SBSS 11. Gold is the Gut Reaction, Silver is the Smart Decision

SBSS 11. Gold is the Gut Reaction, Silver is the Smart Decision


  1. Even of silver isn't good to use as a new currency, there are many uses for it such as in electronics and in the medical field. Silver is also a hedge against inflation. So of any thing buy silver to protect your purchasing power or if the S really does HTF, use it for medical purposes such as colloidal silver.

  2. I personally believe that silver (and gold) will be very valuable during the collapse. Just look back in history during the 16-18 century, why would have silver and gold been so valuable if they didn't have all the tech and medical advances that demand it like we do today?

  3. What makes you think that the elites will lose their power once the fiat dollars collapse, if they have most of the gold? Most people won't have silver or gold. They'll turn to their institutions and political and financial elites to tell them what to do.

    I think the next currency will be a govt issued currency backed by gold.

  4. Hey TruthNeverTold, first off I love your videos. There is one thing I need to ask you Im a 18 year old male, since this whole crash of the dollar thing is happening is it a wise idea to go to college in this stage of the game. Lastly I work two jobs and I putting most of my money into silver. Thanks in advance your awesome.

  5. @Sonyfan2006 Going into debt to learn skills that are only good in this paper paradigm is not smart. Using your time to apprentice real skills that provide real value and resonate with you is the best investment you can make. Remember your generation will thrive once the old paradigm is lifted off of your backs, just make sure you are ready for it.

  6. @ferrari4sale Why go to college to learn in the first place. Pick up a book and read things that interest you. Work or even intern in fields that interest you. I got paid 6 figures learning about the internet. I am sure many farmers would live to have young blood on the field.

  7. Chris, it's difficult to stack anything when cost of living is on the continual increase, and all I can hope to do is barely clear a few hundred dollars a month to my name. If I decrease my standard of living any further, I'll be on the street with no way to get to the job I do have. I just figured my budget, and cost of living has doubled for me since 2008. I've moved into a smaller house, started eating less, and driving less, and it still doubled. I feel like I'm stuck.

  8. IMO gold will not crash because it is the real basis of the "elites" money, they will do everything they can to maintain it's worth and crash everything else. I do think silver is great, but really only for exchange purposes as you can more easily buy less expensive items with it. Anyway after the dollar implodes(and it will, by design) the top bankers will issue a world currency that is completely digital, which will be even more fragile than the paper money.

  9. @Firepower357 You ain't seen nothing yet. Unless you have wealth that benefits from the inflation like silver you will see you expenses go to 90% of your income going to just Food and Fuel by the time this hyperinflation is done. Stack silver dimes like your life depends on it.

  10. @Firepower357 And start working outside the paradigm. Do things that provide real value and chances are that you will be able to barter and make more money. Farming is going to be where the next millionaires are.

  11. Hey chris, I've been stacking silver for a little while now and I'm curious of your opinion on something.. Would it be a smart idea to invest a little bit of my money in gold anyway? Even 1/20th of an oz? Is it a good idea to diversify my metals buy obtaining small amounts of the higher cost stuff like gold palladium and platinum? I know my dollar will go much farther with silver, as it has for the months I've started stacking, but do you think it would be a regrettable decision to purchase?

  12. @convex0089 I personally own NO gold and I believe silver will out perform gold 5 to 50 times in real purchasing power based off of the wasteful history of silver and they highly manipulated gold to silver ratio.

  13. @mreh5an They are so indoctrinated in Keyensian economics and silver has been demonitized for so long it is not even on their radar. They probably view it as tin. They do get gold but they hate it because it is a challenge to their fiat system.

  14. You can get a start on food and water storage by googling my food storage. They have buckets of food and their smallest water container is five gallons. Make sure to purchase some iodine tablets to purify the contaminants in whatever water you'll store in the water boxes.

