Santa Gold Digger Test!!!! (HUGE TWIST)

So we usually upload a series where we help couples put their partners to a three face test to find out if that person is A gold digger and to test these people we enlist the help of decoys we give the decoys a script to follow that usually involves them having to pretend that they’re rich own nice cars or live in huge mansions and on test day our decoy will walk up to the person that we’re testing play out the script and always end by asking that person on a date and if the person that we’re testing accepts to go out on a date with our decoy then they’re technically gold diggers because they just betrayed and traded their relationship for someone else we just flashed and offered them more money So angel and Anthony are going to be our decoys today they are actually my really good friends ends a married couple I messaged them that we’re gonna be testing this girl named Sydney today because her boyfriend wanted to find out if She was a gold digger and they actually just messaged me right now saying they just got to my apartment complex and they’re actually by The basketball court so I am actually about to go meet them up right now and I did not write a script for this episode because I felt like it was one unnecessary and – I’m just gonna go outside right now and give them rundown on what exactly they have to do is decoys and everything and yeah I know it’s unprofessional but I hope this still works how I want it to work and with that I head out the door and make my way to Go meet up my really good friends how are you guys how are you guys? Are you guys ready for this yeah So we have an hour before we had to pull this test off and again thanks to my unprofessionalism angel and Anthony know nothing about what they have to do today so I hope this test even works how so her name is Sydney her boyfriend is gonna be here but he’s giving me updates on like her location and everything and stuff according to her boyfriend he’s afraid that she’s like super super freaky, so you got what I thought of it Out of this and see you guys are a married couple you guys are gonna go up to her and you guys gonna be like yo Okay, I’m really gonna you know spice up our relationship a little bit you know Are you dare? threesome and whatnot and then uh yeah I got blindfolds in here I got a whip in here Okay guys, so let me just reiterate this, so I told Angel and Anthony that Sydney’s boyfriend who unfortunately couldn’t be with us for phase number one says that Sydney is a complete freak the sexy freak not the battery Anyways he wants to put her to the test because he wants to know if she will remain loyal to him or trade him for someone else with more money so because she’s freaky I thought it would just be perfect if Fame to an Anthony for a married couple Walk up to her and ask her if she’s down to have a threesome with them try to convince her if she says like uh and she even if she gets creeped out or whatever let’s keep going keep going keep You guys might be wondering why this scenario is it making angel and Anthony at least a little bit uncomfortable well it’s because they actually have their own YouTube channel where they’re constantly stepping out of their comfort zone so I knew that they would be the perfect candidates for this test so this is gonna be She says, no she’s not down it’s all good just be sure to get her number just ask for her telephone number that way you can move on to phase 2 and phase 3 and With that we were off to the park right old angel Anthony that Sydney’s boyfriend’s had asked her to meet him because he had something really important to tell her but in reality this was just a ploy to get Sydney where we needed her in at the end of The day her boyfriend wasn’t even gonna show up all right so we headed to the park of what is about to be the most craziest an epic gold your video Anthony angel you guys nervous in Just keep going even if she says no just keep it going play no one ever says, no We continue our drive but once we get to the park we realize that Sydney has actually beat us at there we just got here we just parked and Sydney is already here like she literally beat us here We thought we were gonna be here here but she beat us here so we got to do this fast because we don’t know how long She’s been here and we don’t know when she might leave so I quickly hop out of the car and as discreetly as I possibly can and I start setting up our main camera angle and as I do that angel and Anthony prepare to get their freaks on from Inside the car all right guys this is gonna be a little tough but I hope this works I hope you doesn’t look this way I’m just gonna set up the camera words gonna start rolling So I hit record I leave the camera and it pray to God that Sydney either has bad eyesight or doesn’t question what it is and why we’re pointing the camera in her direction we have the cameras all Set up in rolling in just in case it doesn’t work but just in case she says no We’re gonna give Andrew and Anthony guys five hundred dollars real money to play with Okay, because this is a gold so you guys if she says No, you guys are gonna be like what if we gave you 500 now I’m going to give you more, later, okay but that’s, worse comes to worse but really don’t Handle my inner freak So when’d you and Anthony step out of the car and now begin walking up to a person whom they’ve never met before And prepared to ask her if she’s talent to have a threesome with them about to ask her for a threesome How long have you guys been married five years just awesome I Can handle weird questions I think yeah can you handle something Yeah is it a personal story or you guys, okay we have an interesting relationship? He saw you thought you were pretty I think you’re pretty, oh thank you We just figured it is our first time tuned we’re like a little nervous too but yeah Maybe Thousand that’d be okay I Don’t know is that what people do for threesomes, he’ll give you 500 now yeah! We can give you like a down payment and you’re willing to do it Okay did angel just say that she could give her a down payment what is she a carton but angel and Anthony have made their move and I feel like they did offer the money a little bit too soon but I mean I guess it’s okay because they’re technically winging it because they had no Time to practice seen how proceed is showing her the toys inside of the bag that they can get freaky with Wow Okay, so you really brought it also, okay, so she has a handcuffs in hand Also oh we definitely have to try, these out are you, okay? I’m completely okay with it if you guys say I’m gonna get money for it I am NOT not down for money shockingly Sydney has just told them that she is actually down for it I don’t think angel and Anthony were prepared for this at all you know honestly money is kind but you know I’m actually super down to just like do it I like happiness of my heart just to like help you guys of course it’s kind of like an honor the fact that you guys are asking me to like help What have