SCATTERED CANDYSTRIPE || Friendship Bracelets

SCATTERED CANDYSTRIPE || Friendship Bracelets

Hey guys, my name is Masha Knots and in
this video I’m going to show you how to make this scattered candystripe
bracelet So this was actually the second non Valentine’s Day themed bracelet that
you guys chose for me to make in my January wrap-up video. The first one I
already made and I’m gonna post a picture of it on Instagram really soon
so you should definitely follow me on there if you want to see pictures of my
bracelets and other cool content but yeah I was actually really excited that you
guys chose this because I really wanted to try it. The fishbone chevron
bracelet video that I did is quite similar to this one and a lot of you
guys really enjoyed that one which I wasn’t expecting at all but you seem to
like it and this one is quite similar so I was really happy that you guys chose it. So let’s get into the video! I love this gradient that I picked out if you
actually look at the pattern, the pattern suggests I should have 12 threads, I do
not have 12 but you can do this pattern with however many threads and however
many colors that you like so I just decided to go with this number and I’m
really really happy with the gradient that I picked out! I did not know that I
had these threads in my collection, my collection is pretty big since I have
been making bracelets for a while now and before you ask I have no idea where
I got these threads I’m pretty sure these were given to me as a gift and
this one is called Gold Thread Brand in case anybody’s wondering because I get
questions about my threads all the time and this one is actually from Russia and
it’s by the brand called Gamma but yeah I have no idea when or where I bought
these, these have been in my collection for years I just now have gotten around
to using them and I’m really happy with the gradient that turned out for this
bracelet right so let’s get into it! We need one thread of each color you can do
this with more threads I’m just going to do it with one so I’m gonna cut one
thread of each color I’m gonna get back to you once I’m making the ties! Since this bracelet is a candystripe I’m gonna be doing pretty much the same
thing that I usually do where I make the triangle ends to my bracelets except
I’m not gonna be making the full triangle I’m just gonna be making one
side so the bracelet sort of starts diagonally as a candystripe and also
since I’m going to be using the special technique that keeps the edges of my
bracelet straight I have two extra strings of this colour that are just shorter than the rest of them that I’m going to be
using as the edge strings. So the first string that I’m gonna go in with is the
edge string for the left part of the bracelet and then after that I’m going to go in
with a string of each of the colors that I want for my bracelet in the order that
I want them So this is the set of strings that I
have to start with and I am already loving the gradient I’m really excited
about this bracelet! So what I do next is I separate the first two strings. If you
haven’t watched the video that I did on how to keep the edges of your bracelet
straight I would really recommend you watch that first because I’m going to be
demonstrating it now but not explaining it that much. It is a very important
video to watch, it’s really insightful, it has really helped me once I found out
about that technique, so I really do recommend it but I’m just going to go
over it quickly now. The one on the left is shorter which is why I’m using this
one for the edge and the one after it is the one I’m actually going to be using
in the bracelet so since this is the edge one I’m gonna be making a backward
forward knot onto that one and then I’m going to be making forward knots on each
of these strings until I reach the other one for the edge and once I reach the
thread for the right edge I’m going to be doing a forward backward knot onto it.
So now similarly to the steps I did with the fishbone chevron bracelet,
we’re pretty much doing the same thing except it’s a candystripe not a chevron
we’re going to take these two threads again and once again since this is the
edge I’m going to be doing a backward forward knot onto this one, always onto
the edge string on the left I do backward forward knots. But then
once I’ve done that I take this string I take the next string and I do a forward
backward knot. Then I put this string to the side and I continue with the second
string I take the next string and again I do a forward backward knot and again
I put this string to the side focus on the next one, take the one after it and do a forward backward knot and I’m
gonna do this up until I reach the end of this row And there you have it! It’s pretty much
just two steps. So you do a row with just the one string and then you do a row
with forward backward knots and then you continue these two steps up until you
reach the end of the bracelet. Do keep in mind that you do have extra strings for
the edges and once again there’s a separate video on that. So now let’s get
into the Knot With Me section of this video. So as I said this bracelet is
quite simple to make it’s literally just two steps: o you have the one row of
regular like forward knots or backward knots depending what you prefer and then
just another row of forward backward or backward forward knots again, whichever
you prefer, it’s really simple, it’s even simpler than the fishbone chevron
bracelet they did that you guys actually really enjoyed because that one is an
actual chevron so uses both backward and forward knots whereas this one just uses
one or the other so I actually usually prefer thicker
bracelets and more complex bracelets now that I am further into my.. I don’t
know.. bracelet journey? I guess that you can call it that. Now that I actually am
better at it I prefer to make thicker bracelets that are a bit more
challenging for me. So actually right now I am working on a giant 40 string
wide bracelet that has a pretty complex pattern and I’m really enjoying it, I am
finding it really really interesting but sometimes, sometimes I love bracelets
like this where they’re really really simple: you just sit down, you do them
it’s nice and relaxing, it’s easy to just unwind, you don’t really have to
think about it because it’s literally just two steps that you’re repeating
over and over again and it’s great I so I really recommend that you try
this because it is a really relaxing and cool bracelet but also with bracelets
like this, like this one and the fishbone chevron bracelet that I did, like just this
type of pattern that is kind of repeating. I love gradients so as you can
obviously see I did a gradient with pink and purple threads
but I also have seen a lot of people on Instagram and on other places like
bracelet websites and other stuff I’ve seen people post pictures of the
bracelets they’ve made with these patterns and a lot of people have chosen
like earthy colors so like brownish greens and some people have posted like
green to yellow, green to blue, blue to yellow I’ve seen blue to white and you
you can see all of these beautiful gradients and I think they are so cool
so I would definitely recommend trying this bracelet and if you do, try a
gradient or maybe don’t try a gradient you know sometimes it’s really
interesting to express yourself through a colour, like obviously we have these
different patterns that we can make and we can find the perfect pattern that we
really like and we’re going to make that we can express ourselves through that
but the creator of the pattern has already specified some colours for you to
make it with, I think it’s really cool when people go in a completely different
direction and choose really different colours from the actual pattern itself. I
very rarely do that because I’m terrible at choosing colours and usually if I’m
liking a pattern I usually stick with the colours that are suggested by the
pattern. Sometimes I go differently but I usually stick with it. But I think when
people do go in a different direction and choose the colours
themselves that’s such a cool way to express yourself in addition to just
making a really cool pattern you’re also adding this sort of layer of yourself
you’re adding a really cool colour combination that you’ve picked out so
yeah I really found this bracelet to be enjoyable to make. It was super easy, the
only thing that really annoyed me with it is that even though I was doing the
technique you can actually see that here, I’m talking about the tape. Even though I was
doing the technique that kept the edges straight, the bracelet would still sort
of twist and it was really annoying to work with mostly because I am doing a
candy stripe so I’m doing a bunch of knots on like technically different rows
it sort of twists and it doesn’t really work that well because there are so many
different knots. I don’t know how to describe it, basically the bracelet is
twisting and it was really annoying. So at the beginning I was like just going with it but at the end I was like
nope, done with this and I just added some more tape onto it so that it just
wouldn’t twist as much. You can also see a while back there, that I was
undoing a few mistakes that I made because as I have said previously there
is literally not a single bracelet that I have ever made ever in the whole
entirety of my bracelet journey as I have previously called it that I have
ever made a bracelet where I did not make a mistake. I always make mistakes in my bracelets at least once, at least once in every single bracelet that I make so
definitely like I’ve had people comment and like message me or whatever saying
like “Oh I make so many mistakes when I’m doing my bracelets, like how do I get
better?” It’s like I don’t know, I don’t know how you get better! I make mistakes all the time!
But also I feel like it’s normal so I really wouldn’t worry. I think sometimes
people make mistakes you know it’s not a big deal I just roll with it. But yeah I
really enjoyed this bracelet I think you should definitely try it out if you have
the chance. It’s really simple it’s really easy it didn’t this really didn’t
take me long probably like an hour or two I actually didn’t check the footage
but no longer than two hours definitely probably less. But yeah, definitely
give this one a go! And that’s how you make a scattered candystripe bracelet.
And if you ever make anything based on any of my videos I always love to see
your guys’ creations on Instagram so send them to me via direct messages or
just tag me in a post you make. I’ve recently been sharing a lot of the
bracelets that you guys make that are inspired by me or are done based on
some tutorials that I made so if you want me to see and share your bracelet
definitely send me a pic on Instagram I love it when you guys do that! I post
videos every Tuesdays and Saturdays sometimes later, like today, but usually
I post on every Tuesday and Saturday and I will see you on Saturday, bye!


