Shady Things Sam’s Club Doesn’t Want You To Know

Shady Things Sam’s Club Doesn’t Want You To Know

There’s a reason so many consumers are willing
to spend their hard-earned money on an annual membership fee to Sam’s Club: The warehouse
chain has some amazing deals on great products. But whether you’re a member or thinking about
becoming one, there’s a few things you should know about Sam’s Club. In January 2018, Walmart announced that they
would be closing 63 Sam’s Club stores nationwide and turning them into fulfillment centers
for online orders. “So the store actually’s going out of business?” “Really?” “And they didn’t say nothing? It wasn’t even on the news?” According to CBS News, CEO John Furner said: “We know this is difficult news for our associates,
and we are working to place as many of them as possible at nearby locations.” A controversy erupted over the thousands of
employees that had been unceremoniously laid off. The announcement came on the exact same day
that Walmart announced it would be raising its minimum wage to $11 per hour. “I’m going back home now. I see that they’re closed. Mmnn! Without any kind of warning or notice or anything. They could have at least let us know.” According to the Washington Examiner, the
company had also announced that they would be giving employees up to $1000 in bonuses
because of new tax cuts. Business Insider reported that most of the
laid-off employees weren’t even aware of what was happening until they showed up for work
that day. Some learned of the store closings because
of signs on the locked doors. Clearly, a lot of people felt the store closings
were handled poorly, and it’s hard to disagree. “This store… this store is closed?” “Permanently closed! The whole store!” “Oh my gosh.” “A former transgender employee claims her
coworkers and managers harassed her over her gender identity.” In 2017, Sam’s Club was sued for discriminating
against a transgender employee, and the case attracted a lot of attention. According to the Chicago Tribune, Charlene
Bost claimed her coworkers had been calling her names like “it” and “thing.” Bost said she was repeatedly harassed by her
direct supervisor, who reportedly called her “it” in front of other employees and took
part in unwanted physical contact, along with writing fake infractions against Bost that
led to her being fired. Bost asked for unspecified monetary damages
and wanted the court to order Sam’s Club to train employees in order to prevent future
harassment of other transgender employees. In 2015, former Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer,
the first woman and first African-American to lead a division within Walmart, came under
fire for comments that some perceived as prejudice against white men, if you can believe it. In a 2015 interview with CNN, Brewer discussed
the diversity of her team: “Even with myself, I have to live it also. My executive team is very diverse, and I make
that a priority.” Brewer added that diversity, or lack thereof,
was something she often had to discuss with her suppliers: “Just today we met with a supplier, and the
entire other side of the table was all Caucasian male. That was interesting.” She added that she didn’t want to talk at
that meeting since there were no females present, and claimed that she was, quote, “going to
place a call” to the supplier about it. Her comments immediately received an outlandish
backlash on social media, with people obnoxiously calling Brewer “racist” and using the hashtag
#BoycottRacistSamsClub to rally supporters. Meanwhile, plenty of people were disgusted
by the campaign. In a statement, Walmart President and CEO
Doug McMillon fully supported Brewer: “Roz was simply trying to reiterate that we
believe diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business. That’s all there is to it….” Like most warehouse stores, Sam’s Club is
known for selling brand-name items at significantly lower prices than the competition. “You can see three quarters of our incremental
sales already this year have come from those new, better-for-you items. You’re gonna love that product.” “Thanks.” “You bet. And I’ll tell you what…” But as it turns out, they reportedly haven’t
always had permission to sell the goods they advertise. One example is when the bicycle company Trek
publicly expressed their shock at its bikes being sold at the warehouse. In 2016, Sam’s Club listed some men’s and
women’s Trek mountain bikes on its website. The bikes were only available online… for
$100 less than the prices on Trek’s official website. A Trek spokesman told BRAIN that Sam’s Club,
quote, “did not acquire them from Trek directly” and said they were investigating how the warehouse
club had gotten the bikes. He added: “Trek has no plans to sell bikes at Sam’s
Club or any other big box retailer.” There was a similar issue with designer brand
Fendi in 2006. CNN Money reports that the brand sued Sam’s
Club for selling knock-off handbags, wallets, and key chains at its stores, writing that: “Walmart does not have a purchasing agreement
with Fendi or anyone affiliated with the company.” The bags were being sold at significantly
discounted prices, as low as two-hundred and ninety-five dollars in some cases. Meanwhile, Fendi claimed that the original
version would retail for nine-hundred and twenty-five dollars. A spokesman defended Walmart in a statement,
writing: “… the company policy prohibits the retailer
from selling knock-offs…” Sam’s Club stores each feature a sprawling
pharmacy section, which has proven to be quite convenient for shoppers. But in 2018, the company got in some trouble
with Medicaid. According to a press release from the U.S.
Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota, there was a complaint that both Walmart and
Sam’s Club pharmacies regularly enrolled Medical Assistance beneficiaries in the companies’
auto-refill program and then billed Medicaid for prescriptions. This was a violation of state rules and regulations,
as Minnesota doesn’t allow pharmacies to automatically refill prescriptions paid for by the state’s
Medicaid program without an explicit request from the beneficiary. Allegedly, employees at the pharmacy were
the first people to report this violation to the company managers, but even after they
did, Walmart and Sam’s Club kept automatically refilling prescriptions. In the end, Walmart Stores, Inc. and Sam’s
West, Inc. agreed to pay a total of eight-hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars to resolve
False Claims violations. The way that Sam’s Club treats employees has
reportedly stirred up quite a bit of controversy over the years, as evidenced by two separate
lawsuits. In 2002, The New York Times reported a class-action
lawsuit, as well as individual lawsuits, against Walmart and Sam’s Clubs across twenty-eight
