Saying Good-bye to Copper Cookware Burrfection Style

Saying Good-bye to Copper Cookware Burrfection Style

Hey guys, welcome back Ricky here. Alright, so why do I have a bunch of copper cookware in front of me? And the answer is simple. I have to get rid of them and for good reason as well so I’ve had these pots and pans now for the better part of like tomato two or three years or so and when I was starting my channel somebody reached out to me and this person or this company makes Cookware for some very high-end cookware companies, but they reached out and they said hey, we’re gonna have you know, you use our stuff We’re releasing our own in-house line of copper ware And so they gave me a discount on these the discount even with my discount this set here was almost $1000 there were maybe two or three reasons why I agreed to go with the copper cookware first I’ve heard that they were really great at conducting heat and that things cook a lot faster The second thing was the price when I was told that they were gonna be selling for eight hundred dollars for the set I went online and the cheapest copper set I can find like at a major retail all it was a $1600 there was the aesthetics I liked it the way copper looked and our home if you guys weren’t aware when I lived in Los Angeles We lived in a home that was built in 1929. I believe or 1930 and it was literally like a 770 square foot cottage two bedroom and One and a half bath for my wife and I and three kids and a dog at the time But since then my dog has passed away and if you guys haven’t heard I’ll post a video of how my dog passed away The copper cookware matched the kitchen perfectly. It looks really nice. Everything looked great And then I went as far as to buy a copper color This is really bad Vitamix so I bought a copper Vitamix or copper colored Vitamix and my wife was not very pleased with it She was fine with the cookware being copper, but she was not excited when she saw the copper Vitamix. So I’m having replaced that with a stainless steel one at some point anyways, I digress I Love this set right here. It’s worked really well. We moved to a new home and there’s nothing in this home that is copper And so it kinda just stands out and just doesn’t make a lot of sense and so I figured you know what it’s time to pick up something new and Here’s what I got. So This cookware here it’s been sitting in my garage for like a Long time I think for like how many months now almost six months or so, I know that sounds crazy. It sounds lame I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I feel like I’m becoming an unboxing channel I’m not I’m not I’ve only done a couple this year and all of 2018. I didn’t do like any unboxings except a few in the very beginning of the year. So this is not an unboxing channel This is the reason why I really fell in love and when I held this handle here At the shop and I just felt like it just felt so nice. It’s rustic functional Also, I love the contrast of the stainless steel and the cast iron. It’s just really nice looking made in France. I Like the ring of that made in France nothing wrong with the things made in China But you know when you have things that are made in France made in Japan made in Germany It has a different ring to it and a different quality to it as well. This feels really nice *unboxing music* Our large frying pan, this is like my favorite one because I love making soup we’ll have an 8 inch saucepan This one’s a smaller saucepan great for making like miso soup just for myself Yeah. What else is here? Oh. Then we have beautiful Rondo I love Rondo’s. Yeah, I love the way these things feel they feel really nice really high-quality and Um. Nice and heavy I like that So a couple of things a lot of you guys have been asking for more food prep and like cooking videos on my channel I am NOT a cook. I’m not a really good cook I’m a very average cook so I will attempt to do more food preps show you guys how knives work as I get them in and Maybe I’ll do some like time lapses of me cooking as well. And then maybe the finished product I also a lot of folks have also asked me to Test recipes of other like famous chefs and see if I can replicate them in a video I think that’s a kind of a fun idea If you guys like to see me try to replicate like Gordon Ramsay’s recipes or something like that give thumbs up Let me know in the comments and I know with cookware it can get kind of confusing so I’ll leave a link in the video Description to the exact series on CutleryAndMore’s website you guys can check it out on your own time But yeah It is the M Pro cook stainless steel series and I’m pretty sure all of the lids in this set here is rated up to six Hundred and eighty degrees in the oven. So that’s really great. And you got a beautiful polished exterior It’s 1810 stainless steel and the bottom of the pans are actually brushed stainless steel as opposed to a high polish and the really great thing about these is they’re two point six millimeters thick which is what You want for heat retention? the thicker the cookware the better that can hold heat and the more evenly distribute that heat but the biggest differentiator between this series and All the other series are the cast stainless steel handles on the pans and on the lids I don’t think I’m remembering this correctly, but it’s called cast iron Electroplated technology, which is supposed to mimic the look and feel of cast iron Which it definitely has achieved that feel so it’s not supposed to transfer the heat between the pan and the handle which I will test very soon So here they are alright, so the real reason for this unboxing is for the copper pans Today is actually Valentine’s Day So you guys are gonna see this a day or two after I want to give them to one of my subscribers Let me know in the comments why you want this set and I’ll read through all the comments and I will select one of you And then I’ll pin the winning comment and you know Maybe like you’re a single mom cooking for five kids or something like that. You know that really gets to me Single parents think especially single moms.


