RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 14 – Nefarious Dreams | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi: Season 3, Episode 14 – Nefarious Dreams | Rooster Teeth

Roman: What? More free money? Sigh… Add it to the pile, Neo. Cinder: Looking good, Mr. Torchwick! Can I pull your wagon for you, sir? Roman: Not today riffraff. But, tell you what, since I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you polish my gold hat. Cinder: This is so much nicer than wasting time on yet another nefarious plan! Emerald: Oh, Cinder, you’re like the mother figure I may, or may not have ever had! Cinder: Emerald, you’re the daughter I possibly always wanted maybe! Cinder: That was breathtaking! How can I show my appreciation? Mercury: Well, my feet are awfully tired. Cinder: But, they’re robotic… Mercury: And they’re tired. Ah Cinder: At last, I have the full power of the Fall Maiden! And all because I finally got some decent help. Haughty Cinder: It’s about time you got rid of those loser henchmen. Bookworm Cinder: Now I can finally get down to some serious evil. Doll Cinder: I’m the evilest one here! Haughty Cinder: Don’t make me laugh. I’m clearly the evilest. Bookworm Cinder: Hold on now, I’m at least 13% more evil than the rest of you! Cinder: SILENCE! I’m the original! Bow down before your nefarious queen! Maybe these guys aren’t so bad. Mercury: Cinder, try and figure out robotic foot massages. Cinder: *Sigh* nope, they definitely are that bad… Ruby: Uhh, dad’s been in there an awful long time. Do you think he’s okay? Yang: They say once you become an adult, your brain just doesn’t work as goodly. Ruby: Dad?! Do you need help getting out? Tai: I’m fine! The puzzles are just more complex than I thought. There’s so many clues and anagrams and um… ciphers? Yang: Dad, sometimes you have to think with your fist. You want me to bust you out the Yang way? Tai: No! No, I’m fine! I’ve almost got it figured out. Yang: Okay, holler if you need us! Tai: Ahh, finally some uninterrupted Tai time to just relax. Zwei: Woof Tai: Cheers, buddy! Hey, you want to hear something funny? I don’t even know what a cipher is. Hah! Ruby: Did you say something? Tai: I said go on without me, and don’t wait up! Uhh, this is something I have to do… on my own. Ruby: Aw, he’s so brave!


  1. As Roman's dream fades, that's got to be the most sad Neo face I've seen… Wish we saw where Neo sleeps and what her dream was.

  2. Good job RT, you’ve changed my perspective again. In a good way of Emerald being seen as a daughter who’d lose her crazy to her “mother figure,” I.e. Cinder, if anything ever happened. Also, I saw Cinder Puppet their again, laying behind Mercury.

  3. I love the attention too detail theres so much you never notice first time through, i love the red lightening in cinders dream nice touch

  4. Gotta say, I'm disappointed in Roman. I thought better of him. I actually thought he was that CLASSY kind of criminal who likes to dis-honestly EARN his ill-gotten gains, not having them be near-literally handed to him on a silver platter!

  5. In Emerald's dream, I love how they explicitly let the fans know that they know what fans are wondering about but refuse to reveal such answers. It's like they've been toying with us. "We know the things you want… So let's dangle it 2 inches above your heads."

  6. Didn’t know he had robotic feet. And out of all the things Mercury could’ve asked for from Cinder was a foot rub?

  7. Is Cinder's Dream a SVTFOE reference? I mean Cinder on the left is Hekapoo because she has a little flame constantly burning and the one on the right is Rhombulus not with snake but dog hands and the studied one that wants to return to better evil plans is Glossaryck so the last one must be Omnitraxus Prime… At least to me it seems like a reference

  8. I love how they made a joke about Cinder gaining the Fall Maiden's powers.

    Then Volume 6 happened and she DOES have the Fall Maiden's powers.

  9. 1:42

    "I'm the most evil of them all."

    Well, looks like Medusa finally got a trim of her Snakes and had a transplant on the wrong part.
    And by that I mean she has chlamydia.

    How's that going for you?

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