Shahnaz Facial Steps | Shahnaz Gold Facial | Cocoon Salon

Shahnaz Facial Steps | Shahnaz Gold Facial | Cocoon Salon

Cocoon Salon Before Shahnaz Facial, clean your hands and maintain hygiene Shahnaz Facial | Shahnaz Gold Facial Let client remove any ornaments and keep in a safe place Put headband to cover hair Model: Deepa Beautician Swaroopa Please subscribe for Cocoon Salon Shahnaz facial kit and other required things Take Shahnaz facial 24-carat gold plus anti-ageing exfoliation scrub Take Gold plus skin radiance gel from shahnaz facial kit Take Moisturising cream plus from Shahnaz facial kit Take Gold plus Beautifying mask from Shahnaz Facial Kit Cleanse the face with any gentle cleanser / remove makeup Apply the cream with gentle massage Shahnaz Facial Main Step: Apply Exfoliating scrub Prepare the steam Apply steam for 2 – 5 min Use blackhead remover and remove blackheads and whiteheads Use astringent Make the thing little warmer Shahnaz Facial main step: Apply Radiant Gel Shahnaz facial main step: Apply moisturising cream Shahnaz Facial Main Step: Apply Beautifying Mask Put rose water pads and leave for 15 min peel off and clean Wash with normal water if required


  1. Mam mask ko to open pores ko close krne k liye lgaya jata h agr massage krege to pores open he rh jaege wo bnd kase hoge es se to face khrab ho jaega

  2. Aur itna jyada pressure deke face massage nahi karna chahiye.. Face hai voh body nahi .. Face ki skin body k skin se bohat sensitive hoti hai.. Itna pressure collagen break kar sakta hai..

  3. I am an Medical Aesthetic student what they teach us in our college is decollete and neck is part of facial (high standard) then you warm up the product in your hands then apply on the client's face, extraction MUST be done with gloves because during extaction blood can come out and if the client has any virus (HIV, hepatitis amd God knows whst else..) and maybe you have a small cut like papper cut you will catch the virus and finally if you exfoliate you don't press the producte has to each up dead cells no matter you use chemical of physical exfoliants.

  4. Gold is already hot in nature why did you gave her steam she will get acne after that. If she has stubborn black/white heads remove it after cream massage. And last these are not shehnaz mam facial steps. Her facial is so relaxing and covers foot and hand massage in gold facial

  5. yrr i swear i never knew that this is how facial is done.. meri parlour vali didi toh ghis deti hai face ..mujhe nae pata tha ki facial aisa hota hai.. even i will get it done can anybody tell me the price..

  6. Facial steps is véry relaxable,thank u for this video.lekin kya har facial me same steps hote hai,like d tan and Jo b aajkal chal rahe hai.pls sir reply me

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