  1. Wow, what an offer. Your fans thank you for your generosity! This isn't just a youtube channel. It's a community, and it's a way for you to make an impact.

    This is one I'd really like to win!
    I'm an ex-professional chef, semi-retired now. While I DO have some very nice knives, I have never had copper pans at home. I know their strengths and I probably do have the level of experience where I could actually know and appreciate the special properties of copper, and I would be able to "put it through its paces". I also know the extra care that is required to care for it and would care for it the way it is supposed to be cared for. I don't think most people know that copper is a commitment. If chosen, it would go to someone who would love it the same way you did.

    In my time off, I help teach cooking skills to people who were chronically unemployed, who were homeless or who were ex-offenders trying to start a new life. With those skills, they can be gainfully employed, support themselves and their family and contribute to their community. I also help distribute food to the working poor and teach classes on healthy food choices to kids. I also donate a bit of my income to help those causes.
    If I am selected, I will donate a high-quality set of moderate price high quality tri-ply stainless steel in excellent condition, the set that this will replace, to individuals in those programs. You know I already have donated many of my old knives and many low-cost/high-value knives that I have purchased to graduates of those programs.
    If selected, it would obviously enhance my joy of cooking. But ALSO you will be leveraging that gift to change the lives of less fortunate people who are actively working to change their lives. They're not asking for a handout. They're asking for a hand UP. Hopefully, there will also be a ripple effect on their families, and on the lives of other individuals that see the example of those changed lives. A chance where they once thought there was none.

    Enjoy your new Mauviel pans!
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. I want that set because I love to cook, I have a field company cast iron pan….I almost bought the same pan but didn't, well couldnt..hahaha I would put them to use cooking for my family and love them till I'm buried with them.

  3. Some of my wife’s most cherished childhood memories are of the copper molds her grandmother had hanging in her kitchen. They were beautiful and useful. She remembers loving the desserts she made in them. We have scrimped and saved to make a homey kitchen, and Angela’s grandmother’s copper hangs there now. Hopefully one day we’ll have grandchildren to pass them on to. Copper cookware is a living legacy. We’d love to add you to our story.

  4. I'm a medical student and an aspiring home chef. Cooking is one of the few things I do to keep myself sane from all the studying and stress. Would love to get even just 1 piece of the set! Gl to everyone else.

  5. Nothing wrong with unboxing videos, I love those kind of videos, and review videos too. I would like to see some cooking videos as well.

  6. Im not going to lie to you and tell you Im a single mother… But I did just get married. We could certainly make use of any pans or knife or stone you are willing to part with. It would be going to a nice home. She is Japanese and I am Nebraskan. We both have a great appreciation and respect for gifts. Anyway, goodluck with your new pans. I find a silicone spatula keeps a pan functional for a very long time.

  7. I would give these pans to an amazing woman. A fantastic chef, she loves cooking but lost her passion for it when she lost her Restaurant when the owner of the building sold it. I know these pans would reignite her passion.
    Good luck to everyone wanting/needing these pans.

