SAFE GOLD SILVER GEMS IN LADIES STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

SAFE GOLD SILVER GEMS IN LADIES STORAGE UNIT I bought an abandoned storage unit

this is a safe we have to go through
this bag of jewelry this bag of jewelry and we got to crack this safe okay that
was not really something we should be ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages it is pirate time well you’re here right now about to open up this
$1,500 store Judah believe it’s a 10 by 15 so they said well know exactly when
we get to the backside of it but nonetheless we’re about to open this up
and I’ll explain to you why I had to have this unit right off the bat when I
see this unit I think quality there’s two ways of buying a storage unit
quality and quantity there’s actually a third way and that is a quantity of
quality this one has a potential but what I liked right now I open this up
yesterday we took a quick peek when the whole game was out here on my squad and
this was intriguing me the way it was set in here was all covered up he
couldn’t see it but I liked I had to know us in the hell is one thing look in
here and it’s like a dresser top with some type of silk pattern inside of
there then when you step back you see things like Ethan Allen Ethan Allen is
not a good a cheap it is not a cheap furniture brand there’s a good brand
then you see things like this I saw the pressure moments jack pointed that out
you look at the clothes it looks quality you see this nice little painting easel
right here then you just look back in your glance and you look at all the
things around target is not exactly the best brand but it’s still any better
than Walmart I see artwork I see yard decor I see all sorts of little things
they hike to Paris I wanted to see in this bag I thought I
was gonna be a person turned out to be a shark good old shark vacuums corner
cabinet they’re in here you can’t see cuz we kind of peeked right here this is
got Julian this is something we’ll probably have at the end of this video
but there’s jewelry bags in here jewelry look at that jewelry we took a quick
glimpse in there yesterday and then under here was a Kathy Ireland Bank
I like versus versus you can symbolize money if they’re the right ones and you
just look in there there’s a TV stand I just see quality stuff and well before
we get started on this unit please don’t forget the like button share button and
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vacations on a lot of people told me lately they’re not getting notifications
to make sure you go and DoubleTap and make sure yours is on because I probably
went 2,000 to 2,500 on a unit like this in my opinion to make money a lot of
people believe you need to buy cheap units and make a thousand dollars at it
but I’m gonna tell you right now when you buy storage units the chances of
buying a unit for 100 bucks and having it $1,000 in it is more often than not
slim to none period I’ve bought in thousands of units
or at least like 1500 but nonetheless it usually takes a nice quality unit to
really get lucky and that’s what I’m hunting quality units they aren’t they
aren’t cheap they cost money with that being said let’s get started see we got
already these hats I like when somebody puts their hats in
a hat box Rachel’s oh I believe that’s a good brand I think we’re gonna see some
good stuff in here got some shoes what kind of shoes do we have this will be a
Stockton box right here we’re gonna set stuff aside for different markets we’re
gonna have some things that are close by that I don’t really need to show you but
I need to get them out of my way so we got some good trivial flea market items
Buddha matter this stuff right here will come out on Monday I’m gonna load this
stuff up all right here real quick so get it out of our way we are not even
five minutes into work and it is hot as a chi double hockey sticks tire so we
are already in tank top with her cooks essential pie maker review in the box
and this is the bag it’s all Cathy take me it says yeah and we got books we’ll
take the books out and I have a woman selling purses for me I got a purse
spender soon we are on a cahoots and she will be selling them for me we’ll set
that aside for her right here we go look at that some form of a Thomas Kinkade
with our print that is not a genuine Thomas
okay but nonetheless that is still nice I’m gonna stop making a pile of stuff
we’re gonna keep we’re gonna set all the good stuff aside sell the junk first and
then get the good stuff sold after that all right yeah we got clothes I will
have to have my purse lady look at the clothes – I think she does clothes we’ll
see better warriors blanket that’s kind of cute don’t know if there’s anything
in there feels kind of heavy but it could just be weight of it and I’ll be
damned if I didn’t just find this beautiful pink wig once again I got pink
I don’t like them I look like the rocker Joe Dirt
this box is marked sell or return I like that I’ll keep that you never have
enough sweaters and a battery charger it’s truly do they excite me baela buy a
storage unit it’s go to a storage option to partake it is so much fun
it’s almost killed me as I walked away please be like reset made in France the
crack light made in France it doesn’t say like reset on it huh oh it broke too that sucks
that was nice I fell from way up there this is a very poorly loaded storage
unit I can already see that unmentionables let’s not mention them
any jewelry you know just Rachel’s oh I think that’s a decent brand it’s a
little scarf for the final movie lady love nail polish into a lot of trivial
nonsense here you only come in here where you see another curio in another
curio and that leads me to believe that there is some type of who this dad what
is that nice little nice set it’s nothing extravagant probably town bucks
the flea market I need my brand name on them who doesn’t need new nights that’s
already open so that’s a bad sign makes you wonder these feel empty yep yep this looks promising camera and cross it looks like we have a
whole bunch of jewelry and this stuff right here let’s set this aside do this
towards the end this one video get through some more stuff okay brother
personal organizer those were hot before cellphones came out just little trinket
we got John there’s gonna be a lot of just cool household items in here this
the whole bag of household stuff right here hmm
you pressed that’s a sandwich press again second one of the day okay we got
some clothes can we see this good oh okay I double check your camera you’re
cute – when it comes to clothes I tend to some cute clothes I guess torrid there we go the shoes get some Nikes
look at those 89 bucks no beat a girl some thugs no real dirty and ugly mukluks well used late for everything
who knows me very well this is a nice cabinet right here some empty iphone
boxes not bad in my world that’s 25 30 bucks right there I believe that’s a
good brand maybe maybe Noah says QVC but it reminds
me of the Nolan Miller Barbie doll have dennis basso
I’m gonna get my first lady out to know how to start looking at Senators clothes
