Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – A Tale of Copper & Quartz

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – A Tale of Copper & Quartz

Gus: So, while I was in New York, I went to the Natural History Museum. Bernie: Such a fucking dopey museum.
Gus: So I was looking at the minerals and gems exhibit. And, there’s an exhibit where there’s just like, a bunch of quartz. And I’m just there staring at this stupid quartz Gus: and this like teenage girl comes up
Barb: It’s me! Gus: and like elbows me out of the way
Bernie: Side check! Gus: And she gets her cell phone camera out and like starts taking pictures of this quartz and she’s there with her friend and she turns to her friend and goes: “I love diamonds. They’re my favorite.” And it’s like, if you just look like two inches down, you’ll see the big letters that says “QUARTZ” Geoff: [laughs] These would have been the biggest diamonds in the world. Barb in a nasal voice: You know what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Gus: If they were diamonds.
Barb in voice: Click. Gus: A little later, we were walking around and I saw this penny press machine. You know, where you put in two quarters and a penny and you crank the handle and it spits out like a deformed penny? So, there’s a change machine next to it, which gave you quarters but did not give you pennies But it was right by the gift shop. So I go to the gift shop and I’m like, “Hey, Can I just get some change. I want a couple of pennies for the penny press out there.” “Oh we can’t open the cash register unless you buy something.” So I go, alright, and I just grab like some gummy bears. And I’m like, “I want to buy these.” And the guy opens up the register and gives me change. But the pennies he gives me are like super dull, and like cruddy. But I see some shiny ones in the register So the guy goes to give me my change and I’m like “Wait wait wait wait!” And I was like, “Can I trade these two pennies for those two shiny ones you have right there?” And the guy’s like, “What? And I was like, “Well, I told you I’m going to go use the penny press and you gave me these dull pennies I see two shiny ones on top. Can I just trade you these two for those two?” And he’s like, eyeing the shiny pennies in his register Barb: Why is it such an issue for him?
Gus: I know! Gus: And so I give him the two dull ones and he’s like looking at them and then he pulls the two shiny ones out and starts examining them. Like I’m trying to pull some kind of scam on him. Like I noticed a special penny in the register and he’s like comparing them and then the shiny ones are the kind with the shield on them And it’s like setting off all his alarms and I was like, “I told you. I just want to go use the penny press machine. Can you please just give me those two fucking pennies?” Barb: Is that when you pulled out your gun and held him up? [end music]



  2. Wow, Gus… Amazing that you instantly assume that the penny press machine costs two quarters, while the official RT penny press at RTX costs four quarters!

  3. Newer pennies actually rust faster. Those crudy pennys had a higher copper content. Though they get patina they last longer than copper alloy

  4. I got suspicious that the penny press machines don't actually use your penny. I put in a penny that was grimy, but the one that came out wasn't.

    So whenever I do a penny press I mark it with a sharpie to confirm.

    And majority of the time it's not the penny you put in.

  5. At that point he examined them I would've lost all patience and snatched them out of his hand and walked away, I hate ppl like that

  6. I feel like this series, camp camp, and rwby are the only reasons rooster teeth has 9 million subscribers today.

  7. I've never seen a Penny press before.. I would put pennies on railroad tracks and let the train crush them and get them after. Same thing 50 cents less.

  8. Has anyone ever realized that a girl's best friend is an inanimate object (materialism), whereas men's best friend is the dog (loyalty)?

  9. I know why Gus didnt have a penny for the penny press machine…
    It must have happened after season three of rwby.

  10. I thought Gavin was gonna say he thought the pennies that came out if the machine where different pennies than the ones you put in

  11. He should've explained it a bit more for example I would say "I would like to swap these pennies for the shiny pennies that are the same as these pennies but with the new pennies when they're pressed the graphic that will get shown on the penny will show up a little better if i use the old pennies they won't look as good and would mean I'd have to mess around trying to find stuff to make the dirty pennies clean and Iam not doing that"

  12. The reason for the penny thing could be a few reasons. Either a new employee terrified of getting scammed or they have been told never to trade money from the registers and hes trying to figure out if that counts.

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