  8. What's Up Ricky! I'd love to have the copper cookware; I am an aspiring chef, and also a father to a 2 year old boy. My girlfriend and I are on the verge of getting a place together and the cookware would be awesome to have! Love the content and it's awesome how much you give back to your subscribers! Cheers

  9. Hello Rikki, I am a type 1 diabetic and a college student. I have been trying to avoid fast food for quite some time. it is hard for me to make my own meals with the one frying pan and pot I have lol. I would really enjoy some nice pots and pans to cook with. If you don't choose me, id still like to say that I love your videos and have really inspired me to start cooking for myself.

  10. Please don’t include me in the giveaway. There are people more deserving than me.

    That Mauviel set looks amazing—those handles look pretty sick. I considered this set among a couple others and ultimately decided on the All-Clad Copper Core which is a 5-ply construction like your Mauviel set. Cooking content on those pots and pans would be great!

  11. You have to get rid of them!?! Why? Because they don't match your house?… How pretentious………. I am sorry, I never thought I would feel this way about you…. 'disappointed'

  12. Hey! Love your videos 😍 If anything I'd love to give a set of pans to my mom. She really has been the greatest, and will always be thankful for her teaching me to cook. Thanks Mom!
    *Recently moved out/ college graduate!

  13. hey ryky, i hope those pans go to someone who really needs them. reading some of the comments of people explaining their situations i wouldn't even feel right asking. you've got a great channel and you've truly influenced my decision making when it comes to knife purchases. i wish i had the money to properly equip myself with a full outfit of knives, but i'm getting by with what i have, and it will be something to look forward to as a goal. even the fact of you mentioning having a vitamix in this video has confirmed to me that i should go with my gut and save up the extra money and not settle for the ninja. i would love to see some videos of you recreating recipes, especially gordon ramsay's–i would say he is single handedly responsible for getting me into cooking. i've tried making his beef wellington, roasted pumpkin soup, shepherd's pie, lobster risotto, and a few others that i'm forgetting–and it's always worth it. i have some pictures on instagram of how they came out. looking forward to your future content

  14. Love those Mauviel pans, they look great. As for the copper pans, I would love them for my Mum, fantastic cook but could never afford anything like that. She would love them. Oh and love your channel.

    My wife, our son and I moved back to Alaska. I drove through the U.S. and Canada, and along the way our trailer broke down. Almost everything we owned was stolen.
    I had a nice 1830 Mauviel Copper cookware (not a full set, but a lot) (oh, and with the cast iron handles, because that's the best). Long story short, we're about to move into what will be our new home, and we have nothing. No pots, no pans, no plates, no cutting boards, no knives, nothing.
    So this would help. (Fingers crossed).

  16. copper isn't about looks it's how the food tastes and that is bether than other materials rvs is inferior any who, falk has rvs claded copper for induktion

  17. As a homecook starting out his cooking collection, having that cooking set will really help me out. I recently just bought a decent knife set and am now looking to upgrade my pots and pans as well. Right now, all I have is a singular frying pan, a pot and small saucepan to use for all my dishes so I want to upgrade them and that copper set would be perfect

  18. Hi, that copper cook set looks great. The cook set that I am currently using is the one my wife and I got when we got married 13 years ago. It's showing its age and now with two kids and two dogs finding the money for a high quality set is a luxury. I love cooking and my 6 year old helps me cook and she has even learned how to sharpen a knife by watching your videos.

    My daughter and I will give the set a new home where it will be used and well loved.


  19. poor uniiversity student trying to build up my kitchen got some knives and stuff really struggling to find good cookware on the cheap

  20. My daughter Alexandra who is 10 is obsessed with cooking and following her dream trying to learn all she can to get on Master Chef Junior, and she would love the opportunity to use some great copper cookware! Thanks for sharing the vid as always!

  21. My mother wakes up every day at 5 am to cook for my Dad and I and they've been using cookware that is almost black. But they would never buy new things. I do my part by buying them some cookware and sharpening their knives, but good quality pots and pans are above my paygrade. I absolutely do not need all of them, so if you give them to me, you'll be supplying cookware to at least 4 families 🙂 Appreciate you giving them away to people, I'm sure whoever gets them will use them well!

