Rolex SKY-DWELLER: blue Dial, white-Gold fluted Bezel vs black, Two-Tone yellow-Gold – COMPARISON

Rolex SKY-DWELLER: blue Dial, white-Gold fluted Bezel vs black, Two-Tone yellow-Gold – COMPARISON

Hey guys, this is
Kevin from, and today, were just doing
a quick comparison between two of the same model watches. These are the Rolex Sky-Dwellers
that were recently released at the Baselworld 2017 show. I just wanted to show you
quick differences between the steel model and the two-tone model. On my left here, here is the steel model. This is reference number 326933, and the two-tone model,
over here on my right, similar reference number which is 326934. Of course, there’s going to
be a difference in pricing. You’re looking at a $14,400 retail, as of January 2018, for the steel version, and your looking at $17,150 for the two-tone version from authorized Rolex retailer. Of course, you can find
the best prices for these watches on our
website at We have the most up-to-date pricing, so give our website a
checkout after this video. For the steel version, you’re
looking at the ability to have the watch and an actual
blue dial, white or black, whereas the two-tone version, you can have it in a black,
champagne, and white dial. Those are the two different
color-styles you can get. Main difference, for the
two-tone, you’re looking at a nice 18-karat yellow gold bezel, opposed to the 18-karat
white gold bezel on the steel version. The hour markers are fashioned
in 18-karat white gold on the steel version, yellow
gold on the two-tone version. The hands, as well, the hands are opted for
18-karat white gold for the steel version, 18-karat
yellow gold for the two-tone. The crown, different as well, you’re looking at a steel crown for the steel version and
a yellow gold crown for the yellow gold version. Bracelet, two-toned as well, but both still high
polish down the center, contrasting with the sand
finish on the sides of the three-piece oyster links, so you can see that nice, high polish yellow gold through
the the two-tone version and the nice, high polish
steel on the steel version. Here’s a clasp. Other side of the bracelet now. Alright. Forgot to mention, the Rolex Crown logo at the 12 o’clock position, white gold for the steel version, yellow gold for the two-tone version. That’s where you can find the differences, where they use yellow gold and
where they use white gold for these watches. Alright, so if you like the video, please like, comment, subscribe. Thanks for watching. Check out our website,, for the lowest prices. Have a good day. – [Jaztime Representative]
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  1. Personally, I prefer the Two Tone Rolex Sky Dweller 326933 with black dial. It takes the epitome of elegance and good taste, just like the Two Tone Maybach and Rolls Royce. And the Two Tone Porsche Natural Leather interior, bringing exquisite luxury to a whole new level.

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