RunSohFast: I Tried to Beat the National Half Marathon Record (Gold Coast Marathon)

RunSohFast:  I Tried to Beat the National Half Marathon Record (Gold Coast Marathon)

What’s up guys? I’m Soh Rui Yong, two times SEA games gold medalist in the marathon. In the previous episode, you watched me run from the West to the East of Singapore. This time, with special thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland, I’m headed to the land down under to compete in the 21km event in the Gold Coast marathon. Of course, it wouldn’t be as fun alone. So, I brought my two producers. Rainier and Charsew! To experience not just the marathon but also the sights and the sounds with me. But first things first, I gotta head over to the race expo to get my essentials. So, race expos are really good for procrastinators like me. Because you know if I have two months to pack for a race or a travel trip or whatever, I will tell myself “Oh I got two months!” Then, one month later, I’ll tell myself “Oh, I still got one month!” Then, two days before, I say “I got tomorrow,” but then I always end up having to pack on the day itself. And I always end up forgetting something. There was one race, I forgot to pack shorts. So, I had to go to the expo to buy shorts because as much as running without shorts is very cooling and ventilating, I would probably end up getting arrested for it. I don’t think I forgot anything this time. But let’s just go look around and see because there’s a lot of newest technology and newest shoes around here that you can’t get on the market yet. They launch it at the expo. Hey everyone, so we’re here at the Miami Marketta, which is really a big nice market here in Gold Coast. You can taste cuisines from all around the world which is awesome. Apart from food, they also have art, murals, as well as a live band going on, so it’s a big party. For now, first of all, we’re gonna go for a gin tasting session. Let’s go! So the first one is to serve it with the cinnamon quail and the star anise and the Indian tonic. So each of it will give you a different flavour. – Yes.
– Someone paid attention in class. I didn’t. Alright guys, it’s day two and we’re here at Sky Point Observation Deck. We’re going to climb all the way to the very top of this building. 78 storeys up. I don’t usually do this kind of thing a day before a marathon or half a marathon or whatever race I’m doing. But I think this is gonna be such a good experience and it’s gonna be really enjoyable. I’m gonna be dragging along my producer, Rainier, who’s kinda afraid of heights. Come on lah Rainier, let’s go let’s go! I’m here to lead you ~ See you at the top! – Hahahahahaha.
– Ok? Feels good? Feels good? Feeeeeeeeels gooooooood? Ok, Rainier is very very stressed so we’re going to do this together, as bros! – You want this for comfort, that strap.
– Sounds good. That’s it. Do you wanna go together? Do you want to step the whole way? Or just half way? Ok, let’s do it! That’s it. The wind it will blow you back. The wind is very strong not to worry. Ok, see if you can just hold on to that strap there with your right hand. You can just stand upright, you don’t need to need to lean. – Morning bro!
– Morning, it’s race day. Let’s go! – How are you feeling?
– Excited, as usual. Late, as usual. I hope so, but it’s really windy so I don’t wanna get too excited. Take it one step at a time. Done with warm up. I just saw my good friend from Indonesia, Agus. He’s jogging around the swimming pool over there. I saw my rival from Malaysia, Prabudass. So, Prabudass is gonna go for the Malaysia record today. Agus is gonna go for the Indonesia record. I’m gonna try and go for the Singapore record. So we’ll see what happens out there. Yeah, it’s gonna be good competition. I hope. I hope we all have fun. Woah, nice! Alright, honestly we’re a little bit unlucky with the weather today. It was super cold and rainy and wet out. But you know, I’m really happy with it. I got a good chance to run in front of my friends. I’m very happy for Agus and Prabudass. They set the Indonesia and Malaysia national records respectively. I didn’t manage to set the national record today. But you know, you can’t win every race. You can’t. You gotta take the good with the bad. But yeah, Gold Coast was fun y’know! Beautiful race, very flat course. You get to see the ocean scenery and the ends, as well as the city when you’re running. And you know, lots of like big crowds out there cheering for you. So, definitely recommended. I made it, yes! Finally a race that I managed to get footage of Rui Yong haha. – Good job.
– Thank you, thank you. I told him that we’re soon to be… something hahaha.
– Good job.
– Thank you, thank you. I told him that we’re soon to be… something hahaha. Very soon, she will become my girlfriend. Ah, you gotta, you gotta slow down. – Soon…
– Soon…. So these are my friends, Agus from Indonesia, and Muhaizar from Malaysia. And this was the podium at the last 2017 SEA games. Hur hur hur….. Rainier, why you sian? – He’s like, “Don’t dance already…”
– He’s trying to dance, then he shaking the whole basket. (Rui Yong laughs) Indonesia army commando and he’s a national record holder. – And he’s a four times SEA games medalist but he cannot take a ride.
– I’m a commando! Come on, let’s go take a ride! (Speaking in whale…..) Hey guys, it’s the final day of the trip and look! We rented a car! So, 58 minutes north of Gold Coast is a town called Brisbane. And I hear there’s a ton of like really cool hipster cafes up there. So in true blue TheSmartLocal style, we’re gonna go cafe-hopping! If you ever come for the Gold Coast marathon, be sure to set aside one day where you can go up to Brisbane. Because there’s a lot of things Brisbane has to offer and we’re gonna show you what it’s all about. Without further ado, let’s go! Hey guys, so we’re here on a Segway tour of Brisbane. And I really suck at this, so I really, I don’t know. I really hope I don’t fall. Our instructor is over there laughing at me already. – Look at his face.
– Yeah, yeah, he’s good, he’s good. Going around this place, we’re supposed to finish long ago but we’re already slow because of me. But yeah, we’re gonna get on this Segway and explore Brisbane. Ah, join us! Go! Faster.. Eh run, run after him. I think you can. You can catch up to him. Yes, Rainier, yes! Go go go go go! Yaaaaaaaas! Ok everybody, so we’ve come to the end of our trip here. I had so much fun. We came here primarily for the Gold Coast marathon itself. We also had a chance to enjoy a lot of the sights and attractions that Queensland has to offer. It was a great chance for me to compete with my rivals in the Gold Coast marathon but also a chance for us to hang out as friends after. Which was a chance I never really get anywhere else in the world. So, in terms of the race itself, like I had a bit of a tough day. It wasn’t my best performance ever. Um, but you know, the conditions weren’t ideal either. I was going through like a lot of rain and wind from 5km onwards. It was really really a tough experience when I couldn’t really feel warmed up until I reached 12-13km. But you know like, instead of letting it affect me negatively, I just told myself “1km at a time, be positive.” And I think that was a good learning experience for me. Because when I compete at major games like the SEA games or the Olympics or any of that, you’re also subjected to the external factors. So, for me, I take every challenge as a chance to test myself and learn something new. A very big thank you to Tourism and Events Queensland for making this video possible. Comment down below what other marathons you’d like to see me do around the world next. If you like this content, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe, as well as, watch our other videos over there. See you guys next time, bye bye!


