Rolex Yacht-Master 40 – Watch Review

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 – Watch Review

This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Today, I’m going to be doing a review on a
particular watch that, when it originally came out, I thought to myself, “What the heck
is going on here? Rolex has finally met the demands of the consumers.” That particular watch is the Yacht-Master
40. So, when the watch finally came out and I
saw it, I said, �I’ll be dammed! These people finally came out with a watch
on a rubber strap.� The problem with it is, I feel that they were
late to the party. I feel like, so many other brands capitalized
on the whole rubber strap deal that, by the time Rolex came out with it, it’s almost too
late. Don’t get me wrong. Rose gold watches with black rubber straps
are still in stile, but I just kind of feel like Rolex is late to the party. And, if you guys don’t know, it’s technically
not even a rubber strap. It’s a titanium think blade with rubber on
the outside. It’s just a vulcanized titanium blade, pretty
much, it’s what it is. Because, you know, they over engineer everything. Don’t get me wrong. I love the look of the watch. I like the ceramic bezel. I like the black dial and I like it overall. A couple of things I don’t like about it are
the price. I think the price is fair. I’m just not sure if I’ll want one. With a retail close to $30,000. They’re going around out there in the gray
market in the mid 20’s. I would say that they would be in the high
teens in pre-owned. Not many around yet, but I guess it’s a watch
that I would like to buy one day, but at a really good preowned price. For right now, I’m just not absolutely thrilled
about it. I do like it. Don’t get me wrong, but, like I said, I just
feel like Rolex waited so long to finally come out with this rubber strap watch, that
it’s almost just kind of like…Nah, you known, after it’s said and done. One thing that I would like to see would be
this watch this watch mounted on a full rose bracelet, almost just like the one on the
Daytona. Now that would be interesting because it’d
have a lot of contrast with the all rose and the black dial and the ceramic bezel. So, as far as the Watch Game, yeah, it’s a
heavy piece, but like I said, it’s just that watch that’s nice in theory, but like I said,
it’s kind of, nah, it’s kind of the reaction I have about it. So, not too thrilled overall about this piece. If you liked this video, please like and share. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!


  1. Getting a new watch next month Eric please reply. I already have Rolex GMT 116710ln and 116713ln should I get AP 15710 or Rolex 116718ln can't decide feel as if I want to move away from Rolex cause I have two

  2. I suspect they will release this in stainless steel soon, as the demand for the Rose gold is simply falling short of their expectations, much like the 50th Anniversary Daytona.
    They seem to be experimenting with things now (which as we all know, takes them a looong time) and we can see the ceramic bezels entering the Daytonas a lot more this year and 2017 will see a few more added, which is great news.
    I question how long they will leave the rubber bands before releasing more but the SS version is due for sure.

    Personally, I would like to see them venture into ceramic cases and CF/FC, if they want to hit AP where it hurts but as long as there are people wanting their bread and butter Subs and Daytonas, they won't be going there too soon.

    I mean, can you just IMAGINE a bronzo Sub or GMT2????!!!!

    Or even, a YM2?


  3. Thanks for doing a rolex review that consists of more than talking about how great rolex is, lol. Most channels only say positive stuff.

    Rolex is great, but there's plenty to nitpick. Personally, I think this should have been a yacht-master II with rose gold in-fill on the bezel.

  4. Eric, you can get that watch, the larger one, brand new from an AD for about $19.5k after negotiating… The smaller one, also new, can be had in the $17k range. Just fyi… As always, I appreciate the honest reviews. You're not afraid to be critical of Rolex, unlike some others…

  5. The fact that the watch strap does not have curved ends (similar to Rubber B or Everest) gives it that appearance of a poorly customized watch. For that price it should have been much better. The gap at the case is quite ugly.

  6. WAYYYYYYY too much money for what you get. So much more you can but at that price. Having said that I can see spending (for me)13-maybe 14k MAX. Great video as always Eric. Love your channel. Thanks!

  7. Great video Eric!You should do more!

    I found and bought my blue dial 5711…now I am hesitating going for a rose gold or a white gold watch!

    I actually have a 5167a and a 5711.
    Should I keep them and buy this rose gold yachtmaster,or a gold Daytona on strap or a full gold sub?

    Or should I sell the 5167a ,keep the 5711 and buy a 5712g(white g or pink g)?

  8. I love the the 37mm version, that was good for them to have issued it in that size, I just wish it was in SS instead of that irrelevant rose gold, if only and with the new caliber too!

  9. Hi Eric. Love your vids! I'm a bit new to the watch game. What types of places can I find pre-owned watches, that are definitely 100% authentic. I'm talking about dealers/jewelers specifically in LA if you know any. Thanks

  10. It's not like Rolex was late to the party, they are fashionably late. When Rolex walks into the room all goes quiet that solemn hush of reverence and respect waiting to see what the Master will proclaim.

  11. Great video Eric. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. I like the rubber strap because it's "low key" and the black matte ceramic is stealthy. In fact I think for a gold watch it's about as stealthy as you can get. That's the reason people like this watch. It's stealth luxury haha. I know there are better investments out there but I don't look at watches as an investment. If I have the means I buy what I like then the value comes in how good the watch makes me feel. A gold strap isn't my style but that's cool it's whatever makes you feel good. Thanks again for sharing. Keep up the great videos!

  12. Well……I don't care, I love this watch, that black bezel and flash of everose gold, not blingy, toned way down with the matt black dial and red line….really pops for me. I picked up a 40 mm for me and a 37 mm for my wife in Maui, Hawaii, on our 10th wedding anniversary get-away. We got a fair discount from the Rolex AD, considering we bought two watches.

  13. $30k? They're retailing around 18k EUR – 20k EUR brand new from European dealers on Chronos24, thats not even with a discount…

  14. Meh…eric is right, ithink 20kish is fair, but iwould not buy it above 17-18k since the rubber is not ..idk hard to explain 🙂

  15. I have the Yatch Master in steal and platinum with rhodium dial. Love the watch. The rhodium dial looks great under the light.

  16. I bought the 40mm from a rolex boutique in Chicago earlier this year – i really wanted a sporty watch on a rubber strap – yes, it's expensive, but the combo of matte black/ceramic, with the rose gold and red letter accents in the dial, with the new strap, makes it special for me – very comfortable to wear, i'm happy with my purchase – personally i'd rather have this than the pp aquanaut, which was the other rubber strap watch I was considering at this level

  17. I think this is a great looking piece for a woman, great mix of sports, luxury and fashion. Meh, I prefer a simple steel sub for myself.

  18. I like the way the strap looks. It accents the black face and bezel like your shades accent your hair and shirt.

  19. hi, I am a man with 6 inches wrist size. Do you have any suggestion which one that might suit me, 37 or 40? Considering watch size on the wrist and bracelet fit to my wrist.

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