SANTEE (Western Movie, Full Length, English, Free Cowboy Film, GLENN FORD) full youtube movies

SANTEE (Western Movie, Full Length, English, Free Cowboy Film, GLENN FORD) full youtube movies

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right there you are about you can do s it works this week stop by again sometime come on same day same our next trip but I don’t know why throw nice clean little town la certainly is your charm and women are you sure there’s nothing here for me not a thing I didn’t mean today I thought maybe before I got here you know what could have been put in a box here by mistake oh my girl well your wife or somebody married are you sure it didn’t get lost how long you been camping around here waiting for that letter or your old man in person it’s three weeks yesterday a long time for the man’s clothes to show up or at least right well I know but he’s pretty busy you know it’s a big ranch must be no country for empty pockets in the flat summer I’ll do [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Dody haha good to see you boy you too hey meet JC JC Grayson that’s horn – boy fine oh you look good you do too yeah come on let’s go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] yes a fine harsher riding their son who voted for you I did give her full price yeah saddle tack a new set of shoes thrown into boot hey your mom was a good horse trader too she proved that when she got rid of me she she have any last words no no not that I heard she died pretty hard hey live hard I suppose you know there was no love loss never has been yes they weren’t thinking what was a fine woman looks like she did all right with you – 19 JC I told you to be fit to ride with bound to deke he’s your son 80 took a hell of a chance circling back for the kid and sent a heading for the river shut up come on let’s go something wrong feet under my guts for more than a week now it’s closed there it is the only thing moving in that just out there [Applause] I think it’s in town well who is it honor the best in the business might as well wise you up there’s a bounty on our heads and he aims to collect it there all this time all the tracks we’ve made DQ ever heard him giving up a for he’s human he’s gotta make a mistake someplace he’ll spread out you two stick with me we’re gonna run far run for it five of us from one man Batman [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] see what sway cut no Deeks that big rifle his outrange is anything we got he can pick us off one at a time come on we gotta get across that River before we’re all bunched up again [Music] [Music] I bought us some time he’s gonna have to take care of those bodies for some criticals town tonight rode his head on purpose it’s best to leave bait on the back trail now we’ll find out if he’s as good a man as they say is [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good a place as any we get from the river without being seen give me you can’t pop you don’t need a gun I got a right to defend myself make the same start I did I got no choice but belong I stick you belong you do as I say they take those horses to cover and keep them quiet when the shooting stops I don’t call you yell light out and don’t look back what about you and JC we won’t need you what I do grow every man has to on his own grow go big here now get out of here before the trouble starts meaning to tell you Deeks kids all right much better than I ended in four I could have kept them with us I’ve seen my share men die both have never bothered me my own kid play the cards as they fall hello like that’s got a pretty good thing going Donny it’s a living you know I never rightly figured how much we’re worth 3,000 for you 5,000 for me kind of makes us a success don’t it that’s yet we’re not dead eggs yeah I never did have a kid that I know too and don’t have kids only women seems I didn’t hear that song please Dead or Alive I can’t say welcome can I say the– nope tried to stay clear of you well it comes to time Deeks yeah I guess so who’s the boy it’s my son I need the horses call him in let him be like you let those kids be on the street in front of the Lawrenceville bank I only picked him up this afternoon I know look I want to do well for that boy sure call him in damn it’s an tease my kid don’t you understand here’s no part of me you call him in or I go after him got to move Jody bring in two horses not if you’re gonna be obvious and bring in three do as he says son all right Paul while you’re about it bring in mind drop it boy I’ve already talked too much fine now maybe you live a little while longer long enough to get you well you want to come along and see to their rights they’ll get a preacher a prayer and a pine box all it county expenses if it means anything to you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Judy be strong [Music] see you you travel [Music] [Applause] and Oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on in boy make yourself warm [Music] Thanks you’re crowdin your luck old friend Oh what are you gonna do that kid Joey geeks let be he will six-inch friendly is just as deadly as a 6-footer and he sure don’t like you he’s got good cause you know I could lock him up a few days no no no no no wait a minute wait a minute is the problem he’s got us all by himself one way or another suit yourself yes you got any idea how long it’s been don’t you hung up that badge yeah it’s been long as you’ve been wearing yours I’m giving it up come next election politics tumbler fish good and swap lives why not it it’s time you did the same thing not yet Gemma don’t Santi how much longer it’s all in your head no I know I was just thinking about how yeah so was I yeah I’ve been thinking a lot about her past few days it’s time to go home that’s more like it huh how much longer you know you’re crazy to keep going off leaving her like that there’s not a count square by now I go and keep the books take care yeah that make you big bigger anyway big enough for now I can wait where’d you get the money for that they’re horses I figured I was entitled oh no you know their next akin might not agree with you if they had any but still at least it’s not Blood Money walk in front of me boy what’s the matter you afraid oh just careful that’s all you know did you ever read any one of these wanted posters yeah no I mean really read it mm-hmm even the highest price wouldn’t say Dead or Alive you know but you don’t give him that chance do you like your father well that’s just what I’m gonna give you one times right no chance are your writing part your father didn’t have a chance you know he had a choice you see I bring them in alive whenever I can it’s up to them and even a coward would rather die with his boots on and me dragged up before a hang and your father was no coward but dead you know no I have to make a choice I can’t have you behind me no I have to have you right there in front of me where I can see you you get behind me and I’ll leave you very far behind very far dead yeah becomes today [Music] ego sorry I was like fingered but I wanted to shoot a little peace and quiet while I was washing up clean country from here on so man’s got to kind of kind