Saving my Minecraft Dog At ALL COSTS! – Part 10

Saving my Minecraft Dog At ALL COSTS! – Part 10

Save Sven. I NEED TO SAVE SVEN. HOW DO I SAVE SVEN?! HOWDOIDOIT?!?!?! *Satanic screaming* (Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You be quiet. You’re disgusting. I wish it was you down there and not him. God Ok we need dirt. We need alotta dirt. LOTTA DERT We gotta ha- build a tunnel I DONT HAVE ALOTTA DIRT GODDAMNIT! *moan* Why do I not have dirt? We will care… We will dig We will dig I’m going to need underwater breathing oh god, Sven is there right now! He must be so scared (Have you ever been stuck in water?) Okay, Okay, Okay I be meaning to do this for a long time *click clack click clack click clack* How do I make an enchantment table so I can breathe underwater? Everyone’s been saying it for three years I need a book and diamonds Oh god you know what, it doesn’t care I’ll waste all my inventory if it means saving Sven Ok and we need uhhh a book okay, okay, okay okay, okay gamers (GAMINGWEEEEK) do do do do do, BUH! Any second wasted here, is a second wasted For Sven, the poor son of a….. There it is, we have an enchantment table. What do I do with it? I know I’m supposed to place it next to bookshelves I DON’T HAVE ANY BOOKSHELVES WHERE DO I PLACE IT? let’s put it here, let’s put it here WOAH that’s cool okay don’t get distracted. How does it work? that’s the letharan teetis (what?) that I’ve been using for fricken dye, dude are you kidding me? what is this then? do I put a book there? *gasps* projectile protection? no! I NEED UNDERWATER BREATHING sharpness, protection, sharpness NO! Give me! AHHH! Feather falling Efficiency Smite! THIS IS NOT HELPFUL!!! Okay maybe I have some gear, maybe I have some gear enchantment, projectile, curse of vanishing What is this?! We’re losing time GODAMMIT! Look I have a name tag and I was gonna name him and I never gave him his name tag *Frantic noise* project, uhhh, blast protection, fire WHERE’S THE STUPID RESPIRATION HELMET? we’re just gonna dig Joergen, I need you We have to save him Dig like the wind Joergen! (Like the wind?) SHUUUT UUUPPPPPPP! SHUUUUUT UUUUUPPPP! I DON’T CARE ABOUT FILTHY COWIE POOPIES FASTER JOERGEN FASTER WE NEED DIRT LOT’S OF DIRT You think that’s dirt that you’re digging right now? oh zombies is not… I’m not going to sleep I’m not going… AHHH JIBLET GOD *mumbles* I’M DIGGING HERE IS THERE NO WAY THAT YOU CAN DIG FASTER? Joergen. oh my god this is faster without Joergen get STOP RUNNING dig, dig, dig, dig, dig *noises* oh god okay I never wanted to do this but I’m desperate goddammit they could drop a helmet that I can put on my face and then I can breathe underwater I’M SO SORRY TURTLE I’M SO… OH GOD IT’S LOOKING AT ME I CAN’T DO IT I can’t do it Sven would never want me to kill to save him dig, dig dig How much dirt do I need? Is this enough? oh god SWIM oh god it’s so far away I’m coming Sven I’m coming to save… ow oh god it’s happening here too. What is this? I’m getting sucked dude ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) stupid sucking almost ruined my life Can dogs climb ladders? (Not usually) Can I rope him up maybe? Okay here we are gamers Okay dirt, dirt first let’s make sure he’s ok gawd how did he get here? how did this happen? (You rowed him out to see you dummy thicc) Sven! Sven! ohhh he doesn’t even look at me I’m so sorry Sven I’m so sorry 🙁 okay okay, don’t worry, don’t worry, we’re going to get you out of here oh gawd ohhh ok alright *noises* oh god it’s leaking Sven! It’s leaking Sven! I’m Panicking! Ok alright oh god okay alright oh god STUPID GRAVEL I HATE YOU YOU RUIN MY LIFE GRAVEL (seriously terrible) Gotta be careful If I die, Sven dies How? How am I gonna do this? they put a rocket in space gawdammit you can do this felix oh god not now! have another scooby snack (scooby-dooby-dooo!) It’s not going great. