Sex Rap (MCGymNastY & Jesus Christ Our Lord and Shavior)

Sex Rap (MCGymNastY & Jesus Christ Our Lord and Shavior)

I can’t this… I can’t… But I must.
For the good of everybody. For the sake of the world. I do. It is done. Yeah, we back again (yeah!) Call this the
second coming MCGymNasty’s back again. I got my boy Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Shavior.
That’s right . We ’bout to kill it: HIT IT J! When I rose from the dead, something popped
into my head. Started making gametes like a man on his bed. G-g-g-go right down to the testes.
You know I got two don’t test me. Epididymis is swollen. Got sperm flowin’ when I go HEFTY
HEFTY! Temperature is changin’. Scrotum’s rearrangin’. Sperm throught the urethra leads
to fertilization. L-l-located at the tip right on my New York strip. Buy a one way ticket
cuz this ain’t no round trip son. S to the E to the X. Give my
package FedEx. Something’s ’bout to eject. I think you know what’s coming next. Everybody
hit the deck. #TheCheeseWheel wrecks. Someone’s thirsty I suspect cuz… Ovaries makin’ eggs with no pan. Like ’em
well done with some mammary glands. Fallin’ like Forje through the FT (fallopian tubes).
My main man Moses part the Red Sea. Uterus is hollow. Wax like San Paulo. Check out this
sack like Troy Polamalu. Vagina’s elastic; I guess it’s fantastic, but I wouldn’t know
cuz I guess it’s with Waldo. Mr. Happy’s flappy garage. Park my limousine through that mirage.
Carries sperm to the U (uterus) and beyond. You know what I’m doin’. I ball like Lebron.
O-o-oh! Serves as a birth canal. Delivers the fetus in childbirth (OW!). Eatin’ dinner at your
Golden Corral where only Kosher Meat is allowed. Uh. Jesus back on the beat. Walkin’ around
I’m pullin’ like YEET! 28 days the monster’s released. Screw the corral this ain’t no feast.
Producin’ and ovum. Repellin’ the scrotum. If not fertilized then menstruation takes
over. I’m hung like a poster, and full disclosure, my pants at my ankles indecent exposure. Fertilization’s
near. Don’t want it? Do it in the rear. Rap it ‘fore you tap it. Put a cap on your spear.
We’ve been bros for so long that we’re on the same cycle. I’m walkin’ on water just
like it’s the bible. Don’t make love without a glove: crisis
averted. Yeah that’s what she said before the CheeseWheele’s inserted. Sperm + Egg=Fertilization,
but that won’t happen if you do mutual masturbation (what?). No umbilical chord or placenta. A
baby’s not on my agenda. No lactation happenin’, so Bootsie’s in a dilemma. Endometrium is
bare. No baby down in there. She missed her period call that a pregnancy scare. STD’s are spread by sexual contact. Take
my Trojan into combat. Spread fast like a cheetah cat. Keep them away don’t wanna deal
with that. Chlamydia is most common. Causes pain in sex quite often. It spread so fast
because people don’t realize that they have it on them. Gonorrhea’s quite a shame. Hurts
most when drain away. Invades your pants like Russia is invadin’ Ukraine. Bacteria infections.
The killer of erections. Don’t give them to us A.K.A the Tromboner Section. S to the E to the X. Give my package FedEx. Something’s ’bout to eject. I think you know what’s coming next. Everybody hit the deck. #TheCheeseWheel wrecks. Someone’s thirsty I suspect cuz… Here to set it straight. Myth and fact we
separate. Top 3 misconceptions you will never mistake. 2 ain’t better than 1. This ain’t
no threesome. Only buy one condom it’ll save you a ton. Also porn ain’t real. Carries no
sex appeal. It’ll get you as far a as a broken automobile. Pulling out only works if your
sperm is dead. We barely fit that one in. Yeah That’s What She Said! Thank y’all for coming out now. Expect another one soon. With the full beard grown. It’s gonna come back again. Why don’t you leave us off… J… Adios Y’all!

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