Searching Half Dollar Boxes for Silver Coins!

Searching Half Dollar Boxes for Silver Coins!

let’s go ahead and hunt two boxes of halfs this week and hope we find some silver hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I’ve got six boxes of half dollars this week I’ve got a couple
boxes that I believe has silver Enders I’m saving those for my live stream
figured I’d hunt these two since I don’t usually get a lot of silver at these
banks thought about canceling it but with it being silver season I figured I
moms will keep it going for now you never know any bank at any time could
score an epic box that being said there’s no Enders in either of these
we’re just gonna hunt him the old-fashioned way
see what we can find you know we’re looking for silver you know we’re
looking for proofs I’ll take some n ifcs I’d love to see a four and it’s been a
while and of course any heirs of varieties as a reminder I do have my
stacking silver mats I’ll have a link down below to my eBay store feel free to
pick up one of these I’m getting lower on quantities but I should have some at
the start of the new year if I’m sold out by the time you think about getting
one enough of that lets get this hunt started like I said earlier there is
absolutely no feathers in this top box check both sides we do it burnt coin
here but nothing is standing out saying look at me I’m silver or anything show
me this box might be good that’s why we’re gonna hunt it so let’s get started
well rule 24 and I missed the edge we’ve got a 1968 silver here and I’ll show you
why I missed it look at the clad on the bottom side of this coin maybe it was my
lighting but I saw it in the roll it looks suspicious but I saw some clad so
I just dismissed it sure enough you can hear it it’s silver 1968 d we find those
quite a bit we’re also finding NIF C’s and I’ve kept this kind of cool toned 71
I love toned half dollars they just look really cool especially the other like
this so we pulled it aside got a few fine so far that was unexpected I will
take it maybe there’s more I think we’re all 34 guys just laid them
out and I see a proof coin most definitely 79
pretty beat-up I’ll wipe it down a little bit but it’s pretty toasted as
expected when you get down to the 70s it’s rare to find a 70s proof in great
condition but still well take it now you’ve got a silver a proof foreign
IFC’s all right we finished hunting that first box we’ve still got a second box
to go down here which we’ll get to basically the proof the silver for n is
CS and atone coin not too mad at it hopefully we can do the same in the
second box that would make me feel good let me get this box buttoned up and
we’ll get to the second one rule 17 of box 2 cracked open the roll
that is a beautiful sight my friend we love seeing that 1967 silver gotta love
it and I didn’t check the edges but I just want to make sure all right I don’t
think anything else is in there we got one early can we get some more roll
number 20 and that’s either a 90 percenter or painted one cuz it sure
looks funny let’s see what it is it’s a Ben Franklin with a demon mark 1961 D
Ben Franklin holy cow of course we’ve struggled at this Bank getting good
boxes and the green Loomis rolls have been terrible to me lately so I decided
to hunt the two boxes like I’ve done the last several weeks because they’ve been
skunked which is why I’m opposed to any videos so I decided to hunt the two this
week again and now we’re finding silver and now he found a Ben Franklin
unbelievable let’s keep looking roll 34 I started to open it push the
edge down because I couldn’t see the last three coins and sure enough Oh
one’s a silver unbelievable this box has done a heck of
a lot better than I would have imagined we’re excited to have it another 67 so
that’s two sixty seven and a Ben Franklin in this box so far so we
finished hunting the second box a half dollars and it was a good box at the end
of the nail give you a full two box wrap up we found a coin with the hole in the
head we always pulled those out got a cool-toned 71
we got a 2003 a couple of Oh 4:05 308 a no 911 and a 17 as far as in IFC’s not
too bad found a 61 d Ben Franklin happy to have
found it I don’t find many Ben Franklin’s I think it’s like my third or
fourth ever so that’s a good fine for me especially in the green Loomis rolls
lately 267 s1 is a Philadelphia and the other
ones of Philadelphia and then we found a 1968 Denver as well as a 1979 proof so
ended up being a pretty good to box hunt I’m pretty excited about it more excited
about the boxes from my livestream but man I’ll take that in extra boxes I
thought we’re gonna produce skunks hopefully you enjoyed this two box half
dollar hunt we got some silver we got some ni FCS and we had some fun if you
did not appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks
for watching


  1. Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars – 2 Box Search!

    These Half Dollar Boxes ended up producing a variety of finds INCLUDING a nice amount of Silver so I was happy to be able to throw out a Half Dollar Hunt Video! I hope you enjoyed it and are also finding some good coins in your coin roll hunts!

    How are you doing stacking silver? Are you finding 90% or 40% silver in your half dollar boxes? The Silver was starting to really slow down before this box BUT we're almost to "Silver Season" which could start up as early as mid-late October and run through mid-late January… We'll see what happens soon enough!

    PS – My Silver Hunting Mats are still on sale if interested at my eBay Store!

    Thanks for watching and happy hunting!

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    Do you only search for silver or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mintage years?

    How many silver half dollars do you average in a box? Do you mostly see 40% silver or 90% silver? What's your BEST find in a box of halves?

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  2. Rob I am trying to make a birth year set for my dad's Christmas gift and all I need is the 62 half dime and quarter and I was wondering if you had these and I'm not trying to beg lol

  3. I just got back from the bank. They had only 70 in rolls. The first one I opened had 5 40% one 64 Kennedy 90% and a 63 bengie 90%er!!!! Unbelievable!!! I know it's not always like this and probably never in the first roll. But this is no joke! I may make a video on the rest!!

  4. My bank won't order me half dollars until I can place a 2k order. only have 500 saved up so I think I'll miss on this silver season. I did go to a local city bank and got 11$ worth from a grumpy teller lady but I got home and found 2 67 40% silvers! I stopped by a 5/3rd bank and the lady said she would start holding halves for me every week. Either way I'll be getting something to look through! Happy silver season!

  5. Great effort on 1st box. Coin gods wanted to give you something in the 2nd box. Never give up my friend and I know you wont!

  6. First time I ever got 2 boxes of halves. Blanked on box 1 and half way thru box 2 and nothing. Last box had 15 silvers, 4 Kennedy 90% and a walker and the rest 40%. Btw I look at every coin because I am not very good at edges yet for the 40% and would have missed a few if I did not.

  7. Rob I have had much better luck with bank deposit bags if you can get them. Picked one up from Publix today and out of 15 coins 3 were silver.

  8. Awesome finds. Wish my banks would get me some. It's the one bad thing about small town living lol. Take care.

  9. In the last month the boxes have been picking up for me. I had one with 12 silvers one of which was a Ben Franklin. So silver and NIFC have been picking up for me. Good luck!

  10. Hello I have recently opened a 25$ penny box and came across a penny that is very yellow from 1997 and minted in Denver. However is it gold plated or something that’s why it is so bright or is it straight from the mint helm meee please. Ps this is the only channel I know to go to for help

  11. Good finds. I just had my best single box. Very unique silver finds. Old, rare jfk, and new silver. Has “Are Commemoratives Silver?” in title.

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