  22. I'm getting married to the most amazing girl Ina few months, and we are both moving out of our parents house, starting fresh! I love cooking, and I've loved cooking ever since I was young. This set would be the world's greatest starter set! 🙂

  23. My two sons got there own place living together. My youngest is attending Culinary Lab Cooking School, Wanted to get them nice Allclad stuff but cannot fork out over a grand right now..

  24. Since my native Village that connects with my upbringing, all my family members and cooks ofcourse used copper cookware and also copper utensils as we also did eat in them. its was a tradition as my parents say its healthy to cook and eat in them. But Since we move into the City our we changed to most common Stainless steel utensils and as here said Silver- hazel Aluminium cookware to cook our food as availibilty. I only remember drinking water in them in my childhood. Currently I started looking for Copper cookware again due to its benefits, but good quality are nowhere available now even in the main utensil market, i only get them on a online vendor but they sell them only in wholesale. I Would Love to have my hands on them. nonetheless Thanks rik

  25. Hey Rikki, I'm a young home chef thats moving from Chile, to the US, after 6 long years abroad. My wife and I are leaving everything behind in Chile in hopes to make it into the food world in the US. We literally only have two suitcases with our things (mostly clothes and presents) but we LOVE cooking for our friends and family. So we're in need of kitchenware!! We're moving to the Chicago area soon, and if we are honored enough to receive your gifted pots and pans, you will for certain be invited to have a meal with us and show you they'll be in good hands!

  26. Hello, my name is Leon and I'm 26 years old Chef student.
    I'm writing this comment without much hope of receiving the cookware, but I have my history and I would like to share with you.

    For me, everything started 2 years ago when I realized that I was not happy with my software engineer career. So, I made the decision of quitting a stable and well-payed position in my old company.
    For two years I saved all the money that I could and 11 months ago I moved out of my home country(Brazil) to follow my dreams in Canada. In 2018 March I left my ex-girlfriend, sister, mother and family crying at the airport while I was pursuing my selfish dreams, which is become a chef.

    In 2018 September your channel entered in my life by necessity. I got accepted in the best Nova Scotia college and all my life's economies were used to pay almost 30,000 CAD in tuitions, which far I so don't regret.
    Because of that, I could not afford the $400 in chefs clothes, $300 in books and almost 600CAD in knives. Thank god one of the chef instructors put himself in my shoes and lent me old books and chef clothes.

    EXACTLY IN THIS MOMENT, YOUR CHANNEL ENTERED IN MY LIFE. As I could not afford good knives, I bought a 30 dollars Amazon's knives set. Which sucks really bad. So, every day after classes I was watching your tutorials about how to sharpening a knife.

    To short my history. With only 3 months of studies, I was already seen as the star student in my course and I got a position as a commis chef in the best restaurant in my city. Moreover, as an international student, I have a limit of working hours per week imposed by Canada Govern, which means I have to live with something around 650 to 700 CAD per month. Struggling to pay my rent, food and bus pass.

    Receive this cookware would mean to me much more than receive some pans. It would mean receive for the first time good STUDIES and WORKING equipment. Right now I have only a non-stick pan and a milk pan.

