Samsung Galaxy Watch is official – Specs, Price, and Features

Samsung unveils the Galaxy watch at its
big Note event the Samsung Galaxy watch features 3G LTE connectivity for the 46
millimeters version and Bluetooth on the 42 millimeters variant moreover it is
designed to be charged wirelessly which is a step up from the gear lineup of
smartwatches if you haven’t watched the event then you should know that there
are two models of the galaxy watch available the 46 millimeters silver
version and the 42 millimeters black and rose gold version the two variants
feature different display sizes the 46 millimeters version features 1.3 inch
Super AMOLED display and 472 mAh battery while the 42 millimeters version
features one point two millimeters Super AMOLED display with a 270 mAh battery
the panel is protected by gorilla DX plus glass moreover with 5 atmospheres
resistance and ip68 water resistance you can take a quick swim without hurting
the hardware according to the company the Samsung Galaxy watch will provide
several days of battery time on a single charge in the health-oriented features
the Galaxy watch includes a heartrate monitor which further has several
extended features it also tracks user fitness and allows users to enhance
their activity sleep patterns can also be tracked the device runs Samsung’s
Tizen OS 4.0 powered by Exynos 90-110 dual-core 1.15 gigahertz processor it
also features a heart rate monitor accelerometer gyroscope ambient light
sensor and a barometer LTE version of the Galaxy watch features 1.15 gigabytes
of RAM and 4 gigabytes of on-board storage the Bluetooth version features
768 megabytes of RAM and the same 4 gigabytes of storage space
the Samsung Galaxy watch will be available to users in the United States
on the 24th of August and 31st of August for users in Korea furthermore
additional markets will receive the device on the 14th of September the 42
millimeters Bluetooth version will be available at 300 $29.99 and the bigger
46 millimeters LTE version will cost you 300 $49.99

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