states. The controversy stemmed from the company allegedly
refusing to pay employees for work they performed off-the-clock. One former employee, Verette Richardson, claimed
that she sometimes worked for up to three hours without getting paid, saying: “They wanted us to do a lot of work for no
pay. A company that makes billions of dollars doesn’t
have to do that.” In response, a Walmart spokesman said: “Off-the-clock work is an infrequent and isolated
problem, which we correct whenever we become aware of it.” Unfortunately, there have been other similar
lawsuits since then. According to NBC, a California jury awarded
Walmart workers one-hundred and seventy-two million dollars for illegally denied lunch
breaks in 2006, while they settled a similar case in Colorado for fifty million dollars. That same year, a judge approved a class-action
lawsuit against Walmart Stores Inc. by employees in Pennsylvania who said they were pressured
to work off-the-clock. And in 2018, Class Action reported a lawsuit
against Walmart and Sam’s Club that claimed: “… employees have ended up performing pre-
and post-shift off-the-clock work without being paid commensurate wages, including time-and-a-half
overtime pay.” “Want some cookies to go with that milk? Sam’s Club charges $19.98 for a five-pound
tub of chocolate chip bakery cookies. Costco charges $15.55!” The allure of shopping at a place like Sam’s
Club isn’t just buying food in bulk, it’s mainly about saving money on necessary household
items. But the value of the products that Sam’s Club
sells has raised a lot of questions. A 2016 Fox Business report claimed that you
might not be saving quite as much as you think with your trusty Sam’s Club membership. The report points out that prices are indeed
lower at a place like Sam’s Club when compared to a store like BJ’s or traditional grocery
stores. But Michael Clayman, editor and writer at
Warehouse Club Focus, told The Motley Fool that the results of price reporting, “… show the dramatic savings a consumer
receives by shopping at a club compared to the other two.” But here’s the thing: It’s not just about
price. Billie Blair, an organizational psychologist
and CEO of Change Strategists, Inc., pointed out the added cost of what he calls “wastage
from overbuying,” noting: “Warehouse clubs almost never save money for
the individual shopper.” Basically, if you’re habitually throwing away
food because you bought too much of it, plus paying an annual fee, you probably aren’t
really saving anything. Sure, if you shop smart by buying only what
you need and will use, then you have the potential to save, otherwise, you’re more-or-less out
of luck. It may have been proven that prices at Sam’s
Club are on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to other big box retailers and
grocery stores, but that doesn’t mean that everything is a great buy. Experts told Market Watch that some items
like car parts, medication, and alcohol are almost always a good deal, but plenty of other
items aren’t worth buying in bulk. “Your credit card called. They want to make sure you’re the one buying
cream soda in bulk. “I sure am.” According to experts, books, CDs, and DVDs
can be found cheaper on Amazon. Jon Lal, CEO and founder of Be Frugal, said
to avoid buying food perishables, such as condiments like mayo. That’s because those bulk items will probably
go bad since there’s really no way to consume them in time…. no matter how much you pour
into your dinner. “Let’s just let this all come together, bind
together, that’s sort of the virtue of mayonnaise!” Erin Konrad, a spokesperson for Coupon Pal,
said that diapers can be found cheaper at places like Target and Amazon. “Whoa, we get new diaps? Easy on the lumbar there, sport.” Matthew Ong , the retail analyst for NerdWallet,
told Market Watch that laundry detergent in bulk can lose its efficacy quickly, meaning
you’ll probably waste money because you won’t be able to use all the detergent in time. Lastly, Konrad and Ong agreed that paper goods
like toilet paper and tissues can be found cheaper at Target or grocery stores with coupons. One of Sam’s Club’s biggest competitors is
Costco, another big box retailer known for great prices and for treating its employees
very well. Costco has been praised for excellent wages
and benefits, and it seems that Sam’s Club simply can’t compare. In 2008, Slate reported that Sam’s Club employees
made a starting wage of ten dollars an hour and made twelve dollars and fifty cents after
four and a half years. Meanwhile, a new Costco employee started at
eleven dollars an hour, made nineteen dollars and fifty cents per hour after working there
for four and a half years, and received a bonus of over two-thousand dollars every six
months. There are a few reasons for this. According to Slate, Costco sells pricier items
than Walmart and Sam’s Club. Costco employees can also be members of the
Teamster’s union, but not Walmart employees. So why doesn’t Sam’s Club offer the same wages? Tim Worstall at Forbes believes it may do
more harm than good: “[About] seven hundred thousand people would
lose their jobs at Walmart. Which is, I think you’ll agree, a fairly large
result…” In 2014, Sam’s Club was slapped with a class-action
lawsuit over its freshness guarantee. A South Carolina customer claimed that Sam’s
Club had repeatedly violated the language of that promise, which said customers were
entitled to a, “… 200% money-back guarantee on all fresh
meat, seafood, bakery and produce. Non-Members receive 100% money-back guarantee.” The disgruntled customer claimed that she’d
returned a significant amount of, quote, “fresh meat, bakery, and produce items” over the
years. She insisted that she’d never been refunded
more than the purchase price of an item, nor was she offered the return purchase plus a
replacement product. The lawsuit claimed: “Sam’s has failed to honor the 200% Freshness
Guarantee for many thousands, if not millions, of its members.” According to Top Class Actions, the class
action settlement resolved this claim in 2018, along with a similar but separate case filed
in California, with Sam’s Club offering a $6 million settlement fund. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I find it ironic when white men cry reverse racism. The black female district manager was 100% correct in her stance about there is not enough diversity at the top. The management teams should include more than 1 American born black person, white women, people of color, disabled, elderly, gay and transgendered. This is diversity. People are tired of seeing all white men at the top. When these companies do diversity they usually pick white women and certain Asian groups and they don't consider the other groups.

