Rolex Sky-Dweller 42mm blue dial, white gold bezel vs GMT-Master II 40mm ceramic Batman – COMPARISON

Hey guys this
is Kevin from and today we will be reviewing
the Rolex Sky-Dweller here on my left: Reference #326934 and we will be comparing it against the Rolex GMT-Master 2 or nicknamed the “Batman” Reference #116710BLNR. We will be going over
the pricing, the dials, the bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we will talk about
the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, so as of January
2018 you can get this Rolex Sky-Dweller from an
authorized Rolex retailer for $14,400 plus tax. Or you can get the Rolex GMT-Master II at a
Rolex authorized retailer for $8,950 plus tax, but of course, as always, check out our website
for the most up-to-date prices, and of course prices
are subject to change. Alright, so let’s go ahead
and talk about the dial now. Specifically, for the
dial colors, we have the Sky-Dweller in the blue dial, and the BLNR in the black dial, specifically, for the Sky
Dweller, it only comes in two other colors, so we
have the blue, of course, and we also have the white and black. Whereas, the GMT-Master II
only comes in the black dial; however, there is the standard version, in which the whole bezel
is black, instead of half black half blue, and the GMC hand is green. Okay, so that’s the
different configurations you can get for these watches. Let’s go ahead and talk
specifically about the hour markers. The Sky-Dweller makes use of
sort of DHS style hour markers, which are index hour markers
fashioned in 18K white gold. They are luminous filled, same
can be said about the hands as well, 18K white gold hands
with luminous filled tips, skeletonization towards
the center of the hand, as its trying not to block
this off-center 24hr dial. For the GMT Master II we have
sort of the sportier look, such styles from the Submariner’s
Deep Sea Sea Dweller, where these hour circular
markers called the maxi-dial, so the circular hour markers
with the index at the six, nine, and triangle at
the twelve o’clock position, and those hour markers are
also fashioned in 18K white gold to prevent any tarnishing
and luminous filled as well. They both use the same
type of luminosity filling, which is a high-level chromalight display with a long lasting blue luminescence that has the ability to glow
for up to eight hours, so you have nice visibility
during the daytime, and nice visibility during
the nighttime as well. One thing to mention is that the dial on the Sky-Dweller is going
to be a little bit larger, a little more dial real estate, as it is a 42mm watch, whereas the GMT is a 40mm watch. Besides that, we have the date
window at the three o’clock position on both watches
with a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal
for magnification, easier viewing of that date. One thing to mention is that
these two watches do have a similar function; that is to
track an additional time-zone. So how they do both, how they do that
respectively is different. So for the Sky-Dweller, we
have this 24hr off-center dial in the center and you can see
that it is in military time, and the GMT Master II has it on its bezel, and you can adjust the bezel itself, and I’ll go ahead and show
you how each one works its GMT function later on in the video. One thing to mention, that the
Sky-Dweller has in addition, over the GMT Master, is the
annual calendar function. As you can see at the
very edges of the dial, there are these white square apertures, and these white square
apertures indicate the month, there’s 12 in 12 months. Currently it’s at the first
month, which is January, and that’s indicated by
the red square aperture, and that changes every
time the rotation goes past the 31st date dot
on the date window or the first day to go backwards. Alright, so let’s go ahead
and talk about the bezel now. So the bezels are vastly
different as you can see. The Sky-Dweller has what’s
called a Fluted-bidirectional Rotatable Rolex Ring Command
bezel, and what that means is the Rolex command bezel
is that bezel can shift into four different positions, as you can see I can turn that
bezel and that will change the functions on the
crown to allow you to work the watch in various ways. Besides that, it is, like
I said, 18K white gold, fluted bezel, very nice,
very beautiful as light shines on it and different
parts of that fluted bezel. The GMT Master II has what’s
called a Cerachrom bezel, which is Rolex’s fancy way of
saying it’s a ceramic bezel. It’s a bidirectional,
rotatable, 24hr graduated bezel with two-tone color, and that’s
where it actually gets it’s name, the “Batman”, because
it has the tone of the Batman colors, which is black and blue. Okay, let me actually go ahead
and go on to the case now. So the case size is, like I
said is different case sizes, we have 42mm case, from the
