Secret Five Guys Menu Items You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Secret Five Guys Menu Items You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Five Guys’ unlimited free toppings policy
has led to the birth of a “secret menu” with creative recipes dreamed up by its very own
fans. These tasty items go way beyond the standard
burger combinations and stretch their topping menu to its limits. Forget a boring ‘ol hamburger bun. The double grilled cheese burger takes two
beef patties and tucks it snugly between two individual grilled cheese sandwiches. Ordering this one is simple: Simply asked
for two grilled cheese sandwiches and a bunless hamburger. As with all Five Guy burgers, the bunless
burger patties will be hand-shaped from never-frozen chuck and sirloin, while the exterior grilled
cheeses will come with melted Kraft American cheese. The buns will be served upside-down and come
out toasted until golden brown. Top the burger patty to your heart’s content
with fixin’s of your choosing. If you have a bolder palate, you may want
to add some jalapenos or a squirt of hot sauce. One fateful afternoon in 2009, President Barack
Obama walked into a Five Guys. The former commander in chief’s healthy eating
habits have been well-documented, but he is also known to have a weakness for a good burger. On this particular day, Obama had a hankering
for Five Guys. He placed several orders for his staff, and
placed his own order: a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and mustard,
thus making secret menu history forever. Today, you can order Obama’s favorite burger,
AKA “The Presidential,” at any Five Guys location. Of course, the staff may or may not know the
details of Obama’s order off the top of their heads, so you may instead want to specify
that you want a cheeseburger with the aforementioned toppings. “A cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos,
and mustard” may not run off the tongue as smoothly as “the Presidential,” but the delicious,
Obama-beloved burger is worth the additional verbal exercise. A burger joint is only as good as its fries. Five Guys, happily, excels in the french fry
department. Fries are crispy on the outside, fluffy on
the inside, and doled out in huge, heaping portions. According to the menu, Five Guys offers fries
two ways: traditional “Five Guys style” or “Cajun style.” But word on the street is that select Five
Guys locations will also serve your fries nacho style, or covered in melted cheese,
upon request. Take things a step further and throw on some
bacon and/or jalapeno slices. Note that while most Five Guys toppings are
free, adding cheese to your fries might set you back fifty cents or so, depending on location. Still, totally worth it. “It ain’t easy being cheesy!” Here’s another cool thing about Five Guys:
they’re a burger joint that serves hot dogs. And not just any hot dogs: these are all-beef,
kosher, premium franks from Hebrew National. The official Five Guys menu offers four varieties,
including “kosher style,” cheese, bacon, and bacon-cheese. But fans have gotten imaginative with the
toppings and come up with some pretty tasty secret menu hot dog alternatives. Notably, Food Network celebrity chef Justin
Warner dreamed up the Breaking Windy City Dog, which puts a cajun twist on a classic
Chicago-style dog. Like a classic Chicago hot dog, the BWCD tops
a frankfurter with pickles, tomatoes, relish, green peppers, and mustard. The chef adds hot sauce and a sprinkle of
cajun seasoning. To order, ask for a kosher style dog with
all the aforementioned ingredients. Ask for cajun seasoning on the side so you
can sprinkle it on yourself. The Five Guys patty melt is poignant in its
simplicity. Like a traditional patty melt, the secret
menu favorite takes a mild-mannered burger and transforms it into a sandwich. But while a conventional patty melt calls
for Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and griddled rye bread, the Five Guys patty melt
diverges. The Five Guys secret menu version is essentially
a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger patty inside. Sources report that the staff will have no
qualms grilling one up special for you. To request a patty melt at Five Guys, order
a grilled cheese sandwich with a burger patty, onions and your choice of toppings. The melt masterpiece will come served with
two slices of grilled, inside-out hamburger buns and melted Kraft cheese, delivering a
crunchy punch on the outside and a gooey interior. For all its charms, Five Guys isn’t exactly
the most diet-friendly restaurant. That said, there are “low-carb” friendly options
at Five Guys for health-conscious fans with a bit of resourcefulness. Take the “burger bowl,” for instance, beloved
by fitness-minded, Five Guys-loving bloggers and Instagrammers. To score this secret menu item, ask for a
bunless Little bacon cheeseburger with pickles, grilled onions, and green peppers. Steer clear of ketchup, which is loaded with
carbs, and go for mayo, mustard, and/or hot sauce on top. The Five Guys’ Little bacon cheeseburger bowl
should set you back less than 500 calories and two net carbs. In-N-Out, another burger chain with a cult
following, has a fairly extensive secret menu of its own. Among the most beloved are the not-so-secret
“Animal Style” fries and burgers. An Animal Style burger includes mustard grilled
directly into the patty, in addition to lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and special sauce. Similarly, Animal Style fries come showered
in melted cheese, grilled onions, and special sauce. It may be that other chain’s invention,
but you can order In-N-Out Animal Style burgers and fries at Five Guys, too. To order an Animal Style-inspired burger,
ask for a cheeseburger topped with an extra slice of cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes,
and pickles. You can try and ask if they’ll grill mustard
into the patty, but past attempts have reportedly been unsuccessful. For Animal Style fries, order fries topped
with cheese and grilled onions. To DIY In-N-Out’s special sauce, mix mayo,