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  4. "I will not talk to a group of only caucasian males."

    How is this not racist and sexist?

    I will never watch another mashed video again.

  5. They came to my work 3 weeks before they shut down, offering memberships to a store that was going to close in 3 weeks.

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  7. Ignorant people please know that black people aren’t racist and that term has been thrown around within the last few years as a distraction. White people have always hated and mistreated black people without merit making them the biggest racists around.

  8. I worked for sams in college. They had their pros and cons. They tried cutting hours ( I was already part time working 15hrs at most). For one week they gave me 2 hours.

  9. 2:39 I understand that you want diversity on your team, but you can't say you didn't want to talk at a meeting because there's "all Caucasian males" and no females. That is blatant racism and a bit of sexism, period. I want to say that she didn't mean it in a racist way as she was the CEO and risked her job making such remarks, but honestly the way she said it makes me think that she indeed did mean it in a derogatory manner. There's no supporting that, if you say otherwise you are ignorant to the definition of racism.


  11. As someone who has worked at Walmart we were all treated much better than any other job I've ever had. The stores that closed down we're mainly stores with the theft problems in bad areas, in Colorado at least. The employees could choose wether they wanted to move to another store or to receive money instead. We had several people re locate to our store.

  12. If you only knew the half of what goes on with Sams club. If Sam Walton was alive. Management would be fired. The place is a joke.
    They show favoritism, Racism, discrimination, Harassment, Hostile environment, management is incompetent, ect………….
    I hope Fema goes in and close's the place down.