    Thank you for your time and it's everything about the angle. 😉

  27. My family has for the past 10 years worked with a minority people group in Crimea called the Crimean Tatars. 5 years ago we had to leave the Crimean Peninsula when the Russians invaded and occupied the Ukrainian peninsula. Since that time, we have been living in Kiev, Ukraine working with the refugees as they leave. We have had 100's of Crimean Tatar refugees in our house over the past 5 years, some living with us for up to 6 months. We also host every Saturday night a Crimean Tatar Cooking club in our house with on average 20-25 coming every week to cook a meal together, be in a safe place where they can talk among themselves without worrying about what others think of them and what they are saying. On special occasions, we have had up to 95 refugees in our house for holidays or other special events. What is sad is that when we had to evacuate Crimea when the Russians invaded we were only able to take one suitcase and had to leave everything else behind where it has been stuck for 5 years. The anniversary of that day is coming up on February 27. My wife had a nice set (not super nice, but a good set) of cookware that she used on a constant basis with our cooking clubs while we lived in Crimea, but for the past 5 years we relied on bits and pieces from other people that we bought to try to get enough to feed everyone. We have been in America for this past year, but are finishing up our time and getting ready to head back to Ukraine to get back to helping the Crimean Tatar people. It would be great to have a set of cookware like this to help a people group that is facing so much trouble.

  28. Just recently subscribed bc I was looking into getting my 1st set good kitchen knives. Love the channel man would love the set.

  29. im actually a dude that cooks for my family – trying to get a family raised on eating out of boxes and cans to eating hand prepared and fresh ingredients is hard using the hodgepodge of cheap utensils that we currently have – id luv that beautiful set to prepare healthy eye pleasing food!

  30. Hey! Just bought a home with my girlfriend and we’ve always love watching your channel and we enjoy cooking at home. These would look so great in our new home and would be a fun sorry to tell when we have guest over.

  31. Working as a pastry chef by profession, it is essential for one to have a copper set, especially when handling sugar. It is also a great addition to my copper collection which I recently started (KitchenAid Custom Metallic in Satin Copper and Bodum Burr Grinder in shiny copper) Rest assured that it would be in good hands.

  32. Ryky, that's a nice thing to give away. Pick someone you think will use them. I will say that someone that can afford them doesn't need free ones, so choose wisely.

  33. Ill give it a go.. Retired to live on a ranch grandfather that enjoys cooking family meals for the kids and grand kids. I cook at least 4 times a week. Just now made some rice to go with the pot roast I made last night. Tomorrow will probably be chicken alfredo or marsala. I try and keep the menu here at home diverse since my wife is a nurse and its nice to give her a good meal while she is away at work.
    Glad to see your channel cranking up! Ive been here subscribed since you were at 39K. Waiting to hear if anything will come of the guy that sent you the case of knives when you only asked for 1..

  34. I am a college student and this is my first year cooking entirely for myself. I really enjoy cooking, but I have only been able to afford a few cheap pans (currently I only have three nonstick skillets and a 6qt dutch oven, so this really limits the types of food I can cook) and I would appreciate it if you would consider me for the give away. This copper cookware is very high quality and it would really allow me to explore different types of food, and really step up the quality of food I can cook. I really enjoy your sharpening videos and hope one day I will be able to afford more than a cheap whetstone and low quality knives.

  35. I'm not a single mom, but I did lose my entire Le Creuset set, in addition to all of my good knives (just 2 shun and 1 kramer) when it was stolen from my storage unit this past year. So depressing. Nothing that can't be replaced though 🙂 (AHUMMMM) 😉

  36. Sooooooo gay. Its cookware. I have had the same stainless steel for 10 yrs and it cooks my food. California materialist mindset makes me sick. Please shoot me if I waste that much money to cook my family's food. Shoot me again if I buy more over priced cookware to match my kitchen.

  37. Hey Rikki, your old cookware would be a HUGE upgrade from my cheap non-stick set. Escpecially since the non stick coating is starting to get really bad. I'm just a student so I can't afford something fancy like copper pans/pots lol. But I love cooking so yeah would be rather nice.

  38. I’d nominate my wife. She donates all of her time to raising our kids and community volunteering. Money is always tight but this last year has been worse with paying for expensive therapy for our oldest after she survived a mass shooting at school (also cancelled Valentines Day forever). She cooks constantly on some 20 year old cheap set and never complains. She is so strong and never allows us to do anything for her.

  39. I have these but with the older style iron handles. Mauviel had to change their handles because the forge that made them burned down. I also love the contrast of the silver stainless and the dark handles. They cook so beautifully. I also still have my Bourgeat copper as well.

