Scariest Pokemon Creepypastas – Lost Silver

Scariest Pokemon Creepypastas – Lost Silver

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Creepypasta known as Lost Silver The protagonist in this story describes himself
as a simple college student living alone in an apartment. He was so excited about the
release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver that he locked himself out of all media and
the internet for that matter, well except for school purposes. Unfortunately school
took precedence and because he was a broke college kid at the time he couldnt afford
to get either game upon launch. Still wanting to play Pokemon on his Gameboy Color he travelled
to his local GameStop and picked up a used copy of Pokemon Silver. Upon starting his trip down memory lane the
gamer notices something bizarre. The Game Freak logo started up normally, but then it
froze. No matter what he tried he couldnt fix this glitch in the old cartridge. Upon
restarting it several times the logo vanished and it faded to a black screen. Instead of
the usual menu that would appear he started it what appeared to be a previous save file.
This is where things begin to get really strange. The previous owners name was just three dots,
their profile had 999 hours put into the game, they had all 16 badges, 99 thousand 9 hundred
and 99 Pokedollars and all 251 Pokemon in the Pokedex. Assuming this mysterious owner
had an amazing team the protagonist was shocked to find that it was just 5 Unowns, with the
sixth Pokemon named Hurry in all caps. Having a basic knowledge that the Unowns represent
letters he looked into it to find that his team spelt out the word Leave. There was a
strange silence as well amongst the Pokemon, none of them cried out like they normally
do. After putting away this startling find our protagonist realized he was in a room
inside of the Bellsprout tower. He searched for a way out and ended up stumbling upon
a ladder behind the main pillar that led him into a dark room. A chill went up his spine
as the theme music from the Ruins of where you find the Unown started playing. He remembered
that the pokemon named Hurry was a Cyndaquil so thinking quickly he used flash to light
up the room. He would regret this almost instantly. The room was covered in blood with a thin
grey path heading south to a sign post. The sign read – Turn back now – Yes or No – He
hit yes and luckily it allowed him to leave the room and end that creepy tune. Suddenly
his Cyndaquil fainted and his team was replaced with Unowns that spelt out the words – He
Died – Things began getting more and more bizarre. His badge count was at 24 now for
some reason and his sprites arms were missing. The rope animation played and his sprite sank
into the ground. Now his sprites character was completely white, his legs were missing,
bloody tears were flowing from his eyes and his badge count.. Was now 32. Now having an
intuition that this game was either hacked or cursed, he checked the team to find 5 unowns
spelling out the word Dying and a Celebi with one leg, one arm, one eye and one attack – Perish
Song. After wandering around for a bit and finding
some NPCs that refused to speak with him a battle randomly started. It was Red. His Celebi
jumped into battle with Reds seemingly normal Pikachu, except it was level 255 and its sprite
seemed upset. When the battle started fight was the only option and because Pikachu was
the higher level, he went first. The Pikachu used Curse, Celebi used Perish Song and just
like that both Pokemon were KOd. Except instead of fainted, he saw a text box appear that
read – Celebi has died. Then the Pikachu oddly used a move called Destiny Bond, but the same
text appeared saying – Pikachu has died. To his shock his opponent Red was beheaded after
all of that. Now he had 40 badges and a team of unowns that spelt out NO More. After all
of this he was back in New Bark Town, hopefully to get some answers. His sprite was nothing
but a floating head now with a transparent body, he looked like a ghost youd see in Diamond
and Pearl. When he left the house he didnt enter outside he entered this dark void. Finally
he encountered something, it was Golds regular sprite and when the protagonist tried to speak
with him he just gets a text box that reads – Goodbye forever… – Following that another
escape rope animation occured and he was back in that original room that he believed was
in the Bellsprout tower. Except there was graves now surrounding him and his sprite
had completely vanished. His badge count was at zero, all of the photos of Gym Leaders
were replaced with Skulls and his pokemon team spelt out the words – Im Dead – A final
text box appeared that read – R. I. P – Thats when he realized the point of this twisted
and sadistic Pokemon journey. Gold presumably had been dead for years after he defeated
Red. The author writes – He was a young trainer who, despite his efforts in collecting so
many badges and attempts at becoming a Pokemon master, was still unable to avoid the inevitable
fate of death, and his efforts were eventually forgotten by the next generation. And that completes our solo video of Scary
Pokemon Creepypastas – Lost Silver. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video
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  1. The first Creepypasta I've ever read was Strangled Red, and it scarred me for life XD Love your content, keep doing what you're doing!!!

  2. I made a box to pokemon lost silver that had the blood road with a pokeball and the main character in lots silver.

  3. I just found Soul Silver last night, From a professional gaming shop, any advice if it is haunted? (It's expensive it better not be!)

  4. Mine was the buried alive creepypasta, looking at buried alive eating the scripted player and saying ¬Fresh blood¬ was terrifying enough.

  5. The first Creepypasta character I heard was slender man!!!☺😒😤😓😔It was in a animation that appeared in animation domination HD!I that it was light hearted!!!😃😨😭

  6. Jeez, my first Creepypasta was probably… Ok, in general it was Ticci Toby, but as for Pokemon, I read EEeEE: Prevention of Evolution on DeviantArt first


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