Round Analysis: DuoQ Gold Matchup, Defending Office – Theme Park

Round Analysis: DuoQ Gold Matchup, Defending Office – Theme Park

Today, we’ll be reviewing a round from gold MMR, DuoQ, Defending Office & Initiation. Subtitles are available. Now, I am accepting two more rounds to be reviewed, the third round is reserved for the donators/supports, so if you’re Patron or a YouTube member, and you’d like your round to be reviewed – feel free to do so, a spot is reserved for you. Make sure to check the description for some requirements (mostly video quality). Most of the in-game clip will be muted, the full link will be put in the description. Aside from Kapkan that was an odd pick (I’d rather go with Bandit to make attacker’s job harder if pushing Initiation, to put bandit charges on these 2 and these 2 walls), the line-up is solid. As for the preparation phase, try to plan your stuff before the preparation phase, you’ll see later why. As for this ADS, it’ll be destroyed if EDD gets activated, but if it gets activated, there is no point of having an ADS there (assuming that attackers are already in the objective), so it’s not as huge blunder. But it’s nice to know that. Also, one more little thing is, the drone hole on the right side, attackers don’t have an angle on your ADS from the outside window but be aware of the drone holes, I think that you were not thinking about it. If you did, then it’s all good. Let’s count how many times will you pass through this Hallway & this is your first time. Also, during preparation phase, use pistol to be quicker (Jager has loads of stuff to do in the prep time). A cool thing about these barricades are, destroy (just once is enough) the bottom part of the barricade, because then – you’ll hear louder the sound that is supposed to go through that window (it’ll be similar as if there was no window). This works with any alike window. Don’t reinforce this I will note later why. You passed this Hallway 2nd time. Also, you could’ve put the ADS in this position after the first ADS. The third time, finally putting the barbed wire. This is what I mean by planning preparation phase, especially if you are Jager or someone that has loads of stuff to do in that time. You are already 15 seconds in the action phase, still putting barbed wires on hot areas. You’d have no time to react if a rush push happens. I liked more the first barbed wire, the second one is okay, but I’d prefer it putting it more by the Hatch. Pushing through staircases should be denied by Gu mines of Lesion and overall information gathered when attackers go in the Basement, whereas if attackers dropped from the hatch, that’s an insta thing. Don’t do this and don’t barricade this. Let’s explain the issue with this whole setup, which will cost you the round later on. You have two reinforcements facing Cash, two barricaded facing Cash, so you’re giving them control of Cash very easily. With the control of Cash, that means, attackers can climb on the double stairs without an issue, which is an issue for you. So now, they have whole this area, and they can really easily push you out in Office if they want, by breaking the walls you just reinforced by a hard breacher, they can also push you out with Ying/Capitao/Frags with a smoke grenade (smoke to deny the LOS from the rotations) and they can very easily plant. That’s if they want. Now, if they don’t want, attackers control the rotation between sites. So, if you’re in Office, you have to face attackers to get in other site and reverse, which is again a huge problem. Maintaining Cash to your control is mandatory, it’s possible by having this wall reinforced and this wall opened for a rotation, so you can continuously contest Cash from Office. On the other hand, if Train push happens, you can contest Office push from the Cash, through the same rotation. Check the top right corner for the Theme Park Map Guide. Repeating, barricading that was even worse, you are letting attackers know that you and your team won’t contest one of the most important room to have in control as attackers. Due to the perspective things that Rogue explained and that I will explain in angles’ video, you want to hold an angle from as far as possible. Check the difference between him peeking me when hugging the door vs him peeking me when far from the door. Serenity17 also explained it very nice 2 years ago. Basically, Ash was in Cash and killed the Hallway person because you let her be there with the setup. At this moment you’re kinda screwed, because due to the, again, setup, you are stuck in the office and cannot rotate anywhere. Train person was downed and soon dead, Ash is by the Cash, barricades are not allowing you to flank here. The round is lost already here. Well, the majority of the time you were leaning on the wrong side, but you killed Ash anyhow, that means MAYBE you can go through Hallway, just maybe – barricades are still blocking your way. Long time ago, you should’ve opened the first barricade so you have more options. Also, your last teammate died, so attackers should be aware of your