Roy Wood Jr. – Let’s Talk About Filth – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

Roy Wood Jr. – Let’s Talk About Filth – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

– Welcome to This
is Not Happening. I’m your host Roy Wood Jr. Now, tonight’s episode it’s
not for the faint of heart. In fact, you might even
want to cover your ears. Because tonight, (groovy music) (shrieks) (laughs) – [All] Taint. Masturbate. Snail trail. Dutch oven. Blumpkin. Donkey punch. Tea bag. Hot Carl. Shocker. Golden Shower. Chocolate cha cha. Rusty trombone. Dirty Sanchez. Angry dragon. Pearl necklace. Alabama hot pocket. Filth. – [Roy] Yeah girl.


  1. ROY WOOD JR… RWJ… Reptilian World Jihad. Keep asking questions. Investigate Roy’s ties with the Reptilian world order. Idk what I’m talking about

  2. Does the writer of this bit even own a tv? Is he not allowed outside? How could he not know what's going on in Hollywood and the rest of the world? The celebration of "filth" is fine, but there were things that just seemed rape-y. (like the "pervy" line while miming groping a woman who mimed shock and repulsion in response)

  3. I'm not opposed to a host change, but fuck me what an awful way to kick things off.

    Regardless I'm really happy for Ari getting a huge Netflix deal

  4. I mean this honestly, can someone explain to me how this is supposed to be funny? It’s not shocking. It’s not original. I don’t get it.

  5. “We need shock value… cmon people think”
    RWJ looks back into middle school notepad and reads out loud…
    “Blumpkin, Dutch oven….”
    “Fuck it that will do. Great job RWJ, you are the host.”

  6. Roy's fine but he's a terrible pick for this type of show. They should have either cancelled the show or realized the value of having a guy who does what he wants. That's what makes Ari awesome, and he's going to continue to grow because of it. Super stupid and short sighted on their part.

  7. I don't wanna hate on the guy for taking an opportunity that was presented to him, but this is already so much worse than Ari's version. Comedy Central fucked up yet again. I'm glad they're losing money when they make these types of decisions.

  8. • Ari Shaffir developed this show for years before bringing it to Comedy Central.

    • Executives constantly pushed diversity over quality with the guests.

    • Ari payed for his own comedy special and shopped it around. He went with Netflix. Comedy Central got butthurt and kicked him off his own show.

    • Boycott this show.

  9. I have been watching porn since I was 10 and this song just taught me probably 10 new terms… I’ve even watched fucking PORN DOCUMENTARIES and I hadn’t heard of half this shit… no pun intended.

  10. Yes let's talk about filth. I would like to discuss the environment in america today. environmental problems in the age of today. we can go into a bathroom and see an example of the universe and how it's kept today. Which brings me to my first topic. This is a topic that really has been overlooked, we're just gonna have to talk about it. Venereal Disease. The toilet sets examples for V.D. From men's point of view, You have what we call the rim. This is your danger zone! You can go outside the rim. You can go inside the rim but if you TOUCH the rim you might get the water. Waters no good, Don't touch the water!!! It might have the V.D. Well, a lot of women might think, 'How can u compare me to a toilet?'. Well, many men do… When you think of women, you think of a toilet. You think of the hole in the toilet. There's different looks to a toilet…. A girl might get dressed up and you go 'Oh..'… You don't SEE the rim. The rim looks good, You might be drunk, lid is covered up. You think 'there is no hole!!!'. Lid comes up, You see the hole and think 'Great!'. but then look!!! u got THE RIM! thats what you CANNOT touch & thats what i wanted to share with u today. So for those who appreciate fine curves, BEWARE THE RIM!

  11. man did people actually like ari? he was always my least favorite part of the show. also the intros have always sucked and are probably extremely expensive, i don’t know why they keep paying for these.

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