Searching For Silver Nickels

that’s it.. I’m gonna find me some silver
nickels today hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I am on a mission
to find myself some silver war nickels I’ll take one
I’d love to or more I have been struggling lately to find silver wartime
nickels in my nickel boxes we’ve done good on finding Buffalo’s although not
recently but silver has been very elusive for me so I picked up two boxes
from one of my banks that has been pretty good overall for buffalos and
silver in the past and I thought let’s get some now I’ve popped the tops like I
always do my nickel boxes before I leave the bank and we do have circulated
nickels this box not a lot of old Jeffersons in it and this box same thing
I’m starting to see a lot more of the newer design Jefferson nickels although
that’s just the ends that’s not the insides it’s what’s on the inside that
matters that being said you know the drill will be checking for
any key dates semi key dates of course those war nickels and any era some
varieties that I could find as well as buffalo nickels now I’ve mentioned the
vehicles but I’ve only found two in the history of my corner hunts in almost two
years that being said fingers crossed for
those but most importantly let’s find those silver war nickels I will bring
you guys in on my first find we’re on roll number four of the 100 roll hunt
we do have 250 nines and a 54d and now we’ve got our first 40s nickel the 1947
out of Philly hole number six we’ve got another 40s nickel and this one is a
1941 out of Philadelphia continuing to find a few finds could be a good box
roll number seven and this one has caught my eye for two reasons one it’s a
1939 and two it does have an odd finish on it
so let me pick this guy up let’s take a look at it together man I can’t tell if that’s been polished
or if that’s a proof let’s take a look at the strike on the back first and
foremost so it is a 30 90 and I can’t tell if that’s doubling or
damage on that I think that’s just damage on that II if it was a DDR we’d
see the same problem on both E’s and I don’t think I see that here and we’d
also see doubling in the word Monticello which I don’t see that looks suspicious
for a second but there would be clearly doubling on all points of this e and
it’s not there just to some damage across the top one there’s a lot of
damage actually on this coin but I do want to go back to the front is it me or
is that possibly a 39p proof nickel I’d love to hear your guys’s thoughts but it
definitely has an odd strike to it for sure it doesn’t like there is a mirrored
background interesting I think for now we’ll just call it a 39 P no DDR I’ll
get back to the hunt but that’s still somewhat exciting for sure all right
guys I can’t let it go I’m just examining this strike and if you look at
the detail and the depth of the lettering United States of America and
the depth of the strike of the building against the mirrored background I’m
thinking this is actually a proof there was less than 13,000 1939 proof nickel
struck and I’m thinking this is one of them I’m thinking it’s one the thickness
of the nickel the depth of the strike the mere background in all the right
spots and had it been polished we wouldn’t have the mirrored finish
between the letters as easily without damaging the letters I’m not a hundred percent sure but that
is definitely an awesome but odd find as well again I know I said it earlier I’d
love to hear your thoughts did we find a 39 Philadelphia minted proof nickel in
the box less than 13,000 of these ever minted we don’t know but it sure looks
suspicious let’s get back to the hunt roll number eight
another 40s nickel 1940 on the nose out of Philadelphia as well we roll number
14 and this is pretty incredible we’ve got another 1939 now it’s trashed for
sure but we’ll take it with the mint mark if it’s got one and I don’t think
it has a mem work so it’s a common 1939 filly but is there any doubling and
despite the damage the ddr4 the 1939 Philadelphia nickel is so heavily
doubled you would see even with damaging and I don’t see it still to 1939 s in
the same box in the first 14 rolls that’s a good score one just maybe a
proof hole number 28 and we’re gonna have another 40s nickel and I think I
see a second one 1940 out of Denver and 1948 out of Philly roll number 32 of the
nickel box and no silver but look at this yet another 1939 third of the box