see what she could be okay all right look at that Dennis awesome James Janie Bryant Moth brand new
clothes or salutely some Gucci Clinton Kelly there’s a brand new Bob Mackie
wearable art interesting Bob Mackie wearable art I don’t know why but I feel
like they’re gonna set that brand aside another Bob Mackie right here kind of a
church-like not necessarily you’re going to the club outfit but Dennis Basso
another t-shirt I like this Bob Mackie anybody know about Bob Mackie hit me up
in the comments section here because it’s not a brand I’m familiar with but
Janie Bryant Mark Kelly like Clinton Kelly granular in the bed okay
I’m liking this I’m digging this stuff here Bob Mackie all right nice little kitchen stuff flame for
little cooking utensils cetera et cetera not bad 20 bucks maybe right there this
video off by laying all this out right here in opening this safe all this
jewelry come on pray right now gold silver and gems hey here we are we have
to go through this bag of jewelry this bag of jewelry and we got to crack this
safe I don’t possibly think there’s something
in the rest like an envelope full of money but nonetheless it doesn’t shake
rattle and roll like something let’s see is envelope phone number we should call it maybe has
a very important phone number hey I’m gonna lay all this out real
quick sit on the table then we’ll open it up one piece at a time that’s what
we’re gonna do this all right we got everything here now let’s start opening
and see what we got everything spread out I believe right here that these are
empty cuz they just felt that way and this is all something I think I opened
us at the beginning of the thing but we’re gonna go through it again anyway manufacturer certificate is hereby
silver they come to fetch the surgeon hands of Markham who’s elite design as
safely as you might have for Cameron and Ross First Lady of the United States of
America what is this JDK the jb k collection
Cameron eros is that gold I guess is a cool watch fair enough piece by piece
we’ll go through this we got costume here nothing gold and I
think silver juice and coffee is an egg never him Turk kicks folly
what is your father I’m not even sure your folly means to be that’s kind of
cool a mermaid anyway should start looking for mermaids get rid of the idea
of a eunuch let’s start thinking ooh look at that that is kind of cool careful Kenneth J Lane that is nice that is a
nice piece of silver there actually that’s quality yeah well it’s pretty cool like that get
over there and wandering your life and legacy of pope john paul ii this limited-edition fifty thousand out of a
hundred thousand that is not very limited that is like an unlimited supply
it’s a coin or the stamp I’m sure what that smells probably not a lot because
there’s a hundred thousand of them yeah I would have said a hundred I’ll be like
oh my god okay I fooled everybody on this one sincerely Southwest that is a big heart okay that was not
really something we should be cut there said candle hmm smells good – I’m gonna
rabbit and a bear and another rabbit and it looks like a rat try to eat it I love
rats that is cool think we have found one piece of gold we found a piece of
food that’s kind of cool no no necklace that is dope though tada okay so many like these weird little
trinket boxes for sure I mean it’s like a fake put a like no pigs this is silver yeah it is cool it’s a
bunch of crosses silver crosses all right so we get two pieces of silver one
piece of gold so far then we got some ornaments another heart
don’t want to see hearts right now and an empty box
ha got you guys gotcha uh-huh and I did it again what does that say there’s a nice little
ring okay I went out to the light and said Anthony knack and it said nine to
five so that’s got a cool we got no piece of silver let’s continue on
nothing silver earring okay we can find the mate to that that’d be good titanium
oh yeah I’m making a comeback solid gold huge necklace on owner of
collection costume okay let’s come over here Avon hello Avon calling costume wish that was real that’s heavy focus I’m trying to do here I mean the
watches are telling me what to do Planet Hollywood never been there okay
bag holder costume watch band she’s gonna kick Santa oh yeah Santa Pierre
Nicole that almost was cool almost had me there
so what’s happening Pierre in parts costume okay now the universe is you
know wiseguy more hearts a couple more hearts come over here like that okay let me
think of real those are kind of gaudy hand that Guardi piece right there
matches in $18.00 for these Leafs Oh precious champs be nice if that was cold sake the hope love thing yeah okay keep
carrying on silver who don’t like no silver oh look at that is another L with
green eyes Heidi daus okay so we’re not getting any gold here yet I
was hoping that we’re gonna find some gold in this nice pile because we did
spend a lot on that you know but that is the key to biased origins nothing
ventured nothing gained often we think they’re awful to go could you see me
find lots of gold and silver I guess technically we found silver so my radar
was right Cirelli so badly so badly that’s kind of cool neat ooh Lauren
Adams maybe that’s what the other one is Lauren G Adams that would be nice if it
was good says China and like initials like la so
I don’t think that that little dazzling silver ring it’s kind of nice I’d almost rock that I like the green
stone me I think we did find the world’s tiniest thinnest gold necklace so now we
are right two for two because there was gold and silver in there mmm I don’t think that’s gold but name
born pounds ounces and then a mom and her child prices absolutely crisis so
probably isn’t that prize you probably went to the store and got off like 999
but the idea of it is priceless and we got Santa he is coming to town make sure
you’re not you’ve been naughty or nice because the pumpkins yeah I think that’s
a wrap on the holiday we found it Jose’s Murray Bill Eric Barrera and that is not gold
sadly okay and we have ornaments those are almost like Faberge those a little
bit nice Faberge eggs would have put us into the profit just by themselves
probably okay well I guess beggars can’t be choosers go to Joan Rivers collection
shout out to you Joan Rivers and that is a wrap oh no no no one more bag Joan
Rivers classic collection is the matching bracelet that was not the greatest jewelry
collection I’ve ever found granted and what jewelry we found the smallest piece
of gold several pieces of silver and a ton of jewelry with names on it
what is the costume jewelry worth I have no clue but we will find out shortly and
we will get that sold and on to the next thing
nothing ventured nothing gained I knew there was something in there of jewelry
magnitude and I bought tents what made me want to buy it I felt jewelry I smelt
it and we’re not even done with the unit there is like a whole wall of all the
boxes on the left side so chances are we might find more jewelry but you’ll have
to stay tuned for the rest of the videos to see what we find and what we made
love y’all