  40. This kit you have makes zero sense. This is like professional grade stuff and you keep admitting you're not even a cook. And btw, copper cookware isnt made to match your cabinets (as you admitted why you got rid of your set), it's made because it holds heat well and evenly. Anyways, the benefits of spending that much for cookware is not even going to be known to you. Unless you're making French mother sauces and jus for hours on end all day and week. You could have gotten an equally good set for your skill level for 1/10th of the price and never known the difference. Unless youre cooking on these for hours on end in a professional kitchen there's no reason to go for this set. Complete overkill.

  41. Funny, you went from a copper set, to a stainless set made by a company typically known for its copper stuff. Heck, I didn't even realize Mauviel MADE stainless! Another nice SS line to check out is the Atlantis/Proline stuff by Demeyere. I recently picked up a 9.5" skillet during a sale and it's a tank. Super heavy duty – great heat retention but also responds quickly to changes in heat. Feels like you could pound nails with it all day and still have it sit flat on a burner.

  42. Hi Rikki, Love your channel and what you do. I learned so much about knives from you and hope to get my hands on decent knife one day. Anyways, I've always used dollar tree and hand me down cookware and would love to get a change to try what a real set feels like. I cook 3 items a week for my wife and two toddlers. Hope you pick me

  43. Question: I’m new at sharpening, however I have a shosera 1000 and a Naniwa 4000 stones for a yaxell chef knife, what other stone would you recommend me to have a cleaner and better edge? Thanks in advance!

  44. Enameled cast iron is a great buy. All the pros of cast iron with none of the maintenance or worry about seasoning.

    Super heavy though.

  45. Hey Ryky, it's good that you have a spot in your heart for single Moms. There are a lot of them out there that are struggling and working hard to get by. However, they also get a lot of attention. What doesn't get as much attention is the divorced fathers that are paying 30% (me) or more of their net monthly pay in "child support". There are a lot of us fathers that are struggling to continue through life, have expanding families, and are struggling to try and provide for said families because child support tables are unrealistic, and they have unforgiving ex's. Not all single mothers are hard done by, and not all of them deserve sympathy. There are many that do, yes, but also many that are getting better than they deserve.

    I'm not even saying this to try and get sympathy in an attempt to get the pans. I don't need them, I have a good set. I want people to be more aware of the struggles that divorced fathers have to deal with.

  46. Hello Mr Ryky
    Hope I spell your name correctly. Thank you in advance for taking time to read my comment and all other comments. I hope to win this cook set so I could gift them to my aunt. She works 2 part time jobs as an elderly care giver. But her full time job is a home cook and a mom. Her husband also works very hard to put their daughter through college.
    No matter how busy she is she always manage to whip up some badass meal with what little she has in the fridge and pantry. She always cook extra food for me because she knows I live by myself. She has been using the same Teflon cook set since she came to US, 14 years ago.
    Best regards

  47. I would love those Copper pots since I kinda destroyed one of my Mum's pots burning caramel lol. Would be an awesome prezzie for my mum since she raised my 2 bros and me single-handedly with her home cook.

  48. I'd love to use those on my cooking channel, if you'd like to keep the cycle going 😀 Love your videos either way. Thanks for all of the blade knowledge!

  49. I'm English, so I live right next door to the French, and I can tell you now that all the French in the World are gay. I just thought you ought to know seeing as you are using French made pans. It's up to you what you do with the very helpful info I have told you. I trust you will make the right decision. Bye.

  50. Oh WOW!…I don't have copper ones, and there well used, been on my own for many years again, but when I cook, I cook for an army, but it's just pretty much my self, stuffing the freezer for those rainy days. So yea, I'd love them, but if for your timing as now, maybe a Valentine's theme fit the one couple that's due!…thank so for all you share!

  51. Hello I'm Thomas and I'm 16 years old. I would love to have the cooking set😍. I just bought my first "professional" knife because I like cooking very much. But I still don't have a good cooking set.