is this gonna have any MIT it does not so as you know we’ll check
for the ddr and that is a clean strike no ddr on this bad boy still 3rd 1939 of
the box and i can’t argue with that roll number 40 one’s gonna have another
40s nickel and it’s red tone but it is in 1949 and i think I see a mint mark
it’s a 49 d and a 49 d does have a d / s over mint mark but I don’t see a D / s
there it is listed on my mat 49 d / s that’s not it and even if it was the
condition is bad but still another pond and I will point out we did a few rolls
ago put on a really nice 1958 Philadelphia and only a little over 17
million of these minted it’s not a key or semi key but it’s close
still have been fine and on top of that a few other nice 50s nickels 1959 P and
D those would be rolled up my collection stalls look out for silver Buffalo’s or
anything else is special so better get back to the hunt well we finished
hunting box 150 rolls out of the 100 we’re gonna hunt in this video I end up
with 16 1950s nickels and six 1940s nickels as well as 3 2009 s and 3 1939 s
the finds of the box are gonna be this really good condition 1958 Philadelphia
a beautiful 1959 Philadelphia both of those are lower Mint and then also
pretty nice 1959 Denver and then of course 239 PS not the DDR and then maybe
I’m talking myself into it maybe it’s just a polish coin but it certainly
looks suspicious this 1939 Philadelphia kind of proof light or clean again maybe
it’s wishful thinking maybe it’s just me maybe it is a proof
the end of the day no silver no Buffalo’s and no vehicles as usual
so no sense lollygaggin looking at these let’s start looking at those we’re on
rule 19 of the second box or 69th role overall and up until now we’ve only
found a couple of 50s but we did score our first 40s nickel it is a 1940 out of
Philly so we’re on the board officially in box 2 role 25 another 40s nickel 1940
I think that’s the San Francisco mint mark it is 1940s roll number 33 and
we’ve got ourselves our first 1946 of the hunt and it’s a 1946 out of Denver
one year off of silver can we find one oh and I put a glove on because these
are some dirty nickels and I had a little tiny cut on my finger should have
had it on the whole time roll 36 another 40s nickel 1940 believed that San
Francisco could be Denver but in San Fran we’ll take it add it to the finds
and continued on roll 43 of the second box or 90 third rule overall and we’re
gonna find our fourth 1939 of the hunt and again no mint mark and likely no
double dog reverse but you know we got to look anyway and I don’t see any
doubling and just to confirm it is a Philadelphia still it is a 30s Jefferson
those are hard to find we have found four and we’ll look for more row 44 is
gonna yield a 1947 out of Philly row 48 it’s gonna give us a dandy know what I
mean by that is one I don’t see often a 1938 sure it’d be nice to have a mint
mark on the back and it doesn’t but you know what that’s still a really nice
1938 Philadelphia minted nickel good strike not a lot of dings obviously
no steps but I’ll take it there is a rim ding right there on the bottom between s
and oh and states of outside of that though fairly a clean nickel and I’ll
take it all day oldest find of the two boxes not a key date or semi key date
but a good fight nonetheless is there anything else left in this two and a
half rolls well we finished the 100 roll hunt and we once again had stingy nickel
boxes when it came to buffaloes and silver especially it’s been a losses
I’ve been finding silver in my nickel boxes still we had good finds we had 29
in the 50s we had 11 in the 40s we had 5 in the 30s and that’s 45 fines plus 309
s so 48 fines and 2 boxes is above average or right at just about above
average for my nickel hunts had we scored a silver or a buffalo or
something like that it would have been a really good hunt I’m not mad at it
though I’ll take some beautiful 58 and 59 s all day on top of that I will take
5 from the 30s including a really nice 1938 you don’t see them like that in
circulation too often I’m happy with it an oddity here maybe I’m just seeing
things but it just feels like it could be a proof but maybe it’s not and then a
few other 39s as well still I had a lot of fun running these two boxes wish I
would have found so for you guys but that’s how it goes
if you still enjoy the hunt I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching you

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