  15. I really cannot agree with you any more Chris. Well done. Stacker for life, will always maintain tangible silver and pass to kids one day – along with the 'money lesson'

  16. Nice professional looking gentlemen on display. Real manager material for any midwest location. I know as I was raised in the hell called Il. These people stuck in city's will be up the creek with zero survival skills. The 9mm glock of the ghetto boy will be replaced by the 12 ga of the country boy. Can't hunt,fish,filter water, dispense medicine. A lost population that will fall of the map.

  17. Really need some help. I've started investing in silver bars particularly from Nadir Metals. Its the only silver bar available here in my location. Am I buying the right silver? Thanks again for the videos.

  18. yes my friend the world mines 100 million oz gold india and china and russia combined buy up 45-50 million oz there 50 million oz left if 3 million people buy 15-17 oz then the markets get cornerd

    like 800 million oz is mined 400 million oz goes to uses so if 4 million people buy 200 oz thats the markets cornerd

  19. Oh my god. Kill me. Kill myself. I cannot afford this stuff, I'm so poor. 🙁
    I don't wanna have my life cut short, cmon. ><

  20. In the event of the US dollar and other fiat currencies collapse, followed by a worldwide depression, won't the demand for high-tech/industrial goods fall off a cliff? Therefore the demand for silver from those industries will also collapse, won't it? Admittedly, silver will retain more value than paper money, and you will be able to use silver as a currency, but I don't think you're going to get rich in the conventional sense, only relatively to those who only had paper money who are made poor.

  21. I would like to be an affiliate for silver bullet silver shield, need a ID to do this can someone tell me how I get an ID to become an affiliate?

  22. @AztecaHaztaLaMuerte thank the viewer that made them at Universalsubtitles org. If there is a video that does not have the make them and send them to me.

  23. @shad akr no us stackers are thankful for a low price to stack more. The game will be over when people like you finally see the light.

  24. cash for gold is one of the most biggest scams out there u can get more at a cheap rip off pawn shop then cash for gold or as some call it in a area we pay u too scam u later plz!!! and they don't even show u how they do the whole scam of course but at least they pay u a cheap rip off price that the candy store would say hey i love ur cash can i have some? and get more by buying or using a cheap rip off 90 cent commercial any ways that is it running out of space and gb?.

  25. Excellent presentation, and well done my friend! However, I do see only one fatal flaw in your hypotheses, and that being silver will never be more popular than "Justie Bee," because there is only 90 lbs of him on all of earth, much more rare than Ag…. peace!

  26. Gold is money, silver is not.
    Industry is going away from silver, camera film was made from silver, now we use digital.Gold is also important in industry, its the greatest conductor of electricity, you cant make computer chips without it.Also if you do decide to buy it, buy bars, coins are money, and its illegal to destroy money. The refinery can be forced to give you only the face value or not accept it at all, this has happened in the past.

  27. Hello,I just bought Fine Silver Coin – Maple Leaf Impression: for $60 then I went to the buy-silver shop around the house and they said they would give me $4 for that coin. How am I supposed to profit in 20 years from now, when I am losing $54 dollars. I do not get it. I am confused. Should I stay away from these type of coins? buy bars?

  28. I understand the coin has a colector's value and not a net weight vaule. But if the dollar collapses or I ant to sell them in 20 years, are people give me at least the same $60 dollars I paid today.

  29. You need to do some research bud. You paid wayyyy too much for that. Usually there is a sizeable premium on top of the spot price which is ~$22 right now. I just bought a few ounces for ~$27 from silvergoldbull . com. Although there are a number of online distributors. They also buy back the coins for spot +$1. So I bought it for 27 and can sell back immediately for 23, but nobody buys silver short-term. Do not sell your coin for $4. And do not buy them for $60.

  30. I don't know much about this, but I know that a oz of silver is worth like $23. so if your coin is one oz which I think most are, it should be worth that. If you paid $60 for an oz of silver though you are crazy…

  31. your right but.
    Gold is used in high-end electronic connectors, computer chips for example. The truth is, gold is preferred for these applications not because it is a great conductor, but rather because it is highly resistant to corrosion.
    SILVER is tops.
    Even this is not true, when you get into super conductors but they wont work at room temperature at least not yet

  32. "STOP THE FLOW" of $$$ & the Elitist will panic & react, the beast will weaken & die, & the chains of oppression will be loosed & the people will become free, at least the ones who don't worship the beast.