of adjust to it you know I mean it’s good for his soul what happened to you ordinarily I don’t say I want to know what tore you up like that well I guess you have a ride you know something there’s a time when I was the sheriff for this whole county all around here you an elected peace officer yeah how about that ten years ten good years sure those stars you have look like it yeah well you know what happened a wolf pack came through kind like your uh your Parran with well I knew better but they well you know they kind of minded their own business and I I’ll let him be but they called me out one night at supper what five slugs in before I hit the ground oh I know they didn’t mean to you know make it permanent but they they didn’t mean to cripple me up good so the first chance I got I turned my badge over to my best friend and took up the hunt been on it ever since County Sheriff he can’t traipse all over hills half acre for a wanted man they haven’t at the time they haven’t got the authority after all who’s mind the store when they were gone that’s the work of a professional hunter yeah well that’s the way you tell it yeah that’s right we’re just gonna sit here all day nope you know you make it sound like your job isn’t finished neither’s fine that’s your decision but there’ll be some new rules I’m heading home home yeah you’re welcome to tag along if you like but I want to tell you something nobody there talks about what I do when I’m gone you understand I’m not looking for anybody and nobody’s looking for me smile their life but nobody interferes nobody alright got it your house good enough [Music] Oh [Music] John this is Jodi Peaks take care it’s done welcome home tank morning who’s that with Santi welcome to three arrows Jodi Deeks thank you I’m John Cole howdy now you will see either one of them again until at mid do better tomorrow never fails even when he’s been gone only a few days come on we’ll find you a bunk and I’m nailed in your hat on [Music] [Music] [Laughter] I love you are you home for good now is it all over promise me go on promise every time you believe I’m sure I can’t survive the waiting and it gets worse it gets worse good morning missus auntie it’s afternoon my grandfather said that in the old days the best ponies in the Indian nations came from right in here the grass and well hey what’s fair country for people too yeah we do thrive that’s a fact you know I never saw such good lines and working stuff time and working money in a lot of it one more generation of breeding stock and who have about the best quarter horse trained in the country Santee built us all up himself but man cannon with outside work yeah or a fast gun it takes all kind sure Judds John well that’s what I call sleeping in you sure you arrested well no not really I mean have a cup of coffee Valerie this is Jodi Deeks Jodi this is my wife it’s a pleasure mr. Sampey call me Valerie Jodi we’re pretty much one big family around here especially when Sam is all well how’d you like some original home brewed coffee huh fine thank you sit down here it’s all right you can leave that on I promise right here my wife and I have been talking it over and if John Crowe agrees you can consider this your home for as long as you like you make a hand hey will good all right gonna settled through the three arrows that’s what coffee no thanks you know me need to ask you about this thing you know you and you and the Santa’s always talk about three arrows but the brand everything around the ranch has only two why is it I figured you’d get around to that sometime hold as you get some fresh air [Applause] Sene Santee’s cards yeah big ones inside doesn’t show but the hurt is still there both the ranch they started buying land around here soon after you selected sheriff set me out to start putting in improvements and picking up stock there were three of them then that’s why they called it the three arrows one for each Santee Valerie and the boy nearly ten big youngster a hell of a horseman even then [Music] he loved that boy they live behind the office in jail like Stu Carter does now it happened the night the banner gang called Santi out [Music] Valarie but the little body out to me we buried him here [Music] Santee didn’t know for weeks Valerie didn’t tell him and thought she had liked to kill him all over again san has always felt that if he had sent the banner gang on its way when they first showed up in town his boy would be alive today he blames himself and he lives when he can’t he’s got to go off and fight it in his own way that’s why he turned his badge over to Stu Carter that’s what turned him hunter that’s why they still call it three arrows but only two on the gate oh s— the doors and the stock brand getting late no not right now nice [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] stop it you idiot we’ll never get out of the house I’ve been cool [Music] [Applause] [Music] no wonder its Odell out on the flats God didn’t have any cones left he loses them all up here you know I think so I’m afraid you’re not good enough yet if you still got ideas no not anymore honest they gave me a few bad minutes there when I saw that gun with him well it’s just that you really don’t need another hand even if John crow says you took and well I can’t go on living off the two of you like I have been so if I’m gonna stay I’m gonna have to find something else to do and I thought maybe if I worked a little on my own in private that you well maybe you take me out with you next time you go and show me some of the ropes I might just do that come on mrs. Santi we got a lot more country to look at Jodi I want to tell you something no two men are ever alike no two men ever do anything exactly the same way walk in your own footprints don’t follow someone else’s son do you want that boy to learn to live the kind of life you must live when you’re away from here well he’s got more forgiving in him and most but he’s got a lot of hate left – I don’t know a better way to get rid of it if that’s what he wants but how can he tell if he’s never known anything else I want him to stay sad I don’t want either one of you ever to go out again maybe we can pick up where we left off you ever thought of that no I’ve thought of it yeah [Applause] I’m just never gonna get it that’s how you’re gonna get it but right now don’t try to be so fast try to be accurate you understand I just just Jodi you gotta just take it easy the speed this is beep I know let’s try it again really they likes your honor well off those three cans up there have been men they’d be alive and you’d be dead oh and another thing never I’m telling you Jodi never get into a showdown face to face fight if you can help it that’s no good I never fire a nun an unnamed shot I mean I get another chance all right let’s try it again all right really really never thought I’d live to see two men who could do that us do you remember Jodi Deeks here I’ll never forget him now Oh sheriff are you doing well here that’s not so damn far to come for some of the world’s good cooking is it huh fair enough come on I’ll buy you a drink yeah I got your horse here Thanks in the old days no you stay here and now hunting