  1. Bob Mackie is the designer who did all of the things Carol Burnett wore on her Television Show. Much love to you 💙❤️💚♥️💛💜

  2. Have you blocked me I hope not I love watching you and your children I never get any comments back from you that's the way it is 💕💕💕

  3. Bob Mackey made a expensive Barbie.. He's a designer.. Most of the names you read off came from QVC.. Basically payment plan items.. Lol.. Thx for the video!!! 😊

  4. If you go to the QVC website you will find most of the fashion jewellery. Most of it is not too cheep it is mostly high end fashion. Not too bad.

  5. Ok mike…I’m only 7 minutes into the post and you have me laughing my ass off!😂🤣😂. The pink hair is definitely you! Much love sweetheart!😍

  6. The universe is messing with me lol 💋 Keep on keeping on Captain 🏴‍☠️♥️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️🧜‍♂️

  7. Jbk by Cameron etc was a collection of copy cat jewelry sold on tv. They were copies of Jackie Kennedy's real personal jewelry.

  8. Hi Pirate, I know the world doesn't value jewelry the same way, but designer jewelry can have decent value. I just saw the joan rivers bracelet and earrings you found at the end of your video to sell around $65 bucks on ebay. There is a market for that sort of stuff. Christmas is coming and all those small items have a chance to sell since you have a lot of pouches/boxes. QVC jewelry sells believe it or not if the right designer name attached to it. Good luck!

  9. One thing I learned doing antique dealing is, you can buy anything dirt cheap if you've got the cash , but, it only works out if you can find a buyer. You can use ebay but it takes a lot of time , You have to network and find people who specialise so you end up knowing you can sell what you have. Most of all, you have to have an enquiring mind. I loved to research. When I saw the valuable stuff I could tell at a glance. My eyesight was very good so I could read hallmarks, again at a glance .The pirate knows where he can sell certain items and the rest you flog down at the market… If he's lucky the market will pay for the unit and the good stuff is the profit.. He's a very smart operator and makes a living off his own judgement. How many people can say that? Much respect!!!!

  10. lack of good sense; foolishness.
    "an act of sheer folly"

    a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.

  11. This looks like it will furnish a nice home 😉 hope you fine another awesome unit ! God bless you and your precious daughter !