  33. Prepping for the end? The problem with what your suggesting people do , when you go to trade your high value coins someone will rightly assume you have more then kill you and probably your family and then take your silver and probably all your food . Then sell your kids as slaves . You will have invited this on your self by prepping and forget that nature is survival of the fittest not the most intelligent . Take away the law and your just flesh for the pile. Anarchy is chaos and you can't prep for chaos .

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  35. I recommend anyone to buy food, water, gold, silver and a independently heated house with a boiler. Collapse is coming.

  36. Why aren't other stable PM's commonly bought? Rhodium, a PM used in science, rose up to nearly $10,000 an oz. during the housing bubble before the liquidity crisis, but almost nobody took notice of it.

  37. The Anglo-Jews make money out of our gold and silver that suppose to be in our pockets instead of fluctuating printed paper notes that gives also dodgy loopholes to our governments to steal our precious wealth and also trade our gold and silver for huge profits via banksters.

  38. All paper assets will not be destroyed.  The dollar my plummet, but some other reserve currency will fill it's place.  I don't think we'll be carrying around gold ingots.  Maybe 1 gram bars though!

  39. I will bet a trillion pounds of silver that this nutjob works for a company that sells silver to clueless, paranoid, fools.

  40. silver is certainly the best investment there is today and those who don't own any they will be sucking hind wind period

  41. I have a bunch of silver Eagles. One day I had my house cleaned. I offered a silver eagle as payment to the cleaner. She wouldn't have any of it! I had to go to the bank to get ordinary paper money to pay her! So…

  42. just bought 45 ounces of silver for like 1k dollar, (did not use dollar) that is incredibly cheep! thats over a kg for that small amount of money, i will have more value than most in the world, and that was less money than i make a month. (im poor where i live) if i get a few more months, before the economy collapses, i will be rich in the next world… damn the system is broken

  43. IF you went full bull during the period this video was made you lost your ass on silver. I feel sorry for everyone who jumped on the bandwagon just because it rose up to 40 bucks for a short period.

  44. The more you clowns keep pumping this up makes it seem like penny stocks ( cheap ). Silver is a long time hold to maintain some value compared to the fiat dollar. most of you guys make it sound like a pump and dump stock. why are you all pumping so hard? why do you give a shit if others own it? Knock it off, let others live and die on there own.

  45. silver has bounced between 50 to 100 oz. of silver to one oz. of gold for the last 140 years…. don't see it closing the gap..
    silver just now became a currency again
    going to be fun watching what Crypto does to the money system.

  46. If you found this video interesting. You'll definitely want to check out this brief clip:
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  47. Silver has one flaw. $6,000 in silver weighs 26 pounds. $6,000 in gold weighs 5 ounces. That's the main problem.

  48. When this was made…no banks did own silver. But now in 2018…JP Morgan owns SHITLOADS of silver. The bankers didn't corner the worlds wealth by being foolish. They got the gold first…now they will work on getting the silver. The Russian government is doing the same.


  50. One thing you don’t mention is that there is vat on silver in most countries, which makes you 20% underwater upon purchase of silver.

    That’s a big downside of silver to be considered before buying

  51. Palladium went from $100 almost $1200 oz. because it
    In short supply and is essential
    for cleaning auto emissions.
    Silver is hardly in short supply.
    Bankers could not suppress.
    the price if it were.

  52. Before the dollar crashes, they want to plunge us Europeans into civil war unrest chaos and most important into war with Russia.
    At the same time they are strengthening ties and relations with China. Is already setting up Slave Ghost cities for westerners…

  53. My heart is breaking because people won't listen to us Chris , it makes me sad 😥 What have the little one's do to anyone??? Why should they go hungry ???

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