  1. the colors you did with this one are beautiful. you did a really great job with this bracelet and it was nice to see more on how the straight edges technique works in this video. can't wait to see more on sat 😀

  2. Hi! Kinda a dumb question, I'm a beginner, but what do you mean by 1 thread instead of 2? Do you mean just 1 loop with one of each color?

  3. I relate to the complecated thing. I ask my friends what they want and i say i can do litteraly everything and anything with this stuff and they go "can i get a braid?"

  4. Hey there! I really love your Tutorials!! Can you maybe make a tutorial on number 83490 on I have other ones you would like, but his one I think you should put in one of your videos!!

  5. I've been wondering how to do the half triangle start forever, thank you so much for explaining it! I think I'm decent-ish with the bracelets themselves but I'm still trying to perfect the various starts/ends, making so many mistakes on the way haha

  6. So I tried this half triangle and I've found that when I position the triangle bit kind of diagonally (like you do in the knot with me portion of the video) the whole bracelet comes out slated, it only looks right when I keep the triangle upright and knot it from the left side (like you in the tutorial portion of the video). I am just so confused by my results hahaha 😁

  7. Please explain step and step slowly because I don't understand what did you say. .like it

  8. What tape are you using, and how does it stay sticking throughout the entire video?? My tape I have to redo every five mins….. any tips??

  9. I have a question

    So when you make your bracelets how long do you make the floss? I have small wrists because I’m a kid XD

  10. Does this technique of having “edge strings” help keep a skinnier bracelet from curling on itself through the middle? I tried this bracelet with the same number of strings, but no edge strings, and it’s curling, and I know it’ll be worse once I put it on. Makes me sad cuz I looove the way my gradient of oranges look. Like fire 😃

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