Scrapping Metal For Money #107 Aluminum & Copper

Scrapping Metal For Money #107 Aluminum & Copper

Hey everybody from Coach Dom I got
another load this is a lot of aluminum pieces and parts that I’ve collected
over a time and I have a place I could store so I’m going to bring these in and let’s
see what I get I also have a little bit real tiny bit of copper wire and then I
have some copper and then a little bit of brass and let’s go check it out let’s
go drive it to the recycle place and find out thanks for coming
I can do this hustle you can do this hustle make sure none of it falls out of
the truck let’s see I’ve got five carts
One got emptied already three mixed aluminum four wire and the money
shot the copper! alright here’s how we did that’s our
total $112 that’s the variety of the things we have we have the aluminum
painted old sheet breakage high-grade a little bit of brass buck-50 the big
winner down there is the copper shiny wire that I found that was $28 not too
bad the other winner was I had a lot of the old painted furniture you know it’s
bulky and weird but I bring it in all at once
you know I have a place I could stack this stuff fill up the truck and come in
and that’s not a bad haul you know to stack this stuff driving back and forth
to work and again be safe wear your gloves gotta have that and not
too bad for the week so anyway get out there just sharing if I can do this stuff
find stuff get out there and hustle check it out this is the current prices Los
Angeles Harbor November 7th 2018 talk to you soon kids!

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