Shane Morand Presents ‘Gold’

Shane Morand Presents ‘Gold’

Hi welcome to gold. Gold is the language
of the world and as a matter of fact you can go to any area of the world and just say
the word gold and people are going to know what you’re talking about. Gold is
also the money of the world. Once again you can go to any area of the world and
show them a piece of gold and they’re gonna know exactly that it’s valuable Whether you’re struggling financially
right now having a hard time paying your bills or whether you’re a millionaire a
multimillionaire or whether you’re somewhere in between
the information that will be shared with you over the next few minutes will not
only have a positive impact on you personally
it will have a positive impact on anyone you know, who holds, sends or spends money.
My name is Shane Moran and in 2008 I co-founded a global marketing concept
that generated 1 billion dollars in sales within a 5 year period and
impacted more than 2.2 million families in 55 countries around the world. Back in
2008 I’ve always had a dream and a vision to
be able to pay suppliers and distributors affiliates or workers or
employees a physical gold or physical silver. Of course back in 2008, that wasn’t
possible, I have a very important question to ask
and if you have a pen and a piece of paper you might want to write this down
because what I’m about to teach you is worth remembering. Have you heard of
Gresham’s law most people I’ve asked have never heard of Gresham’s law and
the very few that have heard of it, can’t explain it, So let me ask you a few
questions and hopefully you’ll have an experience of what Gresham’s law is so
that you can experience it in everyday life. Imagine, let’s imagine you walk into
the market to buy some food and in your cart you gather exactly 100 dollars
worth of items, you get to the cashier and in one hand you have a $100 bill and
in the other hand imagine you’re holding a piece of gold that’s worth exactly
$100, if the cashier told you that they’d accept either which would you give to
pay for your food. I’ll ask people from all over the world
why they would give the paper $100 bill rather than the gold and their answer is
basically the same they want to hold the gold because they feel it’s more
valuable and this is Gresham’s law Gresham’s law says that the bad money
always drive out the good money. In other words people will always choose to spend
the bad money and hold on to the good money, in this case we’re talking about
gold Why is Gresham’s law so important
understand because, for the first time in history the CEO of ABX
Mr. Thomas Coughlin and Kinesis Money have figured out a way to reverse
Gresham’s law and this is genius. Introducing the Kinesis monetary system This is historic and an opportunity for you and anyone you know to profit every
time you are they, hold, send or even spend money. So let’s get started Here are the four ways to earn with the Kinesis monetary system Hold, the first way to earn what the Kinesis monetary system is by holding physical gold or
physical silver. The fact is that very very few people around the world have
even purchased 1 ounce of gold or one ounce of silver, but with the Kinesis monetary
system it’s important to remember, we are talking about physical gold and physical
silver and never about certificates never about paper or never about digits.
It’s physical gold and physical silver, that belongs to you, you own it it’s in
your name or even in your company’s name the three main challenges with holding
gold or silver are the following. Number one. There’s no yield attached to gold or
silver in a physical format there are monthly storage fees and finally number
three it’s hard to spend a piece of gold it’s hard to spend a piece of silver.
With the Kinesis monetary system everything changes. Number one. There is a yield, every single month just from holding physical gold or physical silver.
The second is, monthly storage fees, there are no monthly storage fees ever and now
thanks to the Kinesis monetary system they have found a way so that you can
actually use it to purchase food or a cup of coffee or even withdraw money
from your local ATM machine. Are you starting to see an opportunity here,
actually the way Kinesis allows people like you and I to spend gold and silver
on everyday items , the fact that they never charge storage fees and the fact
that they’re taking a non yielding producing asset and turning it into a
yield producing asset is historical. The second way you can choose to earn
with Kinesis is by minting gold and/or silver into digital coins called K-A-U
for gold and K-A-G for silver. Minting is the process taking physical gold and or
silver and converting it into a digital form. In digitalising your physical
bullion you are effectively giving birth to a gold base currency that is attached
to a physical bullion that sits in the Kinesis Vaults. We call these currencies K-A-U for gold and K-A-G for silver. One K-A-U represents one gram of gold. The Minters Yield has been created to reward people for their everyday spending, as once you
create the Kinesis coin it is available to spend. You would create this new currency
and because it’s on the blockchain. K-A-U and or K-A-G forever remembers
who gave birth to the coin and an additional yield is paid to the Minter
forever, yes that’s right, forever. month after month after month and so on once again this is historical and has never been done are you starting to see the possibilities
for yourself here. The third way to earn with Kinesis is with the KVT. The KVT
is the Kinesis velocity token and this is what is used to fund and to support
this historical global monetary system. There’s only three hundred thousand
available and when they’re gone, they’re gone now the interesting thing about the
KVT is when you own one or more KVT’s you now share a yield in the entire
monetary system based on the transaction fees that occur worldwide. Month after
month after month as long as you hold your KVT. In addition
you may at any time decide to sell your KVT on the exchange in real time to
others who want this valuable income-producing token. And the fourth
way to earn what Kinesis is with the Referral yield. Let me ask you a question
seriously, who do you know who holds, sends or spends money at least
occasionally and if you’re like me your answer is everybody. There are billions
of people on the planet and many of them have bank accounts but also many of them
don’t have access or even qualify to open a bank account for example in
Indonesia alone there are 260 million residents who do not even have a bank
account. So when you refer someone to open their own free Kinesis account you
receive a referral yield based on the transaction fees that are generated by
that wallet, month after month after month after month and it’s paid in gold
or silver. At this point you’re probably asking yourself where is the money
coming from to allow Kinesis to pay out yields not only to the holders but to
the minters to the KVT holders and also the refers. As you know there are
trillions of dollars globally that are being transacted every day and I’ve seen
fees from 2 percent as high as 20 percent just to transact with the
Kinesis monetary system the transaction fee is 0.45 percent that’s right less
than half of a percent no matter what the amount is whether it’s a dollar or
ten million dollars. Imagine the global transaction fees, fees
happening in Korea and Japan and Thailand or Canada, United States, UK
Europe, Latin America. Are you starting to get excited here that’s where the money
comes from so now that you know where the yields
are coming from. Let’s review the holders receive 15% on that yield, the Minters 5%
the KVT holders a whopping 20% and finally on your referrals you receive a
7.5 percent of the transactions that occur within that wallet. Back to the
market in Gresham’s law knowing what you now know about the Kinesis monetary
system and when given the opportunity to spend your money which would you choose.
The hundred dollar bill, or KINESIS You’d ask one question and that question
is this whether your money is in the bank account or in the Forex or in
stocks or in bonds or in crypto currencies, Bitcoin, the question is this
have they defeated or reversed Gresham’s law. If not, welcome to Kinesis! To get
started, sign up below. you

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