have had a gold GMT Master II for 26 years…great watch and great investment. Looks as good as the day I bought it. I had an American band put on it rather than the original European band. Like the look much better. Never fails to get a complement from those who appreciate quality in watches. BTW..very good video on the new GMT Ceramic

  20. Hi Eric always enjoing your video! Personally you like blue dial 2 tones sub steel/gold o you find it too flashy? Thanks

  21. Can’t wait for the new GMT on a Jubilee bracelet to come out been a Rolex fan all my life and collector and I think I really like this one different GMT and jubilee band now that’s a Watch

  22. Would you go for the new GMT Root Beer two tone or two tone Yacht master as both have the same retail price.

  23. Great video review Eric. GMT Master two is a great model and a classic up there with the Submariner. Have always wanted one of these but for a lot less, there is also the Explorer two. Problem is, lol, not everyone can have every model in their collection. The GMT Master two is also slightly more expensive than the Submariner, depending on whether or not you choose Stainless Steel, two tone or all Gold. But let's face it. Many Rolex models are classics. It all comes down to prefernece, cost and budget. I consider myself fortunate to own 2 Rolex models and just love them.

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