index to my thumb finger here, that’s 42mm in diameter, 40mm in diameter for the GMT Master II. Besides that, both cases are
made out of the same type of steel, which is 904L
steel, which is an in-house steel made by Rolex. It has additional corrosion resistance, and a nicer shine to it. One thing to mention is
that the lugs of the watch, as you can see for Sky-Dweller, we have this beautiful high
polish, so this is more of a dressier watch, so we have a
high polish on the case lugs, you can see there, high
polish right at the bracelet. Whereas, the GMT Master
II has a nice satin finish on the case lugs and a high polish on the beginning of the bracelet as well. I’m actually going to go
ahead and show you the size of the watch, so you can
get a look at the height, or profile of the watch. So as you can see, there we are, the Sky-Dweller is going to be larger, that’s because it has an
additional complication to the watch itself, that 24hr off-center dial, and that additional annual calendar. That all adds to the
size of the movements, so that’s reflected in
the size of the casing, and that’s a nice large case. Both watches will fit in suit
coats, dress coats nicely. And they have a very nice
high polish on the side of the watch that pairs very
nicely with the bracelet. On the other side as
well, a nice high polish, nice high polish on the
side of the case again. One thing to mention, is that
on the GMT Master II’s case, since it is kind of like a
hybrid between a sports watch and a dress watch, we have
these crown guards here to protect the crown;
whereas, the Sky-Dweller’s has the crown out by itself, okay. So I’m going to go ahead
and actually show you the two different functions of
Sky-Dweller and the GMT. Let’s start off with
the ring command bezel. So the crown is a screw down, twiddle off, double waterproofing system,
which gives this watch a water resistance of 100m or 330ft. And, the first function
of the watch is that you can actually just wind the
watch from the stem position, about 15-20 winds all
you need from a dead stop to get the watch going once more. So let’s go ahead and
work that command bezel. In order to use the command bezel, you simply tug the crown out once more, as you can see nothing happens
in the standard position, while shifting it over once will allow you to adjust the date
bidirectionally and you can go forwards, backwards as so
to work the annual calendar, like I said, go past
that 31st date and bam. To move forward to the next day, or rather the next month, sorry, and there we go again, bam. Alright, another shift of
the command bezel allows for the quick hour jump,
and this is essential for both the Sky-Dweller and the GMT – the GMT has the same function as well – on the crown, this helps allow it to track the secondary time zone. So for the Sky-Dweller,
we are going to shift it over one more and this final position, you can actually adjust the 24hr dial. So let’s just say you’re
taking a trip from London to the Philippines, so let’s say its going to be, let’s just say you want
to set the London time on the off center dial first, so let’s just say it’s
12 in the afternoon, let’s say 12:10pm, how about that. 12:10pm, seven hours
ahead for the Philippines, so it’s 7:10pm, so you go
shift that off-center dial off once more or shift that
bezel around once more, and you use that quick hour jump system, and just go ahead and
shift over to the 7 o’clock position and there we are. So we have where you’re
tracking your London time, which is at 12:10pm, and
seven hours ahead, it’s 7:10 currently, in the Philippines. So that’s how we would use it to track the secondary time zone. Alright, always make sure to
screw the crown nice and tight against the case, as you
want to keep your watch water resistant, nice and protected. For the GMT Master II, sort
of the similar function, so instead we are going
to be using the bezel to track that secondary time zone. So let’s go ahead and use
that same exact example, so let’s just say that London is 12:10pm, so we just go ahead and
shift that bezel all the way around, there we are. Currently 12:10pm, there we are. Now you’ll see that the GMT hand, this is the hand that you use to track the secondary time zone, so you can set it to the London time zone, you’ll fly out to the Philippines, and like I said Sky-Dweller
has the same function, so from this first standard position, that’s the winding position, tuck that crown out once
and you’ll have that quick hour jump once again, and bam. All you do is move over to
the seven o’clock position, and here we are at 7:10pm and 12:10pm. You have the London
time with the GMT hand, and the Philippines time
with the regular hour hand to the home time. One thing to mention is
that the GMT Master II cannot change the date instantaneously, as shown with the Sky-Dweller, you actually have to do four
revolutions of the hour hand, as you’ll see the date
