Rose Gold Hair Tutorial

Rose Gold Hair Tutorial

Dododo chu chu Hello ohhh it’s an exciting day cause it’s the launch of #mydentity! We have our mow del here Hannah. She’s a natural level 6 as you can see here. I’m just going to add some face-framing highlights around her face and I’m going to bring some of the highlights up! We’re going to use #Big9 and it’s our new cream lightener (bleach) I’m so excited for you guys to try and see it I’m going to mix it right now! Ohhhh Look at that! I always take a diagonal parting according to the hairline. I always judged on how dense or thick that section is and that’s very important because you really want to get close to the scalp because everybody wants that pop around the face right? So you’ll see me back comb that right in. So i’m going to use long pre-cut foils, place the #Big9 lightener I’m going horizontally if I must but not always stroke up vertically so that way everything blends more smoothly. Make sure I feather it down but never overlap those pre-lightened ends that she has right down there. Ok I’ll fold the hair up and always leave a little bubble in the bottom of the foil because you’re going to create a crease in the lifting process of the hair and foiled the hair up flat and I usually do three back-to-back on the face-frame here because I find that you get more of a stronger pop so do a strong back-comb repeat the same thing about three times around the face okay and everybody’s hairlines different sometimes you find yourself foiling at a of vertical position sometimes it’s more horizontal so that’s very important to not repeat the same angle every time on every client. I foiled it twice and I’ll do a nice little fold here so you could tuck that out of her way just like that! Look at that isn’t she adorable So now we’re going to move along her hairline on top, sometimes I do a V… it depends on the hairline right here you’ll see that she has a bunch of little tiny baby hairs and what you don’t want to do is highlight those baby hairs anything that you want to hide keep those strands dark and anything you want to accentuate you want to put light I’m going to drop all these guys down take a look she has short pieces, if we draw attention to these you’re gonna look like you have little broken hair but what happens if you highlight this blonde right? And leave these dark and when you style it all blends then you won’t see that dark piece there. I’m going to choose to go with the V, so one tug I’ll go heavy with the lightener again it’s only 20 volume ok and you’ll see that when I stroke the product into her hair is slightly erratic at the top here it’s not straight line across and the erratic- ness ensures that it looks like it’s growing out from her hairline just the highlight piece here so I’m just going to push that out the way because if that’s inside the foil it’ll get overly lifted and way too light and we don’t want to cause any problems they’re going to move that strain out the way they fold that up and I’m going to repeat this on the opposite side as well. So when I mix the lightener I like to mix that one-to-one ratio if you want more of a spread I’ll make it one to one half or one to two ratio will always remember that when you are adding more developer in to your lightener you’re going to get less of a lift but if you need the ease of your control and spreadability you can do that pull it over again and we’re almost done here with the face frame and then we get to move to the back and mix another batch of Lightner with 30 volume and the reason why mix 30 volume in the back is because the hair in the back takes longer to lift than the hair around the face frame you have to treat each area of the hair on the head separately. Ok stroke stroke stroke fold it up once fold it up twice now let’s move to the back. Ok so i’m going to divide it right down the middle look at that transition so she has beautiful natural color but I do want to bring the highlights slightly higher up around the side but still keep that nape kind of dark. So what I’m going to do is probably three or four foils along each side here so 1234 and maybe even do one in the back here alright so let’s get started with that Alright so now i’m going to mix the #Big9 with 30 volume and I’m going to mix it 1:1 (ratio) ok so that that’s 30 volume ok i always like to mix the lightener with a whisk because i find that you want to have a creamy consistency vs like a chunky consistency so you’ll see me whip it up like this so it’s nice creamy and moist just like so alright let’s get started foiling. Again, going diagonal so it matches with the foil that she has in the front of her face I’m going to hold the hair with lots of tension take one tug and pull it back so again lay the foil down flat. I like to go in horizontally on the mid shaft this ensures the hair are already lays flat if you start going in and stroking without making the hair laid flat the hair starts bunching up you’re going to get consistent lifting and for these falls back here you’ll find that you know I am