Saving my strawberries! Slugs versus Copper Tape

Hey folks, we’re in the garden again and this time I’m working on the strawberry bed. Every year we grow strawberries and it’s quite fantastic to have your own strawberries when you want them. Last year though we had a bit of a problem where most of the strawberries were getting eaten by bugs before we got to them. What was happening was that when I picked a strawberry it all looked fine from above, but underneath it was all eaten. And they were generally full of what here in Scotland we call slaters or other people call them pill bugs or wood louse. So I assumed that’s what was eating the strawberries, but I’ve since spoken to some folk who are way more experienced than me and they’ve said it’s more likely to be slugs. What happens is they get in and eat them exposing all the soft parts of the fruit and then the slaters come along to enjoy the free feast. So I’m having a bit of a battle against the slugs this year. I’m armed with some copper tape and my staple gun. And I’m going to fix that around the bed to hopefully stop the slugs getting in this year. That way maybe for the Wimbledon finals, we’ll have strawberries. So here we go. There we go then, the copper tape is on. It’s actually a lot stickier than I expected and i’m covered in all the goo. I’ve just put a couple of staples on each side of the bed to hold it securely. All that’s left is to put the net back on and stop the birds from eating them Cause everyone steals my strawberries, So hopefully with any luck that’s the bed all secure for this year. If you come back late June, mid July I’ll let you know how it’s gone and if we got more strawberries than last year. See you again.

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