changes after two revolutions, here we are, so one and two. Okay. The final position of the
crown for the GMT Master II will allow you to adjust
the hands as shown. And of course that does the second hand for precise time setting,
such as, you want to set the time to exactly
twelve o’clock at night, you can set it down to the exact second. Always, again, make sure
that the crown is nice and tight against the case to keep
the watch nice and protected and water resistant. Okay, let’s move on to the bracelets now. So for the bracelets, same style bracelet. It’s that oyster bracelet
with that nice high polish down the center with
contrasting satin finish on the outer of the three piece links, same thing with the other
side of the bracelet as well. As I mentioned, GMT Master
II is more of a hybrid sports watch with a dress watch. You see with the Sky-Dweller
we just have a simple folding oyster. Whereas the GMT Master
II, we have the safety folding oyster, which is this
little hinge being the safety, and the folding oyster being
the secondary part to it. So they open up to reveal
this nice high polish clasp plate with the Rolex name embossed on that clasp plate itself. One thing to mention is
that these both have similar functions in terms of the clasp. And what I mean by that
is that they can both be adjusted 5mm inward or outwards, for more comfortability around the wrist. You can see this indentation
on the side of the clasp there, you can actually adjust it, adjust the bracelet in the
back here using a little tool, and you can adjust the
bracelet forward or backwards that 5mm to allow a
little more comfortability on that hot summer day when
you wrist swells up a bit, you don’t want to have the
watch to tight at the wrist, and that’s what you can adjust it for, or vice versa for colder days, you don’t watch your watch to shift around because your wrist is a
little bit contracted, due to the colder weather. Alright. So let me go ahead and talk
about the movements now, even they both have the
same sort of function using the secondary time zone tracking, they do have different movements. The Sky-Dweller has the movement housed in this nice oyster case
backing, as you can see, nice high polish with satin
finish on the base of it. So the movement for the
Sky-Dweller is a 9001 caliber movement manufactured
by Rolex as a perpetual mechanical, self winding movement. It has the ability to
track the dual time zones, the annual calendar, and
the instantaneous changing of the date with rapid setting. The oscillator for the movement, is a paramagnetic blue
parachrom hairspring, which has additional
resistance against magnetism, and it also has a high-performance
paraflex shock absorbers, which is a Rolex in house
made shock absorbers that claim to absorb 15% more shocks
than the industry standard, and the industry standard
is the KIF shock absorbers. The power reserve of
this watch is 72 hours, so you could put this watch
down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday afternoon, and it will be keeping time just fine. One other thing to
mention about the movement is that the escaping
wheel has been upgraded, so the escapement wheel
actually is a skeletonized escapement wheel made out
of a nickel phosphorous, so that it has a dish to
reduce inertia for more precise timekeeping, and also that nickel phosphorous
has additional magnetism – resistance against magnetism. Okay. For the GMT Master II, we have a GMT movement, which
is a caliber 3186 movement. Once again a perpetual
mechanical, self winding movement. It has a precision of +/- 2 seconds a day, it has a simple function
of the hour, second, and minute hands, and
the additional GMT hand for the tracking of the
secondary time zone. The oscillator, the same
thing as the Sky-Dweller, is a paramagnetic blue
parachrom hairspring, but it still has a
regular industry standard KIF shock absorbers,
instead of the paraflex. The power reserve of this
watch is a little bit less than the Sky-Dweller, it’s going to be a 48 hour power reserve, meaning you could put this
watch down on Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon, and you’ll be keeping time just fine. Okay. Let me go ahead and show you
these watches on my wrist now. So, go ahead and pop that open. So here’s the Sky-Dweller first. As you can see, very beautiful blue dial. This is the profile on
the wrist, not too high. One thing to mention, I do have
the average man size wrist, which is a seven inch
wrist, so you can see a bit of wiggle room in there. There we are. Let me actually go ahead and
show you the GMT Batman now. Okay. Oops. I apologize, getting a
little mixed up here. There we are. So safety folding oyster, as so. Again, a little of wiggle room there. Nice contrasting high polish bracelet. And… Alright so if you’re interested
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