  12. Food for thought about the lockbox pirate you have a hammer you have a screwdriver. Take the hammer Janet Through the Keyhole using the hammer bang it through and twist next time

  13. When I updated my iPad, alerts got turned off! 😩😩😩After your reminder, I got it all fixed. Now I can enjoy your show!!!

  14. Don’t discount those turquoise necklaces in the bags/boxes. My hubs bought me something similar and paid $300. With those being bagged and boxed, my guess is a similar price.

  15. A folly can mean foolishness, but there are buildings called folly. Those buildings are completely decorative and have no real purpose. I've seen a few in England when I went there. I didn't even know that until last year. Learn sumthin' new everyday. You seem a tad jaded today, not your usual perky self. Whatever is bothering you, let it go. If it wasn't to be, it just wasn't meant to be. Love whom you can, while you can. Don't waste precious time hoping for things that just aren't in your ballpark. You were not getting real gold, but you were getting very good pieces of costume jewelry that are upper end. That bangle bracelet you were holding sells for $40, the crystal bracelet with all the different colors in it goes for $100. You find the right "art fair" (aka rich dude flea market) to sell that at, you'd make a fair dollar.

  16. The watch is an exact copy of one ofJackie Kennedy’s, along with copies of pieces of her jewelry. They were sold on QVC.Along with other stars such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor.

  17. Pirate your right if you are going to spend cents then more than likely that's all you will get. You have to spend money to make money at times. Love your videos . Keep em coming . Marina NZ xx

  18. So glad I found your channel recommended by what the Hales. Looks like you got some great stuff! Happy hunting, Mr. Pirate!

  19. By the way, Joan rivers, Dennis basso, cooks essentials are all items sold from the QVC home shopping network. I think you'll find a lot of that on there from what I'm seeing. Maybe you can find more retail pricing there.

  20. I just sold a few camrose and kross bracelets on eBay for $35. Watch may sell for more. JBK stands for Jackie Bouvier Kennedy. It’s her replica jewelry.

  21. This woman had a taste for art, all the costume jewellery is of a high standard, the pearl necklaces seem like they are made from real pearls cheap pearls, but over all she's got designer costume jewellery, worth investigating into

  22. I'm interested in purchasing both of the Sterling silver rings. I really like the designs, especially the one with the green stone.

  23. Kirk's Follies is sold on QVC and is mostly made of crystals, fairies, and mystical things. The purple ring is gorgeous! My birthstone is amethyst

  24. BOB MACKIE Robert Gordon Mackie (born March 24, 1939),[1][2] is an American fashion designer and costumer, best known for his dressing of entertainment icons such as Joan Rivers, Cher, RuPaul, Barbara Eden, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Elton John, Ann-Margret, Carol Burnett, Marie Osmond, Lola Falana and Mitzi Gaynor. He was the costume designer for Carol Burnett on The Carol Burnett Show during its entire 11-year run and designed the costumes for its spinoff, Mama's Family, and for the 1993 television adaptation of Gypsy.

  25. BobMackie- Dennis Basso are all expensive clothes. Clinton Kelley is too. They sell very well. Always resell them. Get on Qvc and just look at designer names to educate yourself on who is popular with women right now. Looks like this gal shopped QVC a lot. Nice stuff Honora is not costume. They are real pearls. Heidi Daus jewelry is on HSN and very expensive costume jewelry. I guess you might want to chk out HSN too.

  26. The jewelry is not cheap costume. Most of it sells on QVC from 30.00 to 150.00,200.00. Should sell on eBay. The Southwest necklace youfound will sell for more on e bay than selling for just the silver.

  27. Folly is a fake building a ruin of a castle or old defensive tower ancient temple etc. These were built by very rich people in their ornamental gardens and lands. Sometime they even had fake hermits living there for years.

  28. Alit of qvc brands and bib Mackie designed clothes for rc Carol Burnett. Dennis basso makes fur coats and Clinton Kelly hosted what not to wear. Rachel Zoe is a stylist to stars.

  29. Also Pirate he designed what Cher wore on the Oscars when she won. He also created all the costumes for the Carol Bernnet show….remember the Scarlet O'Hara curtain dress? If you haven't seen it check it out he was brilliant. Still is.

  30. Decent Online Money of 5 or 6 pieces of the top of my head. Like others have said it is mostly higher end QVC And HSN Designer Costume stuff. Definitely worth selling, or in the worst case Mary will be thrilled to get it. I think i watch to many of your videos!

  31. The JBK watch at 14:00 looks like its from the Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy collection & the pearls immediately after look like they could be real. Please check out both.

  32. Pirate, how remote is it that the little floral cabinet would sell for say $65.00 Would it be a long time to sell or more likely never at all. Thanks

  33. God bless you and your family and another great video and great unit to I’m sorry I’m late I’m trying to catch up on videos now keep them great videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always 👍👍👍👍

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