Sergeant Cooper the Police Car Part 2 – Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos For Children

Sergeant Cooper the Police Car Part 2 – Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos For Children

This is where bad cars belong.
My advice to you, son – change…your…ways! Change your ways, change your ways! Grumpy old grandpa car. Hey, Orange car. – What’s your name?
– Zack. – Do you want to get out of here, Zack?
– Of course I do! Well, we can help you. Hey, Ace. I think we’ve found the third guy we needed to help us make an escape. Well done, Biff. Now our plans can come to life! [LAUGHING] One door out! Two more to go. [LAUGHING] We’re here! All available units respond. There is a bank robbery in progress. Ten-Four! Let’s get those bad guys! Police, don’t move! Turn off your engines right now! You are under arrest! It’s you again! Sorry cop, but we’ve got to go! Today is not your day, Mr. Cooper.[LAUGHING] Let’s go guys. We have what we need. Now we must split up… – Nice job, Cooper! You were very brave but you should’ve waited for backup!
– Sorry, Chief. Now, there are three fugitives on the loose, and they managed to rob the bank! All police units in my office right now! Listen up, team! Three dangerous criminals are on the loose. Their names are Zack, Biff, and the mastermind, Ace! I want them caught! I want them back behind bars! This city is only for good cars! Thanks to our latest intel we know Biff’s hideout. We are sending our Special Vehicles and Tactics team to capture him. You and Sergeant Cooper are going after our old friend, Zack. – Sergeant Carter!
– Yes, Sir! Your team is going after the boss, Ace! I want him back behind bars! Okay team, be safe out there. Go get those bad cars! [RADIO] The suspect is considered extremely dangerous. Be alarmed! [RADIO] The GPS tracker detected the movement. [RADIO] Can you confirm the target? Over. [RADIO] Boys, take him. Move. Move! You’ll never catch me! [RADIO] Mission accomplished! Be alert. Zack should be somewhere around here. There he goes! Let’s get him! Well, Zack. I guess you did not learn your lesson the first time. Now you definitely will! – [DISPATCH] All units respond. I need backup. The suspect is driving towards the port.
– Ten-Four! – Pull over right now!
– No way, cop. You will never catch me! [LAUGHING] [LAUGHING] [LAUGHING] I think he’s on that ship! You’ll never catch me, Cooper![LAUGHING] – Surrender, Ace!
– Never! Looks like this is it, Cooper! [LAUGHING] Not this time! [SCREAMING] – Well done, Cooper!
– Thank you, Cooper! No problem! Just doing my job as a police officer. My name is Sergeant Cooper and I am a Real City Hero!


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  2. 코일북 재밌다 즐거워 행복해 잘봤어 기뻐 ^___^
    So cute I love it. Great animation. Nice animation Coilbook

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