Scrambled Southern Diner

Scrambled Southern Diner

– It’s just a fun,
fast, unique breakfast. And so we do breakfast and lunch and blue plates and
everything else. It’s very eclectic
and fast and fun. We do 375 dozen eggs a week so you can say
it’s 90% breakfast. – And we’re always
looking for trends to see who’s coming in
and what we’ve found is early in the morning,
we’re catching the third shift people,
we’re catching a lot of people in the medical
community because you’ve got nurses and doctors
working seven to seven shifts and so they get off of
work and they come in and they want a place
that’s going to be open, clean, well lit, comfortable. – [Bob] Benedicts are really
a big special deal here. This is smoked salmon. It is a Mornay sauce with
using Gruyere cheese. There’s a tomato
dill Hollandise. There is spinach there. That is just one of the most gorgeous things I’ve
seen in a while. – [Narrator] They may poach
up to 20 dozen eggs a shift for various dishes. Here’s one with poached
eggs over their own house brine corned beef. – Man they’re really
proud of that corned beef. Can I ever see why. This place is really
famous for the pancakes. Huge, enormous, awe
inspiring pancakes. – They are well over
the size of your head. They’re just giant pancakes. – [Bob] Now in this case it’s
served with fried chicken and a banana rum
compote on there. Are you kidding me? Look at that. Chicken and pancakes,
chicken and waffles, all of that is
really hot right now. – And I tell you,
there’s like an unspoken kind of law between the
owner and all the staff that if anybody comes
in and is actually able to consume a five stack, we’re
just gonna give it to them. – Shrimp and grits. They’re for breakfast,
they’re for lunch, they’re for dinner, they’re
fixed every way imaginable, including how it’s done here with slightly thickened
red eye gravy. That’s inventive, that is awesome. They have all kinds of
breakfast skillets here. This one has crispy hash browns, cheddar eggs and features
Nieces country sausage. Nieces is right
here in Greensboro. This is one of the simplest
and one of the most popular ones of all. – And it’s pretty much you
stack everything in a skillet to keep it warm and it’s
an all in one breakfast. – Oh yeah. Dead on the mark. That is so good. – [Narrator] Menu
specialties also include a breakfast flat bread
and authentic burrito, house made granola. What a place. Please go eat a pancake
five stack for me. – Scrambled Southern Diner is
at 2417 Spring Garden Street in Greensboro, and they’re
open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch. For more information
you can call them at 336-285-6590 or check them out online at

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