you I really know what this? No, no whoa I’ve seen those in the movies and you put the ball on him cuz you know that’s you So Sydney I stood up walked over to Angel and Anthony and she is now testing the toys Clearly caught Angel and Anthony by surprise look at their faces well right now guys I’m sure you guys are probably thinking one of two things number one this girl’s the biggest gold digger in the world who’s dama cheat On her boyfriend by having a threesome with a married couple or number two this is way too good to be true and there’s no way that angel and Anthony got Sydney to be down for a threesome with literally no effort at all well if you’re thinking number two you’re right I’ve actually been lying to you guys about what this video was really about here’s what we do not know guys enjoy Anthony do not know is that this entire thing is not a little too good test this is actually a prank that we’re playing on them but it’s a good prank that’s right guys the true reason why I wanted angel and Anthony To play decoys for this video was because I wanted to pull a fun little holiday prank on them in a special and creative way as friends we go way back and they’ve been supporting me on YouTube since day one like literally back when I was super cringy and weird and nobody wanted to watch me they were there and they were helping my dreams come true but remember I told you guys that they also had their own YouTube channel well recently I helped them film a video and we use cell phones to shoot everything I later learned that they also edited and uploaded their videos from their phones because on top of having no camera they had no laptop they then mentioned to me that they were trying to save it for that equipment but it was hard because they had other financial responsibilities to put in front of it like their two children their bills and their family emergencies but nonetheless they didn’t let that stop them and they kept on filming and uploading videos by just using their phones and so I guess you can say it was their driving their passion that made me want to prank and help today and so I got the idea to set up this fake test I began by hitting up Sydney so I want to do this video where I sort of like print by friends by giving them like A cool gift for Christmas and I want to know if you want to help you out with it There iMessage angel to see if she and Anthony would play decoy for this video and once I had of that confirmation I went online and I ordered a great laptop and a great camera and finally to put the cherry on top and because why not I hired freakin Santa Okay guys we’re about thirty minutes before we do this whole thing we’re 30 minutes were giving Santa over here the gifts right here we take the camera out of the box we figured it looks nicer out and everything okay now Stan she’s gonna put it into his basket This is the the Christmas? Basket of goodies and so then the reason I asked angel and Anthony to meet me at the basketball court and why I didn’t write A script out for them was actually so I can buy Sydney in Santa’s some time to get to the park before we did let Me a probably introduce myself Santa Santa Santa Claus how do you spell that CL a u s and from there you guys pretty much know the rest I just now how to make sure that I didn’t slip up or give anything away as I briefed into any Anthony on this supposed to test and then headed to the park with them, okay So now you guys know where everything on you guys might be wondering why the gag the whip and the handcuffs well honestly that is for my own entertainment So we actually have Santa part two cars over Hiding and we’re in this car over here before Santa makes his entrance though the plan is for city to keep on acting frisky with them and handcuffed and blindfold your turn Yeah I know definitely something like that but now it’s your turn I can only imagine what they’re saying guys because I wish I had headphones to hear Anything this is so funny though remember guys no matter what happens I told angel and Anthony keep going keep going keep going just keep it natural just keep going okay, yeah you know look by now they are probably so clueless that they don’t know what to do next at all But I am okay with it okay I want to try one more thing in Dublin Hey okay Jasmine okay she’s starting to put on the blindfold to get it ready Sydney has executed her job flawlessly with both angel and Anthony now being blindfolded. Santa can now make his entrance Sarang go ahead go ahead and send Santa in since its Entrance honestly wonder what the hell could be going through angel and Anthony’s minds right now like what are they thinking especially since Sydney is doing such a great job and still staying in character Yeah ideal but this is just between us right yeah So we got both of them and goats we got both of them vines Blindfolded we have Anthony with a ball on his belt I wish we had a funk for ages now and we got mr Santa Claus coming in hot to deliver some goods With Santa now on his way angel and Anthony’s awkward menage a talk on wrong is now coming to an end Oh Sydney now removes her Blindfolds and we actually ended up giving Santa the keys to both of their handcuffs so on top of giving them a gift he’s also gonna set them free first Remember guys angel and Anthony think they’re just plain decoys in a gold-digger test but first the girl they are testing acts way too freaky and weird handcuffs and blindfolds damn and now when their blindfolds are removed there’s Santa Claus standing right in front of them taking their handcuffs off I Think it’s an understatement to say that they’re probably tripping out they must be so confused But Santa explains it and breaks it down to them play-by-play and he lets them know that none of this was ever real and when He’s done with that he reveals his true purpose for being there Santa knows you want to be With the best of them so this is what we have done for you He reaches into his basket of goodies and he pulls out their first gift This is not some sort of random act of kindness thing this is from your friends We want you to be the absolute best youtubers of all time This is how Steven Spielberg wish you gotten started like good people working with you good people want you to be successful No just you you really how I’m gonna cry They put the bottom yeah all you guys thanks guys thank you it means a lot Of course yeah I wanna I want to say I can’t wait for you guys to videos I want to see you guys videos I want to see you guys there’s no excuses now No, we’re editing off you guys there were nothing you guys got your own laptop you guys got your camera’s filled and Santa would like to give a little blessing for the whole People here we want everyone to have a happy or wonderful successful absolutely excellent adventurous prosperous extraordinary Supercalifragilistic expialidocious Vah! Vah, vah boom wonderful eccentric Beautiful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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