School of Hospitality Leadership at ECU’s College of Business

School of Hospitality Leadership at ECU’s College of Business

If you want a job when you get your
degree you can get employed in Hospitality and a management position
when you graduate. The day you graduate from ECU, you can be employed by
a Hospitality company in the United States. I think we’re really really
fortunate to be in a field where we have a hundred-percent job placement. We hear so many people talk about the cost of education today and it is expensive
because what you do, but no place could you get a more valuable experience in
Hospitality education for the cost than at East Carolina. I would fully recommend
the Hospitality Leadership Program because every day it’s something new and
all the students are very welcoming. I’ve come into this program and I’ve left
with forever friends. They’re taught respect, they’re taught to be polite, they’re taught to be hospitable. We aim to please and we aim to make sure that
the guest is taken care of in all aspects of their stay, whether it’s in a
restaurant or a hotel and I think that the ECU Hospitality program teaches you just that. For any student I would say take advantage of the education but also take
advantage of the great companies that come to ECU to look for interns, because
I think what is really gonna set up the students for the most success is having
not only that educational background but some really good internship and some
real life experience. I think that’s a big part of our industry. Really it’s
given us a great opportunity to find quality applicants that really want to
learn the industry and anytime that I can take somebody and grow them and teach
them more about my job or another department head’s job it really makes all of our jobs easier, but then we have another person that’s ready to step
up to the challenge anytime that there’s a spot that needs to be filled. One of
the things that our industry is facing right now, one of the biggest challenges
that we have, is that workforce development and flow of people through
the industry. There is a shortage of folks that are available to fill
positions in restaurants, hotels, wineries… all aspects of the
business from entry-level positions on up to management so a program like this,
that specifically guides students and gives them a path–gives them a track–to
have an end result for a career, right? That’s why you want to go to college and
get a degree so you can have a career. This program lets students do that, so
it’s very important for our side of the business to have people, a good flow of
people. You’re seeing more and more people that are becoming entrepreneurial
and one thing that I’ve always been excited about, and it was true in my case, is there’s no place that offers as many ways that people could wind up owning
their own businesses, whatever that may be. Going through the Hospitality problem
we ought to be real sure that the students do know: this is something that
is pretty unique in all the world, and I assure you if I’d have been lucky enough
to have entered the Hospitality program, even though Psychology has been very
beneficial to me…but I would have been way ahead as far as serving my industry
and my company

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