Schwarzkopf got2b Metallic Silver Hair Dye on Dark Hair Review!! Dying my hair silver -FAIL-

Schwarzkopf got2b Metallic Silver Hair Dye on Dark Hair Review!! Dying my hair silver -FAIL-

I’ll be coloring my hair today with this Schwarzkopf got2b Silver Metallic shade. The box states that this color is really specifically designed for folks with blonde hair. And…I do not have blonde hair, but I’m hoping that I’m still gonna come out with some form of a gray/white/silver shade anyway. Inside the box is the applicator bottle with a developer lotion, then you’ve got your color cream, and then the after color treatment. I’ve also got my instructions leaflet and then a pair of gloves. This bottle actually has a twist off top, so I won’t be needing scissors today. You can definitely smell this It smells so much like a peroxide, that I have to think it’s kind of harsh on my hair. Which is really why I didn’t Which is really why I didn’t want to bleach it before putting this on. I’d like for this color to end up being light enough that I could possibly put another color on top of it. I would go with a coloring cream though, because I don’t want to damage my hair too much. I’ll leave this on for another 20 minutes And then… It does say that you should wear your gloves when you’re rinsing it out so I’ll make sure I do that. It’s a nice day outside so I’ll probably just rinse this out with the garden hose. It’s worth pointing out that after 20 minutes of development time it has not lightened my hair. I’m not really, sure that this is going to end up being a product that’s successful for folks with dark brown hair. I’m gonna leave it on an additional 15 minutes and see if that makes any difference. Okay, so I have rinsed out and towel dried my hair. That color did not come through at all. Which, I mean… I can’t be upset with the product, because they did say that this is specifically for people with light blonde hair. I paid $17 for that metallic shade on Amazon. So, that’s not cheap (in my opinion) for hair color. I’m not sure if I’m going to try it again. Bleaching my hair first…I really was hoping I wouldn’t have to. I like the idea of having silver hair at my roots, and then coloring it as it gets longer. So this was kind of my first attempt to see how that silver hair would look. This is really my first time ever trying out a hair color that did nothing to my hair. So, there you have it. If your hair is a medium to a dark brown, and you are going for a Silver Metallic shade…if you’re going to be using the got2b Schwarzkopf brand, you definitely need to lighten it first (in my opinion). Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and you found the information to be helpful. If you did, you can give us a thumbs up, Subscribe to the channel, ring the bell for notifications, and then you’ll be alerted the next time we have a video ready! Thanks for watching. Bye, guys! It clearly states in the package that they are recommending this shade for bleached blonde or light blonde hair.


  1. If you read the instructions or even the box you would see that you need a light base level, this isint a bleach just a deposit colour, it doesn’t take long or much to do a bit of research

  2. Just spent 2 hours watching all your hair dye videos and I’m in love your so happy and your hair is amazing
    Currently dying my hair too xx

  3. Not for dark hair its a colour not a bleach or lightener…smh what a waste. Like oh i got black hair and i buy blonde hair dye what do you think will happen lol

  4. I have naturally blonde hair and tried this product tonight…. HUGE FAIL!!! My hair didn't change color at all during the dye and once dried I have a tiny silver highlight that you wouldn't notice unless pointed out!

  5. hair dye doesn't change your hair colour, it covers it. So if you hair is darker than the colour itself it won't work. It's kind of common sense.

  6. Well dont feel bad…. My son has blonde hair and it did nothing to his hair either and i left it in for 40 min….

  7. I try to tell people unless you have white blonde hair to some blonde shade DO NOT waste money and get upset with the product that like having black hair and coloring it blonde you are not going to get much of a result back IMJ

  8. Of course it didn’t work…soooo much wrong in this video….if any of y’all are here because your trying to learn something about hair, please don’t listen to this nonsense. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. Exactly the video i was looking for. I have very dark black hair and i always wondered how my hair qould turn out if i dyed it silver without using a bleach. Thanks for uploading.

  10. This product sucks period. Unless you have blonde hair. Period. Dont waste your money. Oh and dont think itll work on LIGHT LIGHT brown hair because it doesnt. NOTHING happened. Such a waste of an hour I'll never get back.

  11. Gurl! You wasted $17! I think your result is nice but obviously it’s NOT what you wanted. Try using Schwarzkopf BlondMe bleach, 20 volume developer and a toner you like. The Schwarzkopf bleach is very gentle and has a built-in bond multiplier (like Olaplex but it’s not Olaplex). It will be kind to your hair and you can use Olaplex #2 or #3 to repair any damage incurred by the bleach. Do not use a cap with the BlondMe bleach it will give you “hot roots” which means very light warm roots and a darker muddy color at the ends. Joico K-Pak deep conditioner is really great. All these things mentioned can be bought on Amazon or your local professional beauty supply store. You can only go to a pro salon supply place if you have a license or know someone who does goes with you. Good luck!

  12. Well I liked your review… and thanks for saving me 17 dollars.. I would have bleached my hair first to try this but after reading others abojt their already blonde seems pointless. Great review. Thanks.

  13. Uhmn, if you READ the box, second ingredient is "Peroxide" in the developr ! And it reccomends using it for BLONDE hair. . DUHHhhhhhhhhh!

  14. Its not actually a dye, its a toner. The way it works is it puts purple pigment into blonde hair and cancels out the yellow into silver/gray. If the hair isn't yellow beforehand the purple wont have anything to cancel out.

  15. Anytime you’re gonna go this light from being as dark as you currently are YOU HAVE to bleach first to get the color to stand out kinda common sense

  16. 😀😀😀Girl thank you! I was still hoping it would at least lighten your hair, nothing! Thanks for saving me the headache. Still won't bleach my hair. Just want a good grey color or tint.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  17. It tells you ON THE BOX to use it in bleached blonde or light blonde hair. This “fail” is because you can’t read, not because the product is subpar.

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