fishing swapping lies much longer 29 days well I had a couple of count the votes where the new man in there where you going down Russell some eggs Stu’s entitle to a cake still is entitled to anything he wants within reason oh by the way when you’re out there tell Jody that I’d like him to join us for dinner huh well that’s every night this week well it’s a special occasion still Gary he’s leaving first thing in the morning that’s good credit to teach you more than the pupil and then what you folks you see and bird we have a few moments in private well Laurel on bail I know I should well these wanted posters come into the office less than two weeks apart from us from Allendale county and then from Redmond adding to the reward looks like they’re coming this way again might be heading for the border I hope it’s something I don’t appreciate being a so often it’s just that you don’t have to you know the invitation is sense oh well thank you anyway but shelf corners an old friend I don’t intrude I don’t think you understand Jodi you don’t realize the difference your presence is made in son no this is the longest he’s been holed was he resigned to sheriff and you’re responsible for that not really build a big hole in his life both our lives well being here means a lot to me too you know San is a very strong feeling for you you become very important there and you have a strong feeling to Jodi because of what you’ve done for Sam because he’s very important to me too that’s the difference is that yeah that’s a difference well tell them I’ll be right over as soon as I wash up and change my shirt all right a couple of new faces have joined them the rest to holder and they’ve changed their names a way of working is still the same yeah it’s the old banner buncha right waited a long time for him to show up again I thought you’d want to know know Stu that’s finally over it’s been too long besides I’ve got too much to lose here you’re not going out again nope no wonder Valery was so happy this time around I haven’t told her yet you don’t spoil the surprise you’re here not on your life [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] morning Freddy morning sheriff have a cup of coffee I don’t mind if I do this town is Florrick waking up in an old hound off an old hound dog sleeping in the Sun can’t your blessings ready that’s the way I like it nice and quiet gonna seem mighty strange around here with with somebody else behind that badge you’ll get used to it bunch of men coming up public street I don’t like their looks to hold it banner right there all of you [Music] [Music] you’re sure was the banner punch again huh everybody in a town seen a plane or you’ve gone far to you eh I’m very much obliged do as a friend of yours and I thought you should know won’t you stay and take something with us thank you no man but I’d better be on my way [Applause] you know that’s twice I’ve waited when I knew better I should have gone back with him pal I should have gone back with him you know something I think he came here to the ranch to ask me that did he no no did he mention that he needed your help no no he just thought they were taking a shortcut to the border well Sam if he didn’t know where they were going or what they were going to do then I don’t have you blaming yourself oh please and what does a fuzzyface boy like you know what a man is supposed to do huh what do you know about it that won’t bring him back nothing will God knows I’ve had enough years to learn that well you can’t just stand there don’t you realize they’re the same ones that killed your son it’s something you’ve got to do don’t you tell me my guts boy well somebody better because you’ve forgotten who you are I’ll get the horses wait a minute are you just wait a minute last night I uh I I made a promise and I’m gonna keep it I I promised that I wouldn’t leave the three arrows unless it was on ranch business well then you’ve wasted a lot of time cuz you’ve taught me all wrong I was a hard thing to do it was a hard thing to say hue minute you’ll keep your promise have I ever broken a promise to you Val have I ever no but I’ve waited a long time for it so as your do Thank You Harris bride Jodi Jodi’s pride was he got to do with it I mean it’s personal pride I mean is pride in you well it doesn’t do no harm for a man to be hurt what’s in a while I mean senthil me no I sent for Jodi where is he oh maybe you didn’t hear what I said I asked you where is Jodi where’d you beep you’re as young as he is I don’t know where would I be this much start maybe halfway down the other side mule head pass oh no he’s going it alone are you sure with him could be no other way Sam I’m sorry Jon you got work to do now come on this ranch can run myself no close range this time there you’re not gonna get a choice you didn’t go high dapat it wouldn’t [Applause] [Music] Hey [Music] come on couples right so many souls well they ain’t coming up for air that’s what banner we’ve been here too long some things man just don’t like to rush what do I have to do to convince you that we left a string of posters behind us what a mile long they stopped catching up somebody’s gonna recognize us that’s for damn sure but bad the deal was we wouldn’t stop even to split the table don’t have to cross the border Yeah right well we have it we won’t know you you can count on that relax aner explain it to me what has this place got it we can’t get more oven better damn sight better than that in Mexico tell me [Applause] it’s not you somebody going you could have told me up some with that one I’ve done more than that if you’d been trailing me I know it was careless but it’s a hard track and I let it take all my attention for a minute I’m sorry but at least I still got all six up ahead of me no that’s where they’re gonna stay the way you’re going about it way far ahead of you I’m listening well the banner bunch has his pockets full of money any man fresh with money the first thing he he wants is a woman any woman now where would a woman be between here and the border how would I know yeah come to think of it you wouldn’t would you one things I didn’t get around to teaching you well there’s some things I felt rather handle on his own you know there’s a place just shy of the border Jim one of those you know sir it’s called a mecca I think that’s where they are well let’s go you know banner is taking the easy way so if you’re up to some hard riding we can cut off a few miles I want it over well had you showed up do you think I wouldn’t [Applause] [Music] shut up yeah that’s it the works alright Plus what you stashed away before you brought it down maybe that’s nice no some partner you hit trouble you’re gonna wish you were still with us like you said maybe but that’s better than waiting around for it to catch up with me here even Susie huh anybody else for the border I mean I got some money well I want to get the feel of this first amen tell you what split a fair ball bottle with you alright [Applause] [Music] three rest drops tears make your first shot count children [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Judy what will you do [Music] Jody where will you go [Music] oh by the way you [Music]