  52. I am a married father of four children and I do almost all the cooking at home. I don’t mind since it’s healthier than processed frozen dinners or fast food. I enjoy making their favorite meals, especially on weekends when my wife works. She works 12 hour shifts so I like to make nice meals for her when I can. It can be a chore to find different ways to make vegetables more palatable for my kids but through trial and error I find out how I can include them with their favorite dishes. I’ve been using the same cookware set we got as a wedding gift for 15 years now. I’ve learned how to use them properly and cook efficiently but they are showing their age. I would love those copper pots and pans and I think they would help me get better at putting a meal together quickly without worrying about hot spots like I have with my beat up cookware. I would definitely look forward to cleaning and taking care of these.

  53. Rikki, a generous offer by far knowing what the pans cost, what they do, and how much you could sell them for, you are choosing to give. That is admirable and a fine example of giving. It's no widow's mite, but it's generous all the same. Good on you!

  54. I'm a young cook from Barcelona (Spain). Thanks to you I've learnt how to take care of my knives and how to sharpen them properly 😉 Lately, I've been thinking about getting my bussiness started, to work on something for my own: a small food truck. But Barcelona is a difficult place to start this kind of project. Your copper cookware would be great to get my dreams come true! 🙂

  55. I'm no Mom and not single but I cook with pans I collected with stamps. The copper would really look great in our small kitchen!
    Yet I've no dire need for them I think they're beautiful

  56. My husband (a retired disabled veteran injured in the line of duty), son & I recently moved into our first house after years of living in an apartment for about 8 years while my husband was recovering – it hasn't been easy. Unfortunately, there were a lot of one pot meals & over time we have slowly been thrift shopping to try & find some nice cookware on a retirees budget – it's been a more misses than hits. We have found that through this experience, the one thing that has brought us back together as a family is cooking & it has really gotten my husband out of his shell laughing & interacting with the family again – he's even been taking food that he's prepared to his parents house (they're in their 80's) just so he can visit with them. It's amazing to see how theraputic cooking can be – he used to not leave the house for weeks on end, & now I can't stop the guy! In short, he would love a set like you're offering, it would seriously make our year 🙂

  57. Me and my girlfriend are moving in together and we are deciding between all of our cookware/furniture what should make the final cut and stay with us both… I'm a bartender by trade and all of my tools have always been copper, but my kitchen ware is a mix of cast iron and stainless steel. She really like all my barware out on display and I know she'd love it if our pots matched!!

  58. I have a large family and we have nothing but some
    Small pots and one pot
    For boiling water. These are amazing.
    I hope it’s me.
    Good luck everyone.

  59. Is it considered "hate speech" or "politically incorrect" to say you prefer to give free stuff to a single mom with 5 kids? Haha! That's discrimination man! XD
    Seriously though, I hope someone who needs them gets them.
    I like the idea of watching you squirm in the kitchen! That sounds as entertaining as seeing someone make an awesome looking dish.

  60. You say goodbye, and I say hello.
    I am a student who has been living with their siblings for many years, however one of them has decided to buy a house, with that possession wise many things will not be available to my disposal. As a 'mature' student I understand the value in being able to prepare food and eating as I budget my finances in order to allow me to be able to save money while studying. Although I am not desperate as I would be content with a medium and small saucepan the whole set overall would enable me to be able to continue cooking without altercations which would be fantastic. Either way,
    cheers Ryky!

  61. Obviously, cookware is a personal preference but you will not get the control from the stainless that you will from the copper. I have used them all and always go back to copper. nice cookware though I use Ruffoni copper. BTW, stick to the knives, they are very informative and cooking on youtube are a dime a dozen.

  62. Its cookware. Pots and pans are working tools used to prepare the nurtitious flavorfulfood you eat. You match the carpet and drapes, the table and chairs in the dining room. A kitchen is a workshop where over-attention to esthetics and decor suggests the hand of a dillantant. A matched set of good cookware in sizes and configurations suited to your style of cooking is worth z good price. But to reject perfectly functional copper cookware because it doesn't "go" with a blender is downright frivolous.

