Selling Bitcoin at a Coin Shop!

Selling Bitcoin at a Coin Shop!

(uptempo music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? Family. Today, it’s me and Lincoln. We are hanging out in the office, and we have some interesting things that we’ve had for a little while. – Bitcoins. – Bitcoins. – It’s not as cool as BitConnect. – BitConnect! – But they’re still pretty cool. – They are pretty cool. We have about, I don’t know,
we got a bunch of these things, and then we’ve got these real
gold coins, these are real. This one is from 1927. – Whoa. – [Announcer] Paramount presents Wings. The first movie to win an
Academy Award for Best Picture. – Yeah. – That’s a long time ago.
– That’s why it’s in this little package. And then we also have one
right here that is from 1997. – What, you want to ball with the kid? – Whoa. – We have real gold coins
these are from Alaska, well, they’re from the Mint, but they’re from my
father-in-law in Alaska. They’re $50 coins, but
they’re one ounce of gold, so really the gold that it’s made with, is worth a lot more. And I think today’s price
is probably around $1300. – This is a Bitcoin that
we just bought on Amazon, because you cannot have an
actual physical Bitcoin. It’s just an internet currency. – Yeah, Bitcoin is kind of interesting. Warren Buffett came out today and said he doesn’t
believe in cryptocurrency, and thinks it’s kind of a scam. – Mm-mm no, no, no. – But today, we are gonna
do something interesting. We’re gonna take this Bitcoin and we’re gonna take
both of these gold coins and take them to a coin store and see how much cash they will give us. – Yep. – Bitcoin right now is
almost at $10,000, so– – Whoa is used to be like 25, right? – It just rained and it’s
like all steamy and cool. Check out the roads. Look at this, hope you
can see it on camera. (soft music) That is cool. This doesn’t happen here very often. – At my school, they have
like a rubber black top thing, and it, even after little rainstorms, it just always steams up,
so I bet there’s a ton of– – [Dan] Ugh! Oh no. – Hmm. – [Dan] I parked in a handicap. No! – [Lincoln] Why? – I didn’t see it, dang it. (hip hop music) So I’ve never been to
this coin store before. Let’s see how much cash
we walk out of this with. Yeah, we traded in our car for it. We go two Bitcoins for our car. We figured it’s gaining value
while cars are depreciating. – Will they give us actual cash for it? – [Dan] Yeah. – Wow. – [Dan] I hope so. – Not a check? ‘Cause that would be cool
if it was actual cash. – Well I guess we’ll see I’ve
never been to this coin store. Let’s get some cash. There it is, there’s the place. COINBOX. Did you bring your sports cards? – No I didn’t. – That’s what Gary V. used to trade in when he was a kid your age. Cash money. – Oh.
– Oh. (Lincoln laughs) What the heck? – [Lincoln] It’s out of business. (Lincoln laughs) What? – They must’ve bought too much Bitcoin. Now we go find another coin place because this one’s out of business. Apparently, people don’t
trade in coins these days. Oh, oh, here we go. – [Lincoln] Coins, jewelry, antiques. Coins we buy.
– We pay top dollar. Kei’s Collectables, we buy coins. Yeah, okay. – [Lincoln] It’s open. – This is it, I don’t know
what they’re gonna think about us bringing in this giant camera. – [Lincoln] Yeah. Let’s go.
– Let’s do it. – This is 24 carat gold paper money. – [Dan] Right, with Lincoln on it. – Yeah, with Lincoln on it. – [Dan] Look at this
money, that is so cool. Oh, what? Knives. – Look at that. – What is that?
– A clock. – Why it’s like it has water in it? All right, this place is super cool. They have all kinds of coins. I think we’re in the right place. Okay.
– I’m ready. – [Dan] He’s the first one. Pretty simple. – Yep, this is modern
one ounce gold eagle, they go by the current gold spot. – Okay.
– That’s how much they, they are worth. – Here’s number two. – This is a old Saint Gaudens. They have a .9675 choice
ounces of the gold. A hair less than one ounce. – [Dan] So it’s less than one ounce. – Yeah. – [Dan] Does it make it worth, more valuable ’cause it’s older? – In certain dates. This one is 1927 P. Let me check the– – 1927 P. So this is one that we got from
