Ruby Tuesday Fire PKG

Ruby Tuesday Fire PKG

that wasn’t what it is it was more
of a shock than anything with nobody really knew what was going on Brandon Cameron a chef at Ruby Tuesdays tells me watching his job burn
down in flames was a hard thing to see and I’ve been in this company for
several years great company to work for I’m so sad to see it go its very heartbreaking is a great company a great area and now all he can do is just
reminisce of the good memories he shared with coworkers Cameron worked his way from
dishwasher to chef in seven years he was inside the restaurant when the fire
started all he remembers is smelling smoke I smelled something funny coming from the
drink station from the coca cola machine I one of the employees said hey about three minutes later the building is on fire apparently smoke it came from the front there’s a drink station in the front and there’s one in the back in then everyone evacuated
which Cameron is grateful for luckily this store wasn’t that busy today so not a
lot of people was in there so got hurt thank God
nobody got burned nobody got hurt so now he and his co-workers are looking
forward to picking up the pieces buildings can be replaced lives can’t you know and it is
good to find good help you know what I mean I’m just got everybody’s ok everyody’s alive the building and can be replaced but

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