Seoul Silver Grass Festival is perfect way to spend cool autumn day

Seoul Silver Grass Festival is perfect way to spend cool autumn day

now we are going to stay with the theme
of of nature as you can see behind me the early fall weather in Seoul is
really present these days and thankfully the air quality is relatively good as
well so the city’s residents are eager to head outside and enjoy it before
winter rolls in if you’re watching us in Seoul and are at a bit of a loss over
what to do this weekend you might want to pay extra close attention to this
next report by our Kim bo-gyung with the mild temperatures and low humidity of
october in korea is the perfect time of year to leave the house and endure the
fresh autumn breeze red and orange autumn leaves are one spectacle to enjoy
but others find special places to enjoy a unique autumn day one such place is
Hana Park located at the highest point of work apart in the western Seoul with
the SoulSilver Grass festival kicking off on Friday
Hana Park is packed with people taking in the calm autumn breeze and vividly
colored plants the vast expense of grasses peppered with tall silver grass
attracts plenty of couples we came up to Seoul for the first time from asan we
came here by chance it’s really nice the silver grass is not the only attraction
to catch your eye at Haneda Park two other popular plants in this park are
the pink Muhly grass which has an attractive soft pink color and Broome
cypress a small rounded plant which turns red as amateurs visitors are busy
snapping photos with friends in front of a huge bloom of cotton candy I thought
there would only be silver grass it’s beautiful to see pink Muhly grass as
well Broome cypress is another crowd-pleaser this ornamental plant with
bright red leaves spruces up the scene even more it’s very beautiful here and
very special yeah I love it thus all silver grass festival runs
through next Thursday this year the festival will stay open until 10:00 p.m.
every night meaning visitors can enjoy the festival
for two more hours than usual however bear in mind that as this weekend is the
only weekend during the festival period big crowds are expected Kim bo-gyung
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