  1. In maybe 6:20 there the scene teaching rui yong behasa indonesia

    "behasa indonesia"

    the correct one is "bahasa"
    just give a comment here

  2. All the best Rui Yong!
    You should've been to SEA Games

    I think the Ashley saga is ridiculous
    SG just too desperate for awards and accolades they'd do anything

    Imo whether or not he really slowed down for the competitors, it doesn't warrant anything – cause even if he DID actually slow down, he'd have gotten to rest & regain more energy compared to his competitors anyway

  3. Two of my most disliked people on TSL…. yes that's right… its "weird mouth Soh" and "I think I'm so handsome Rainier." Though its a sad week due to this meh episode, its still better than watching Stephanie low talk with her short tongue fake persona

  4. Absolute respect for you Soh!! where others would usually keep quite, you stood up, speak up and fought like how you fought in your races and training!! keep those who think they are all high and mighty at bay, setting things right for the next generation of athletes 😀

  5. Can you video marathons in Japan please!?!?!?!?!? Heard that their refuel stations food are awesome!!! All the best Rui Yong!! Keep running and breaking your own records!!!

  6. I honestly thought this was about the marathon experience. But it was only a portion of the video. It was more about sights in GC. Was hoping to get some tips since I am planning to run soon. Maybe in future videos you can share some tips.

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