Sep 2016 China Is Preparing for Something Big #Gold @FutureMoneyTren

We’ve watched the Federal Reserve provide
16 trillion dollars for bailing out banks, foreign governments, and essentially the entire
global debt system…. We are on the verge of an epic currency crisis…one
that could create one of the largest bubbles we’ve seen in human history.
— Already the world is seeing gold rally, in
many cases to all-time-highs! The Russian Ruble collapsed and gold soared. As the Euro earlier this year was almost in
a free fall, gold rallied big! And when the Swiss central bank decided to
devalue their currency with negative rates, gold spiked in Swiss Francs. In the last 6 months, Brazil has seen gold
rally back to a near all time high, something we are seeing in almost every nation, but
the U.S., at least so far… Gold is the only true hedge against these
central bankers and it is responding to the fiat currency war. Gold tends to have a direct response for central
banks who give their local citizens discomfort in the value of their currency, but what happens
when the central bank is managing the currency of choice for the entire world? What happens
when the entire world wants to exchange their U.S. dollars for gold? Either because of an
action the federal reserve takes or because the U.S. debt passes a key psychological number
with the markets, like say — 20 Trillion! Already we are seeing China and Russia begin
to hoard gold, with Chinese demand skyrocketing in the past 5 years. China by the way is both the worlds largest
gold producer and biggest importer, so not only are they accumulating gold by the truck
load, not once ounce produced is leaving their shore. China, across the board is preparing for something
big in our currency markets… Last year China partnered with Brazil, Russia,
and South Africa to form a competing bank to the World Bank which is controlled by the
west. Since 2008, a half a trillion has been agreed
to in currency swaps with nearly 30 countries. The world has an unease about the dollar system,
with Russian President Vladimir Putin going as far as saying the dollar monopoly is damaging
to the Russian economy. President Hu of China, said last year that
the “dollar is a product of the past.” For 7,000 years, man has mined gold deposits,
making it possibly one of the oldest and most reliable businesses in human history. And
one of the smartest, because unlike accumulating gold in the retail market, owning a gold mine
allows you to keep producing the gold after your investment. A yellow metal that if you took all that was
ever mined and put it into one large cube, would have an edge of just 70 feet! Think
about it, for all of human history, gold is so precious and so rare, that if you took
all the Egyptians mined, the romans, and everything since, we would only have 3 Olympic size swimming
pools full of gold. The headlines for gold these past few years
have all focused on physical gold accumulation by China, Russia, and eastern central banks,
but what they have missed, is a 7,000 year old strategy that China is doubling down on.
According to data compiled by Bloomberg, in 2013 asset purchasers by Hong Kong and mainland
miners increased to a record $2.2 billion! China is buying gold mines at a record…Something
completely missed by both the main stream investor and even the gold analysts who tend
to only focus on the bullion sales. Which haven’t been disclosed officially since 2009,
although according to Bloomberg based on trade data, this physical bullion stock pile has
likely tripled since then! China, who is aggressively buying gold would
spark an event if it disclosed how much gold it now has stock piled, but imagine the true
disclosure of how much gold they have when you add up all of their deposits, not just
in China, but offshore. $2.2 billion spent offshore in 2013 is equivalent to 46 metric
tons of physical gold, but when buying gold deposits still in the ground, this could be
upwards of 5,000 metric tons, even 10,000 metric tons. And that is just 1 year of record
mine buying from China. In October China may be preparing to update
its disclosed bullion holding because policy makers are pressing to add the Yuan to the
International Monetary Funds currency basket, knows as the SDR. China will only revealing physical bullion
above ground, but nothing will be said of their mine acquisitions. This strategy that China has taken of dramatically
increasing their exposure gold the deposit acquisitions can also be implemented by individual
investors, by focusing on specific gold companies who in the midst of a commodities bear market
and global currency war, are out acquiring already established gold assets. Partnering
with strategic investors like Rick Rule, Eric Sprott, and Doug Casey. A low-risk, growth through acquisition plan,
setting the stage for millions of ounces of gold, purchased for less than a nickel on
the dollar…. Where in some cases, millions of dollars have
been spent in exploration, but today distressed sellers are looking for a buyer, often times
at fire sale prices. The Chinese are acting on this opportunity
and believes that when China reveals how much bullion they have in
the next few months, a new bull market in gold will begin, one that will be just as
spectacular as the bear market that has taken these assets to multi-decade low valuations….. To accelerate your gold accumulation strategy
with ounces in the ground….Visit The slightest hint of dollar risk, the most
dominate fiat currency on earth, could unleash an avalanche of wealth into the hard asset
space…Mainly the mines and mineral companies. You see, when you’ve got tens of millions
of dollars or even billions like Li Ka-Shing or Bill Gates, buying up physical commodities
is completely unrealistic. Sure they might be able to buy a few pallets of gold, but
then what… When this commodity boom I see coming happens,
the smart money is going to flood into the businesses that own these assets, that own
minerals in the ground by the ton! It’s only a matter of do these investors bull
rush into these assets due to greed, or flee into this assets due to the fear of a currency
crisis…We’re not sure at this point, but I do see that later as just as much of a possibility. The dollar has rallied big as of late, but
that’s not because anything has improved with the U.S. In fact, it’s just the opposite,
the national debt for the U.S. is nearing $20Trillion! What has benefited the U.S. dollar
is global uncertainty, essentially the dollar is the tallest midget in the room when it
comes to paper money. Which is why we see hard assets like gold, silver, oil, uranium,
and copper soaring against the US Dollar. To implement the Chinese strategy and accelerate
your gold accumulation, visit

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