going to do a foil overlay per section. The lift looks more even especially when lifting with 30 volume and also having so much lightness on the end and I am slightly overlapping some pieces you’ll see if feather it down so I find out when there’s too much heat on the scalp at the top the hair can look a little bit too light again skipping about I would say half an inch you see how I’m going on a diagonal here when her hair lace down flat look how it will blend because if you going horizontally this way you look like a straight line even though you back home so taking the hair at an angle you’re creating movement and more of a transitional blend okay and you’re going to internally from the partying so she could flip her hair to left to the middle to write will always blend you can go in and do your more of your v-shaped here if you want that type of look you go in with your W and fill in that center area if you like or you can go up closer to the center and this part is dragged lower right so now you have that W pattern going on in there and I’m just gonna repeat the same method throughout our whole entire head and we will be done. We’re back with Hannah! take a look at her highlights look how transitional and blended it looks right around her face see that pop? Okay so now that this color looks beautiful I feel the need to add the Rose Gold overlay so I’m going to put the 7RG Rose Gold demi right here where the darker her natural I’m going to blur in the 7 and 9 (RG) together to create an 8 (RG) ok down here where you see more of the blonde and I’m going to put the 9 (RG) level nine Rose Gold demi down there but up here with the 7RG, I’m going to add the Pink booster (Color Max) which I’m super-excited about the Pink Glow Dual booster! The first-of-its-kind and you can add the Pink booster (Pink Glow) into demi permanent, permanent color, or use alone with 6 volume, so come along and watch me mix So we have 7RG (Rose Gold) right here and we’re going to squeeze in the Pink Glow the dual booster one to two (1:2) ratio So this is 6 volume. So now we’re going to squeeze 7RG Rose Gold demi and we’re going squeeze the 9 (RG) equal parts to create a level 8 Rose Gold I’m going to mix one to two (1:2) ratio put that there I’ll put this here. This one has the Pink Glow in there, so let’s stir this up so you guys got to see what that looks like that makes it together This Pink boosters is potent I’m telling you when I developed this I was like… WHOA!!! Take a look at that look how beautiful that looks. Alright so I have mixed up a level 7 Rose Gold here with four grams of Pink booster – dual booster that is and this is the 7 (RG) & the 9 (RG) mix together to create an 8 (RG – Rose Gold) there’s no booster added to this and this is also a demi ok in #Mydentity line and this is the level 9 Rose Gold demi, ok so we’re going to shadow root her up here melt into the 8 (RG) and then blur into the 9 (RG) in the ends What I love about #Mydentity demi it is acidic in pH ok so you’re not going to get any lift or shift in the base so I feel really feel safe just applying it on her rootagé, see where the highlight starts to begin that’s where I’ll blur it down to because the 7 (RG) has a little bit more pigment I don’t want those highlights to pick up too much depth right there just barely transition it in. I’m going to spin her around, spin her around just like so. I told her pink that you see in the Rose Gold is very subtle, wearable so don’t expect screaming pink or anything like that especially when going over natural and because it’s also demi, you’re only depositing. You’re only going to get that blush feel. Do you see where you see the dark there? This is where I’m putting the 7 RG the mid color you’re seeing there is about level 8 and that’s what i want to put the 8RG and again when you see me do this I tend to go vertical and my color application you don’t have to overlap the hair on top of one another flipping over and cause like any bleedage so that’s why you’ll see me always be vertical sectioning like this and kind of slapping it over. Now I’m blurring in the 8 (RG) which is the one that custom formulate you can see the level 9 their processing or oxidizing. What’s cool is that her hair has been ombréd, balayaged so she has contribution from her natural color coming into this so I believe it’s going to be a very wearable it’s not going to look overpowering her whole head was not bleached out I feel like sometimes we get so excited and we bleached the whole hair and it becomes not wearable so applying it over hair like a balayage or an ombré it just makes it so beautiful, so wearable and timeless so I’m just going to do this throughout and leaving her ends up because they’re enter a lot blonder you don’t want to pull the same color down because you don’t want too much of intense pigment down there otherwise they look like too intense because the color absorb too much in the end they could get a little bit too (self sound effect) saturated so that’s why I always like to make several formulas according to how