Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure – Black History Museum Tour Guide

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure – Black History Museum Tour Guide

You gotta respect
a white person work at
a black history museum. You gotta respect that.
That was a choice. He white.
He could work anywhere. He chose
a black history museum. You know that job interview
was a son of a bitch. How many extra questions
did he have to answer? ‘Cause you black and old, it ain’t shit to work
at a civil rights museum. You just walk in,
“Uh, that’s me on the picture.” What you filling
out paperwork for? You on the wall. But if you white, you know
they just grilling that dude, asking him all kinds
of questions that ain’t had nothing to with black history,
all in that dude face. “Your paperwork looks good,
everything checks out. “Real quick, uh, at what temperature
do you deep-fry catfish?” “Mm-hmm. “350? That’s what–
Okay, that’s… 350.” (chuckles) I know some folks
got a problem with that. You don’t want a white person
at a black history museum, I understand that.
Here’s the thing. I’m not saying they’re better
than a black tour guide. I think a black tour guide
at a civil rights museum, I think they’re better equipped
to speak on the experience, because they might’ve
lived that life, they can speak to certain
exhibits from a perspective that nobody else can. I just think if you go
to a black history museum and you got a black tour guide,
you need to go in the morning while he’s still
in a good mood. ‘Cause that brother
is stressed. You can’t walk around slavery
all day for eight hours and not cuss at somebody. (cheers and applause) Somebody getting cussed. You gotta catch him
at 9:00 a.m. He just finished
that McGriddle. “How y’all doing? “My name is Charles,
it’s my pleasure “to take you on this journey. “Look at these exhibits
right here. “Black history
is American history. Come look at the exhibits.” You think that brother gonna
be in a good mood at 4:30, he been staring at slavery? That dude liable
to cuss out everybody. “Look at this shit! “Come look what you
done to us! “Come look
what you done to us! “Look what you– Get your ass out my museum, –!” You go to the gift shop,
it’s just people crying. That’s horrible. That’s scary.


  1. HILARIOUS! One of us works at a history museum in the south. There's only so many times you can scream at black college students doing a sit-in protest, before it starts getting to you.

  2. It's probably cuz he had a mcgriddle for breakfast. πŸ˜€ Last time I had McDonald's it was like a tranquilizer. I got moody and cursed someone out and then passed out into a forced nap like no other.

  3. And now it's time to take things for the reaping. Yes, you guys took the blunt of most racism, but other minorities have felt the same prejudice as well…. I'm also in the minority….

  4. I was impressed with the young black people working at the Holocaust Museum . It wasn’t fluff either, they knew their stuff and quite a few Jewish people in the groups so you know they had to know their stuff. Impressive. I have no problem with someone of another race working at the Blk History Museum. The

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