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  14. Everyone should shop at WalMart and Sams for two reasons: We need to keep those teen Chinese wage slaves employed for all 80 hours each week and the Walton kids just don't have enough money yet.

    While it's almost impossible to avoid Chinese products today the least I can do is keep my money out of the hands of the Waltons. Costco treats it's employees as actual humans and their turnover is stupid low.

  15. Everyone should shop at WalMart and Sams for two reasons: We need to keep those teen Chinese wage slaves employed for all 80 hours each week and the Walton kids just don't have enough money yet.

    While it's almost impossible to avoid Chinese products today the least I can do is keep my money out of the hands of the Waltons. Costco treats it's employees as actual humans and their turnover is stupid low.

  16. Everyone should shop at WalMart and Sams for two reasons: We need to keep those teen Chinese wage slaves employed for all 80 hours each week and the Walton kids just don't have enough money yet.

    While it's almost impossible to avoid Chinese products today the least I can do is keep my money out of the hands of the Waltons. Costco treats it's employees as actual humans and their turnover is stupid low.

  17. Diversity makes places shitty. There is no evidence that it makes businesses better the CEOs are a bunch of dumbasses

  18. Pause :
    cause they’re not aloud to work you if you’re off the clock they’re very strict about letting employees work just Incase they get hurt while off the clock and try to sue or make a false claim about a work injury and will get a “point” if working off the clock in which if you get 5 you’re fired
    Idk what state is selling their bakery products at 19.98 or whatever but not where I live
    but go on…

    Edit: if you’re dumb enough to buy in bulk and have to throw away stuff then that’s your problem.

    And I do agree they treat their employees like shit.

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    Good day

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  28. Well what do we call you, you're neither male or female. I think freak, thing or it suits you. the CEO cost the store I go to 3/4 of their members and several venders filed lawsuits against Sam's Club and her personally.

  29. These reasons are retarded. Everyone I know never uses all their condiments regardless if size . I save so much money being a business plus member and I get cash rewards!

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  31. The problem is if you don’t buy a certain amount you don’t get the discount price. That’s why I never joined Sam’s Club.

  32. Work 3 hrs without getting paid ! Seriously ! What are you out of if you quit ! Nothing- you’re working for free ANYWAY !! Too many bulk items, waste of money !!

  33. Membership at Costco is about 20 dollars more a year. I've been in Costco and wasn't impressed. I don't get it .the lines were backed up it would take all day to get through the check out. I shop at Sam's club and really like the toilet paper, paper plates and they are cheaper than Costco.


  35. Absolute economic geniuses in the Democratic party… let's raise minimum wage over and over, so in a free market system (mathematically the most efficient/equitable monetary system by far) what happens? 8 hrs a day at $7.50 an hour, nope sorry your hours are cut so 4 hrs a day at $15 an hour. Whine and cry all you want about billionaire CEO's, but they fronted the capital and took on 100% of the risk while employing hundreds of thousands while giving them benefits & retirement options. Simple arithmetic to all of our AOC/B.Sanders economists out there.

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  38. I only buy things I know I will use all of it: toilet paper, keurig cups, bottled water.

    Aso only get Sam’s gasoline as they give 5% cashback, which by the end of the year will more than pay for the membership.

    Just like anything in life, you just gotta shop smart and make sure the deals are really a deal.

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    No warning to those who held a Sams Membership Card, unbelievable! Some items are cheaper at Walmart's than at Sams Club

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    This world has become absolutely insane, believing that there are more than 2 genders and denying reality! You can put a leather jacket on but that doesn't make you a cow!
    There are two modern day prophets I can think of, Ayan Rand and George Orwell, and their prophecies coming true are scary as crap!
    Diversity should be something that's really allowed to happen under the roof of serendipity, not something that should be forced and planned! Random conditions should dictate diversification, not freaking political correctness! Hey Bob, did we get any qualified people applying for that job that's open? No Ted, but the good news is we got two females, three minorities, four transgenders and a Buddhist monk, so we shouldn't have any problems filling the position. It would have been nice if one of them had gone to medical school though, we do a lot of brain surgery here.

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  45. I shop mainly fresh meats, salads and some frozen items. I do buy the bagged as well as the canister of nuts since Costco's nuts aren't as good as the ones at SAMs. I can get name brand items where Costco sells mainly their brand like Aldis does. Who goes to a Target? Their policy on allowing men into a female bathroom or dressing room and their high prices turn me off.

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