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not going great hold on Sven! I’m just gonna go up one second I meant it when I said it… If anything happens to Sven, this playthrough is over! (Don’t die Sven!) BIGTIME okay, okay, okay the PLAN You know what I’m not even gonna waste time telling you 🙁 ’cause I need to get him out gosh harbit Ride like the wind Joergen! WE’RE COMING SVEN! I don’t have a spare lead for you So we’re going to have to use the good ol’ hold technique STAY THERE I BE RIGHT BACK DUUUUUHHHHH AH he better be still in there Where’s Elon Musk when you need him? I need his submarine! Where’s your submarine Elon? OH GAWD NOT AGAIN I HATE THIS STUPID THING Look the fishes have come to help. They’re here for moral support thank you fishes (very cool!) I’m trying my best here! Okay so the idea is a little little little crazy Okay alright alright, you’re okay, you’re okay oh gawd alright oh my god *happy noise* I’m gonna need you to swim ahwehf okay, alright uhhhh alright plan ‘B’, here OH IT WORKS Here we go here we go STAY RIGHT BEHIND ME oh god this current. OH! he can do it! HE CAN DO IT! he can do it! come here! YES YES! WE’RE DOING IT! THE FISHES ARE HELPING! SWIM SVEN! SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM SWIM HURRY HURRY HURRY HURRY *EXCITED GASP* Yeah! *HAPPY SQUEALS* WE DID IT! WE DID IT! YEAHAHAHAESS *SIGH OF RELIEF* I’m so happy! get up on the platform! get up on the platform! There’s plenty of space! (x2) Get up on the platform! I was so scared Sven! Get oop ahn the platform plzzzz hallo! alright, now we got ’em double safety You ain’t going nowhere I got you now safe, and sound! hey hey hey hey oh god oh gawd *noises* Don’t go anywhere! We’re returning home! oh my god I’m so happy! AAAAHHH NO NO NO NO NO someone needs to mark that, that’s terrible! I know Sven, it’s all over. We did it! Minecraft series, will continue! (Thank gawd!) This whole show rests on your shoulders Sven You can get out of the boat now Alright, I’m putting you on a leash Come here Joergen you stayed!! Joergen look who’s here! I know, it’s Sven! Okay, alright gamers We’re heading back home, it’s getting dark. (It’s already dark. (It’s already dark, Felix) Oh god, crippers Did I lose my leash again? why did I lose it? There it is oh, Sven! DON’T HURT MY FRIEND! Get away from Sven! Are you just gonna sit there? oh god- It’s fine I get it, you’ve been busy AHHH THEY GOT ARMOR AHHHH Sven hurry! Hurry we gotta make it back home! OH GAWD IT’S GONNA BLOW UP blow then! *Swedish noises* oh gawd oh gawd get, eat, sven stay stay stay stay stay stay stay oh NO *sad music* Sven? AH oh thank god oh I thought the bone was Sven! *panting* look, his tail is down, that means he’s hurt! We’re going to have to get Joergen later! Oh wait, he eats bones and stuff we gotta get his health back eat the bone oh god he doesn’t want to eat Joergen, Please. cooperation I. THINK. NOT. THOT Ok it’s safe, come *kissy sound* my child eat somethign *gasps* okay his tail is fine come here Sven ONLY I CAN KILL MY COWS AHH SVEN GET EM ONLY I CAN KILL MY COWS HURRY UP SVEN that’s it boi. good boi good boi good boi come back come back come in here sven sven sven please i cannot handle this any longer SVEN plz come inside we got scooby snacks WE GOT SCOOBY SNACKS THAT’S RIGHT WE GOT SCOOBY SNACKS ok, sit, sit boi there ya go what is happening here? oh, i got his tail I’m going to sleep Don’t care what you say I’m going to sleep *exhaling exhuberantly* Oh i’m so stupid It just hit me about the enchantment I know Sven I’m an idiot obviously I was supposed to enchant a helmet to make the helmet you dumb shmuck, felix so you just put, YES underwa… UNBREAKING AQUA INFINITY (AFFINITY, FELIX) there you go gamers it’s as easy as 1,2,3 pee pee poo pee pee here’s something that we wanted to do for a long time Sven I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner thought I lost you oh yeah, I gotta put the name on *swedish?* SVEN My friend



    I couldn't help my self

  2. to breath underwater you need potions and you make potions with a brewing table. first you put blaze powder at the far left then 3 water bottles at the bottoms. lastly you put nether wart at the top, then redstone (optional) then the different things you put make different potions. so a pufferfish will make water breathing

  3. Pewdiepie: I hate gravel it ruined my life
    gravel gets blown up by creeper
    Pewdiepie: gravel was like a father to me I loved him like a son

  4. There was less than a second between Sven living and Sven turning into a pancake at the bottom of that tower. My heart stopped

  5. Put a block of soul sand and then a block of magma under it and it’ll reverse the effects (aka shoot you up rather than drag you down)


  7. Felix: comes up with really… interesting plan to save Sven
    Me: is salty because he could have just made him teleport

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