position. All that they need to do it, again, is to have a person watching hallway and just go plant (4 pair of smoke grenades at least, Dokka and Capitao). Let’s see what happens next. All four pings are on the screen, you could hear xkairos being shot at the wall, that means Hibana is in the Train, Dokkaebi shut down your Mozzie by the Control Room & Capitao is injured, according to your teammate. You’ll peek Thatcher and kill him whilst holding the same angle, the reason why you have not been peeked from the other side was, Capitao was injured (was being picked up I assume). Now you are peeking from the same line as from where you killed Thatcher. Since you have info (live info) from your teammates what is happening in the Initiation and you know that 2 people are in the Control/window, I’d definitely recommend you to pick 1v1 fights and go to Train, especially since you know that Hibana is/close the breach and is being spotted by Echo drone. That way, you can get rid of her if you win the 1v1 and then you can be pushed only from one door and that’s it, and it is no longer a huge disadvantage. Because you have cover and probably an Echo drone. Also, ask teammates what information do they have. That is very important for you. I like how you are not brainlessly pushing the planter but watching the only angle you can be peeked from, Hibana missed some very important shoots, if she had bearing9 – you’d be probably dead. You’ll do a good job now, moving back to the Train – however, how the angles work is not good enough, Dokkaebi when finds out that Initiation is clear, will most likely clear the Train like this, and your position will be prefired very easily. I liked how you actually played with her cat and a mouse. Also, I am not sure why were you aiming at Control, if plant sound is clearly coming behind the cover. Potato here and there and it’s over. Also, for your teammate, if he knows that you’re near the enemy, there’s no need him to talk information. He should let you sound whore and that’s it. In short notes: Have a plan before going into preparation phase, where to put your barbed wires/ADSes. Take pistol during the preparation phase. Understand the important parts of the map per an objective, you need to always be able to contest attackers not to get there, or flank later on once that area was forgotten. One thing what I’d advise you is when you were on 1v1 and you had all the info you needed. You literally could stay at that known place, you are behind a solid cover, have eyes on the last attacker, you can really easily prefire him from a crouch to a standing position or from the side. The only issue was that this wall was soft & mostly destroyed. Also, make sure to know which intel does your team actually have. Ask where is the Echo drone, what all they can see? That is a very important thing to know when you’re in a clutch position. That means, you need to worry about less angles. Anyway, if you’d like to hear more, I purposely did not want to talk about something else because now itself is a long video, let me know in DMs. Thank you for watching the video, if you have any feedback – let me know down in the comment section below. If you’d like to support me, drop me a like, subscribe and click the notification bell to get all the notifications from my channel. 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  1. On 6:52, for some reason I have not put a commentary but speed up. Well, the issue by entering the round was, he knew where Dokkaebi was and as he was entering, he was sprinting in the room. When you know the position of someone, especially if you know that they can hear you, you gotta ADS at them, or at least not to sprint, because sprinting prolongs your ADS time for a good time

  2. Don’t get me wrong, i love your videos. But please don’t waste your time on these “how to defend/attack”. There is really no specific way to defend or attack an objective, i think people rather would see some ADS, Mute and Kaid spots, or some fuze spots, buck spots and so on. Maybe even crazy pixel angels or good peek spots.

  3. Good video dude, could you maybe do some "strats in action" type of video's where you show us your strats being used and maybe review yourself afterwards 👌

  4. Thanks for tha analysis, Kaos. Yeah, I was definitely a little confused during the prep phase over where to put down the utility for best use. And the point you make about cash control is right, as well. Keep doing what you're doing. Love this series.

  5. 4:01 you Said that you dont want to hold Angles close but i saw in anorther vid (not from you) and he Said if you have a 1x scope you want to peek close and white a acoc far is this true

  6. I really like the round analysis, especially for maps that aren't in the Pl rotation. Hopefully, someone is brave enough to submit platinum round.

  7. How do i submit a Video for you to review?I play on Low Gold level and its just me and one Friend, Help us Improve plz and tell us what we are doing wrong. Thank You.

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