    Many good cooks I know have over the years equipped themselves with a mix of pots and pans, cast iron skillets in a couple sizes, stainless stockpot, aluminum lids – a miscillany. Yet they bring forth every day meals and holiday feasts from what may be thrift store finds and hand-me-downs. IOW, it ain't the tool that works the miracles, it's the tool user.

    Snub the sneerers: relish your kitchenware. Defy the critics and the decorators. If they couldn't terrorize by disapproval they'd have to find productive work.

    There's a story about a tom cat who got into so many battles and sired so many kittens his owner took him to the vet to have him neutered. When Tom came home, his buddies gathered to offer sympathy for old tom cat was a legend. "What are you going to do now, Tom," one asked. "Well, fellows, it's obvious I can't perform so maybe I'll become a critic."

  63. I don't want to get too emotional or sentimental, because this is a lighthearted channel about knives and sharpening. And, of course, your viewers don't deserve to be brought down. I don't speak about this too much with people. But my 93-year-old grandmother was made from solid copper. She would read oldy-time stories to me and my sisters at night. But no sounds would come out, because her vocal cords were made from solid copper. We would stroke her shoulder and say "It's okay, grandma." But then her stainless steel lining would fall on the floor, making a horrible clanging sound, waking my baby sister.

    One day while out walking, grandma slipped on some ice and fell into a blacksmith's forging furnace. (A freak accident to be sure.) By the time he had stopped the bellows, and tamed the white-hot flames enough to retrieve her scorched remains, she was a wrinkled heap. I vowed that very day that I would someday own previously-owned copper cookthings, offered by YouTube knife gurus. Cookthings whose stainless linings would never fall out and wake sleeping children. Things to help remind me of grandma, and her sweet, gentle ways.
    And to warn and remind us all of her tragic, fiery demise.

  64. I think it would be great if you did some food prep and/or cooking videos.
    I’m sure that there are other people who deserve those pants much more than I do. I will say that my father recently passed and unfortunately I was not able to get his pans before they were lost. I grew up watching him cook, and his love of knives is what brought me to your channel. In fact I was able to rescue my father’s knives because of your channel! I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.
    I also wanted to say how sorry I am about your dog. I know how hard it is to lose part of your family like that.
    Anyway, hi to your family and looking forward to some cooking videos!

  65. That is some of THE best cookware on the planet. It will be a joy for you to cook with. Handles are very comfy even for the weight of the cookware. Hope you enjoy brotha!!

  66. Single moms made poor choices in life. They don’t need to get rewarded. They chose a poor excuse of a father who left, or she left him to be with another guy with more money, looks, and status. Single moms need to learn how to cook before they deserve quality cookware.

  67. ALL clad has debuted the C4 copper line. Considered their most precise and efficient line over their COPPER CORE line. Check it out.

  68. I just found at GCF (a donation center) an All-Clad C4 8-in pan and the saute pan and sniped them for $8, pity the rest of the set wasn't there. They're in great condition and the copper has a really nice looking patina on the saute pan, purple and blue.

  69. _Does it have 18/10 engraved anywhere ON the pans.?? (like a FISSLER or DEMEYERE) Or is the "18/10 Steel"
    just a claim by MAUVIEL..
    Thank you.

  70. Maybe mix this with showing off some French knives. Would go good with the Mauviel set. French knives with French cookware.

  71. Oh man I just got to your channel! Would love them. I cook all our meals for my family. Would love at set even if they were used. I used my sisters set while visiting and feel in love with!

  72. What happened to their traditional cast iron handles???? These anodized things are going to look like crap one day. The iron handles are the best. All of a sudden you cannot find them on any Mauviel: copper, stainless, whatever.

  73. I am a cook frim the Philippines and im workiing abriod here in saipan.i love cooking and im ling time dreaming to have a copper cookware even a singoe one.definitely love copper and my passion is cooking.thank you ang God bless!

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