Scrapping wire and copper 4-16 AWG 剝線器

Scrapping wire and copper 4-16 AWG  剝線器

Hello Now introduce three styles of wire strippers for you. This product has stopped development This is an adjustable wire stripper This is to use a rotating copper screw to squeeze the wire Reach the stripping effect Can strip more than 2.0mm2 wire This is a push-type wire stripper Stripping effect can be achieved by hand pressure Can strip wire below 2.0mm2 Start demonstration This product has stopped development Adjustable wire stripper 2.0mm2 Loosen the copper screws first Can let the wire pass through Copper screw locking Pull the wire The wire has been opened Push type wire stripper 20AWG 0.75mm² Directly penetrate Hand press the wire stripper. Pull the wire Check the opening The wire has been opened Adjustable wire stripper results display stand Thanks


  1. Need English version, don't understand what your saying. Your stripper is made of plastic and will probably wear out in a short time.

  2. You stop sending me your video bullshit. I didn't ask for it. You leave me alone. Why you send me same video 4 times idiot.. Who care about some Chinese junk stripper. We already have enough Chinese junk around the world. Don't send me anymore of your junk videos.

  3. 請問北部哪裡有銷售店面?桃園市桃園區有銷售門市嗎?有電話.網址可以查詢嗎?可調式.按壓式銅線軟.硬都可以剝線嗎?

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