  1. Wow, as soon as I saw Jay Silverheels, I knew Tonto! From the Lone Ranger TV series! He works at the Bounty Hunters home, at 37 min in

  2. Im liking it Glenn Ford one of all time favorites half way through westerns are my top 2 Genres but how in the hell can those people drink that much black coffee all day and night before bed??? OMG cant figure that out same in every western

  3. Is amazing to see Dana Wynter deftly switching from English accent to that of American between this and when she was in Sinking of the Bismark.

  4. Glenn could really ride and was a fast draw…nothing fake about his western way…

  5. Great Actor. Made many Good movies .his best for me “Blackboard Jungle “ with Vic Morrow who was killed on set making another movie.head chopped off by Hellicopter.

  6. 무슨 영화 제목이 싼티 야?
    이런건 한국에서 개봉하면 싼티나는 영화라 비싼 입장료 주고 보러 안간다 제목 바까라

  7. Several scenes really drag, but otherwise it would be too short (not enough plot) to make a full movie.
    Mildly entertaining.
    If you want to be a gunfighter, you better REALLY know your business, and enjoy more than your fair share of luck.

  8. Excellent Western Film. I always liked Glenn Ford Movies. He was a great actor. This film had a great Cast of Old western Stars, Good Story and Direction and a film score by Don Randi. Thanks for the Excellent Upload. Out.

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