Leslie’s grandfather, Jack. Do you remember our old safe video that we cut open that safe? He gave all of his grandkids gold coins, ’cause he had a bunch of gold coins, and he collected a lot of things. So he had a lot of
collectible coins and things, but there’s a P next to it, so they’re different ratings
and different serial numbers. Look at that, Lincoln, that’s from 1901. – Whoa.
– It’s $20. – Whoa. – [Dan] For a coin from that old. – Wow. – [Dan] That’s cool. – [Lincoln] That one’s from 1883. – [Dan] Where? – [Lincoln] Right there, $22. I bet if you go up more,
that one’s from 1880. 1881. – [Salesman] Lowest
mintage in the 20th century coin in the whole town. – [Dan] $4000 for this one? – [Salesman] Yeah. – [Dan] Wow. – [Salesman] It’s just low– – [Lincoln] 1916. – [Dan] Quarter dollar,
United States of America. Lincoln, is our 1927
coin gonna be worth more than an ounce of gold? – No, it’s gonna be less. – [Salesman] This one is worth 1300. That’s how much they’re worth. – [Dan] 1300. – Yeah.
– Look at that. – And this, how much they
are worth will be 1325. This is $25 more than this one. – [Dan] Man. So this with it’s fancy packaging. – So this one is less. – [Dan] Is less money. – Yeah. – [Dan] You were right, Lincoln. All right, one last coin for you. How much is this Bitcoin worth? ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪ – In pneumatic speaking, worth nothing. – [Dan] Worth nothing? (laughing) – [Dan] So I can’t get $10,000 for a Bitcoin?
– No, nuh-uh. They are just the digital of the number. Bitcoin. – [Dan] Have you had anybody
try to sell you Bitcoin before? – Oh yeah, all the time. Scam. (Dan laughs) You know, Bitcoin is worth $19,000, would you take five grand for it? No (laughs). – Bitcoin is internet currency. It doesn’t have a physical coin. It’s a bunch of numbers. Okay, so what’s the process if we want to get cash for these two? – Okay, now I tell you what I’d pay. (laughing) 13 and 1240. – Do you have cash to give us for that?
– Yep. (hip hop music) Here you go, $1300. – Thank you, we should
go get some ice cream. – [Dan] Ice cream, that’s
a lot of ice cream. (hip hop music) – It looks so cool from the $100 – [Dan] Ugh. Okay.
– Dad. – [Dan] Check it out. Make sure it’s still good.
– It’s okay. – [Dan] All right, Lincoln
dropped the coin but now we’re– – No, you dropped it, you held it. – [Dan] Give him, give
him one of the hundreds, ’cause we just, yeah you
just dinged his coin. (laughing) All right, let’s get out of here before you break anything else. Come on.
– Okay. – We got it, we got our
money, we got our cash. We’re gonna keep the one gold coin because it was given
by Leslie’s grandfather who passed away. And it’s kind of nice to have that. But, we couldn’t fool him on
our Bitcoin (laughs). We couldn’t do it. All right, now it’s time to go home and talk about our trip a little bit. That was really funny. You got your cash, Lincoln? Let’s see it.
– Yeah. We should go eat some ice cream with this. – [Dan] Hi, can I get two chocolate large Frosties? Hundred dollar bills. – Yeah, drink that Frosty. (Dan laughs) (techno music) – In this video, we have
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– Yeah. – It’s like a shorter
say of saying family. – So you can get NordVPN for
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– Stay tuned for our travels. It’s gonna be fun.
– See ya. – Bye. – Wee.


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  3. 1927 is a 20 dollar they end them in 1933

    The 50 dollar one is a good bullion that is still minted to this day

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  5. I can't believe you sold that coin. It's only going to increase in value.
    That was a bad ideal. You've lost out, bc it's up in value as we speak. You've lost more money if you would of waited to sell it in today's market.
    No to smart in my opinion.

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