the hair has been lifted and that’s when you’ll see me apply the level 9 Rose Gold that you’re seeing right here in the bowl. Ok so anything that’s an 8 (level), like through the mid shaft, you’ll see me applied 8 (RG) anything that’s 9 (level) I’m going to apply the 9 (RG) that’s how we’re going to get like a really true Rose Gold formula and we’ll be back! I finished applying the 8RG which is the combo of 9 (RG) and 7 (RG) you can see it processing and sometimes it looks scary because it’s kind of dark when processing, wet hair always lies so when you look at wet hair you always get kind of scared but trust me out you blow dry it becomes very iridescent Alright, I am going to apply this right on her ends right where you see all the hair that’s been lifted to a yellow. Leveling the different colors are so important because you put the level 9 up on top of her hair was dark it’s not going to show up and you put the level 7 throughout our whole entire head this is going to pop and that one’s not so you have to take the time to make sure you’re applying and targeting each areas of her hair so it looks natural and blended and not to something you slap all over at the shampoo bowl I think that a lot of times we tend to just mix one color slap it all over wet hair and then it becomes ok I mean it could be pretty but what happens is you lose that transition so take the time to blow-dry the hair apply the color just like so like i’m showing you and you’re going to get a very beautiful transition of color also when you apply it on dry hair the color will will be more saturated the dyes stabilized and last and the hair a lot longer because it was just applied to wet hair which you could but it’s going to look more diluted and more sheer so keep that in mind when you’re applying on damp hair I’m not saying that you can’t because you can do both ways this is just the way I like to do it and I find out when applying on dry hair you have more creative control. You know which part of the hair has been lifted to a certain amount I think the key here is saturation guys so you really got make sure you saturate and push the color really good into the hair so you see swiping it several times to ensure saturation sometimes I spread the hair apart like that to ensure that there’s no miss-spots right? It’s good to kind of spread open like that so that coz if we don’t we will end up missing spots Rinsing the color off at five minutes will completely different of how it will look like being sat on the hair for 25 minutes so as always leave it on for full-time If you wanted you could add the the Pink Glow dual booster to all formulas to get more intensity and more of a supernatural type of Rose Gold but I want to use it on his own so it looks more believable and more wearable and that’s why you’re not seeing me at the booster to all the formulas I feel it’s important for me to showcase the color in its full form on a level nine and eight lifted ombré hair color Okay, I’m going to this throughout her hair and let her process for 25 minutes and then we’ll be back and get to see the results! Stretch Stretch I have so excited guys! Guy: Hannah, how do you feel? Hannah: I love it! Guy: Look at that color, it so natural right? Are you surprised? Hannah: so pretty, yes! Guy: Where you scared when I said I am going to give you Rose Gold? Hannah: I was a little scared, I thought it will be super pink but it’s pretty Guy: It’s wearable right? Hannah: It’s very wearable Guy: She doesn’t want it to fade, ever! It’s never, it’s never (laughs) Alright guys so that formula that we use here when Hannah turns to the side we did #Mydentity level 7 Rose Gold demi cuz we only want to deposit we’re not trying to break the base lift the base or anything like that so it’s going to have pure deposit super-shiny. I mixed the 9 (RG) and the 7 (RG) equal parts to create 8 (RG) I need to back-up for a second, I forgot that I put the Pink booster Pink Glow into the first formula up here as well just to give it that little extra enhancement So that’s so cool thing. You can amp up the pink if you wanted to you want to add the dual booster in just to make it pop but I still want to make it wearable as it moves down to the very ends I did the level 9 Rose Gold demi Now, if I place it on a level 10 obviously it would be a lot more pinker but because the hair was naturally dark on top midway through she’s level 8 on the end she was kind of a yellowy gold level 9 that’s why the color took very nice and natural wearable Rose Gold but if you want animation, brightness, exaggeration then definitely level 10 is going to give that pop of pink also with the Pink Glow So, oh my gosh! I’m so excited for you guys to use this Rose Gold This is so special to me you guys because I’m like thinking there’s never been an acidic Rose Gold demi color and I’m like you know at least to the development of my liking So.. this visually stimulates me so I love it and I can’t wait for you guys to use it. Hashtag #Mydentity


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