ketchup, and relish together, then douse your burger or fries in the heavenly mixture. You can have the staffers top your burger
or fries with mayo, ketchup, and relish themselves, but we recommend ordering the sauces separately
and mixing up them yourself to get the consistency right. Though the Five Guys official menu only offers
a traditional BLT, crafty vegetarians can hack the menu to order a “BLT” without any
meat. Like vegetarian chef Richard Landau, Five
Guys’ knows that the rich, meaty texture and taste of mushrooms makes them a suitable substitute
for bacon. Of course, the chef’s recipe calls for for
fancy, thin-sliced wild mushrooms, but the grilled white button mushrooms used by Five
Guys work nicely, too. To order a vegetarian BLT from Five Guys,
start by requesting a traditional BLT, which comes with six strips of American smokehouse
bacon, two fresh tomato slices, mayo, and hand-torn lettuce on a bun. But, ask them to hold the bacon and replace
it with grilled mushrooms. To replace the crunch of the bacon, ask your
cashier to throw in some jalapeno peppers into the sandwich for good measure. For a bit of protein, go wild and request
a slice of melted cheese. Beloved by Brits, the English chip butty,
also known as a “chip sandwich” or “chip cob,” is essentially a french fry sandwich. The carby concoction is traditionally made
by serving french fries on white bread with a generous slathering of cold butter. But different variations may also call for
ketchup or malt vinegar. If you find yourself craving a french fry
sandwich, Five Guys can make it for you. To order a Five Guys-style chip butty, ask
for a Little order of fries inside of an untoasted bun and try to ignore any perplexed looks
from the other customers. You can top your chip butty with plenty of
ketchup to break up what is otherwise just a plain white pile of starch, and there’s
plenty of malt vinegar right there on the table. Wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese,
jalapeno poppers are an irresistible tex-mex appetizer. The secret menu jalapeno popper and grilled
cheese from Five Guys delivers everyone’s favorite fiery appetizer in sandwich form. You can try the jalapeno popper sandwich yourself
the next time you pop by the burger joint by ordering a grilled cheese sandwich. But instead of stopping there, ask if your
sandwich can also be topped with extra cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. The applewood-smoked bacon will give your
grilled Kraft Singles a nice crunch while the fresh jalapenos add a bite. Fair warning: the fresh jalapenos can pack
some heat. If you have timider taste buds, we suggests
pairing it with our next subject. In addition to custom burgers, dogs, and fries,
Five Guys lets you design your very own milkshakes. Shakes are hand-spun from vanilla ice cream
and served with your choice of unlimited mix-ins. Choose from yummy ingredients like cherries,
peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, chocolate, sea-salted caramel, and bacon. That’s right. Crumbled applewood-smoked bonafide bacon. For a creamy treat that is packed with protein,
go for the extra-chunky peanut butter bacon milkshake. The secret menu heavy-protein shake blends
savory peanut butter, real peanuts, and bacon with sweet honey, chocolate, and vanilla ice
cream. The extra-chunky creation requires a little
leg work on your part to make, so get ready. Start by ordering milkshake with peanut butter,
chocolate, and bacon. For the extra chunky part, grab a handful
of complimentary peanuts from the bin, crack them out of their shells, and crush them up
inside a paper bag. Sprinkle the crushed peanuts atop your milkshake
and enjoy. Here’s another one from the imagination of
madman-slash-genius chef Justin Warner: a Five Guys Thai-style lettuce wrap, or as he
calls it The Probably-Not-Worth-the-Work-or-Weird-Looks Thai Lettuce Wrap. This Thai lettuce wraps draws inspiration
from the common Thai restaurant appetizer, which in turn is an adaptation of the traditional
Southeast Asian larb salad. Fair warning: as its title suggests, this
Five Guys secret menu item does require some effort and a bit of bravery. To try the Five Guys-ified version of the
Southeast Asian larb salad, start by ordering a bunless hamburger in a lettuce wrap. In place of hoisin and chili sauces, ask that
the patty be topped with steak sauce and jalapenos. Next, grab a handful of peanuts from the complimentary
bin, crack them open, and crumble them onto the meat. Use the lettuce as a kind of tortilla-like
vessel to shove the delicious fillings into your face and decide for yourself if it’s
worth the weird looks. This one we found deep in the bowels of Reddit. It was shared by a Five Guys cook, who assures
everyone that Five Guys cooks will usually “make whatever you want” as long as they have
the ingredients. The Artery Annihilator fuses the Five Guys
hot dog and bacon cheeseburger into one, beautiful tower of meat. To order an Artery Annihilator, ask for a
bacon cheeseburger and request that a hot dog be sliced in half and laid on top of the
patty. Then pile on desired ingredients. If artery annihilation truly is your goal,
why hold back? Slather on the mayo and barbecue sauce and
pair with a large order of fries and a bacon milkshake with whipped cream. Pay a friend to mash up your meal and feed
you so you don’t accidentally burn off any calories while lifting food to your mouth
or chewing. Okay, maybe not that last part. While its origins are up for debate, the Sloppy
Joe found its way into the American mainstream in the twentieth century. It reached its heyday in the late ’60s, when
the Manwich, essentially canned Sloppy Joe sauce, was released into grocery stores nationwide. Though the popularity of the Sloppy Joe has
waned, you can still reminisce over the flavors of the classic ground beef sandwich at Five
Guys. Just order a burger with grilled green peppers,
grilled onions, ketchup, and barbecue sauce. The combination of ground chuck and tomato-based
sauces tastes exactly like a Sloppy Joe. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
treats are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
bell so you don’t miss a single one.


  1. I wanted to try Five Guys to compare the quality to In N' Out but once I saw I'd be paying $9 – $10 for a cheese burger I put that comparison on hold. I can't justify paying that much for a fast food hamburger when In N' Out is less than half the cost.

  2. I like green peppers grilled onions mayo and hotsauce
    The cashier usually gives me a weird look when i say mayo and hotsauce :/

  3. According to commenters who work here. This video is bullshit and lies. Not a surprise. Most mashed videos are bullshit and complete nonsense

  4. If you’re vegetarian don’t order a veggie BLT. It doesn’t exist. Oh btw the onions and mushrooms are also cooked on the meat grill so be weary of ordering that. Just get a grilled cheese with fries, it’s the only vegetarian things there. This is coming from a gm of the company

  5. So I've worked there for about two months now and I can say that I've literally not heard of a single one of these

  6. Hey so I work here and instead of ordering two grilled cheeses just order a grilled cheese ask for an added patty and everything u want on it and boom only 8 dollars instead of 18$

  7. lmao i worked here and made so much good custom stuff. best i made was a strawberry shortcake shake it's a shake with strawberry cherry and malted milk with whip. you're welcome.

  8. I’m a manager at a 5guys we won’t do half of these items we can’t top your fries with anything or make a chip butty and the blt with no bacon is called a veggies sandwich it’s $1 cheaper

  9. I just watched another Mashed video where they talk about how Five Guys is so good. Me thinks Mashed is getting paid for these videos. Oh and how in the fuck is the Obama burger a secret when it consists of stuff right off the menu that is front and center for everyone to see when ordering???

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